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A Song About Your Best Self

Your Former Self? Your Future Self?

Or, are you there?

Your Current Self?

Have you actionably pick-axed your hard pan Inner & Elusive Clay over the years of your process, continually amended the soil of you, and now naturally create from YOUR Place of Creation?

Hope Need Not Be a Narcotic,

Faith In Self Is More Actionable

My hope is you have, or are in your Current Self, and/or always doing so for your Future Self now in the perpetual present. Heck, if not now, when? What are you going to do with all this future you have?

For Memorial Day tomorrow, I offer my deep condolences to you for your former Self and Selves iterating back through time. May their memories be Pansy dead-headed blessings dropped at your feet that nourish your Self’s Garden’s potency now.

And, I offer a Mexican soccer announcer’s GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL level gratitude to you for you Being you. I’d add an explanation point, though WordPress only allowS so many — well, not really, though haven;t we fooled ourselves with other peoples’ rules so many too many time?

And, the announcer above aptly took every single one of those explanation points I had available, and just put it in his GOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL action without using a single one. He’s strikingly effective in his actions that way..

How verdant and viscerally-with ablution-tingles vibrant can you be today In the rockin’ Garden of You?

My you find your Natural clariy of voice as if you were in the wild, as if your life depended on it, AND have developed it to be refined at one and the same time.

What’s Your Geode of Expression?

Moira’s Blessings,


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Tarot. Magician’s Ibis-Eyes

Tarot. Magician’s Ibis-Eyes

Imagine : ~ : learning lost secrets . . .

033 TarOstara Psychic Synapse

The TarOstara Twilight Bridge and Psychic Synapse (c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

The Magician

Focus strong and direct enough

to see across worlds like Ibis Eyes. The Ibis sees the fish under water in that world from this one, Ibis Eyes reach not to where the refracted, trickster image of the fish is seen, but magically to where it actually is.

To see forward.  To see back.

To feelingsense both past and future

in the perpetual present.

Feel your own Ibis-Eyes,

your magical watching across worlds

from the wings

of your perpetual present flight.

The Magician may be frontal or from back.

Where’d his head go?

To his magically watching Luna Moth Ibis Eyes wings? Bowed to his heart?

Either/Or, Both-And, both at one and the same time?

I feel The Magician IS always ALL, all 4 elemental tools traditionally on his table.

Earth   Air   Water   Fire  ::mirror::   Fire   Cups   Swords   Pentacles

How do your dreams reify concretely?

What describes your magical watching across worlds in each breath as prayer?

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Have some fun with today’s spread theme.  Discover what resonates with you most naturally across ALL of your worlds how YOU feelingsense them.

“Trust is different than hope. Don’t smoke hope. Trust. Then, act.  Sometimes action in and of itself it the ultimate trust . . . in yourself” ~Jordan Hoggard

Pick up another freeTarot spread for yourself or a friend . . . The “Cosmic Crater” Tarot Spread.

Check back for more free Tarot Spreads.

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