Becoming Besties With Inner Beasties

24 Nov
Becoming Besties With Inner Beasties

A Ship in Harbor’s Safe

A ship in harbor’s safe, but that’s not what ships are for. ~ John A. Shedd

I Cut

I cut the cord from my Moon conjunct Ascendant (ASC) in 12th House Capricorn to turn and drift and dive and sail my Moon as Hermit of Self to light the way into the depthful 12th House Abyss of the unconscious to celestial-groove surf further within, farther than I have before. In embrace of the not-knowing, I float, levitate rather than uproot… forward in prescient remembrance.

I find it helpful to be kind to your Inner Beasties by empathically and fully whole-body listening to them rather than reacting to them.

They are counterparts and potential allies once heard, and as listened to.

They can naturally integrate as their storms subside. How do they transform to become inner interaction rather than storms, where you can then ask them, “What is your message?”

When they convey it, you will often feel a cascade of ablution tingles in a part of or even throughout you whole body as they dissolve back into their proper, bodily home… to dose you with more of yourself.

I find Inner Beasties to be our Chirons, our Inner Wounded Healers each with their own message from trauma or lineage inheritances, who literally show us the way to healing by their very way of being in our inner world.

Daily, I become Besties with my Beasties. I feel they enliven the power of health in min and body and heart. Mindbodybeautiful I call us all together. Without darkness there can be no light. Without light there can be no darkness. Without both… there is no Self. Jung expressed this in Aion as a primary over-riding rule. If ever C.G. Jung had in what I consider his most insubstantial work that throughly expressed his ALL that there can not be any thing with its other, its sacred Other… it is in Aion. That said. Insubstantial you all but scream? Yes. He goes through 2k-year iterations of saying the same thing from a different context. Nothing. Exists. Without its other! And, that said, I hope you didn’t lean too far as a jester dancing on the edge of the abyss. Aion was the 1st book I ever read that resonated YES, THIS IS SOMEONE I GET ALONG WITH IN MY SANDBOX. It was so immediately natural to my mode of being, my way. It took zero convincing, dialed into the deep knowings I already had, and kaBOOM concussion blasted a wonderful BOOM of expansion and densification at one and the same time. It was 1991. It was just after University commencement. Graduation not being a completion, but a commencement. And. I commenced. I move to commence my move into my own life from then on.

How Can You?

How can you not be bullied anymore by your inner civil wars and conflicts? How can you become besties with a beastie. It’s the season of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign that includes all the signs, is both beast and person in the make or female centaur, half horse and half man/woman or your special pace in between. Sagittarius. Both Beast and Divine at the same time.

Is there a Beastie you can face and rather than be afraid, simply listen to it. Remember, if they hurt you, they hurt their home… You. Not in their best interest. Are you able to stand calmly and face one and ONLY listen like a tree with strong roots smiles in a storm? Some storms rage on for a long time. Some are short bursts of energy. What is part of your dream that’s giving you trouble? Can you face within and call and ask which one would like to come out of the darkness and storm in to be heard? Enjoy the magic of more you if you do.

When There Is Only Darkness

When there is only darkness, 
close your two eyes to open the 3rd, 
and look again. 

When there is only darkness, 
is it because 
You are in fact enacting the light?

There Is No Small Beauty

Take Care of the little things.
Even the Big Things 
Are little things to the Universe 

Use what you have, 
and you’ll never have a house of cards 
where you are concerned about the wind. 
~ Jordan Hoggard

Trees with strong roots laugh with storms. ~ Malay Proverb

We all have the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine coupled AS our Place of Creation. As a male, I Have a Man-Womb pomegranate-pregnant with ideas, often 10 months on, 10 months off, that oscillates between intense expansion and productivity of moving into wide open, urban, court spaces like Piazza San Marco and then rest and and relieve with the scale-relief of the tight city streets to bompidy bomp to amble my way across the bouncy-bounce bompidy bomp cobblestones in continuance of my continual, life-giving exploration.

What’s Your Place With, 
and How Are You Able to Enact, 
the Healer of the Wounded Divine Feminine? 

I gather the Wounded Divine Feminine may in fact be 
the potentially enacted partner of Chiron’s Wounded Divine Masculine. 
What can you do? 

What can you enact?
So, that as we each enact in the whole, 
we enact
to connect together
the life force...

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. ~ Pablo Picasso

The Frayed Angels

What Can You Enact, When Together We Enact?

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