Playing With Your Sagittarius Energies

02 Dec
Playing With Your Sagittarius Energies

Sag is a Double-Sign

Sag is a double-sign meaning it is represented by two qualities. The Beast & The Divine. As we move into Sag Season into the Full Moon and Eclipse and Neptune going direct, beyond what things you can drop or release… What good things have you done over the past 18-19 years that have been karma-banked inside? How, over the next several weeks, can you begin to own the intensities of their beautiful beast lines and divinely share them in the world to your and the world’s benefit.

Epic spiral of giving and receiving? Yes. Be compassionate and take no shit? Even more so. In a way Sag is like a Justice card in the Tarot mixed with Temperance, The Hanged Man, and Strength. Sure, all the other cards as well as Sag is the last sign of the zodiac. It is inclusive of all the other signs.

As such, this month, especially in the lead-up to the 12/21 Saturn~Jupiter conjunction with Neptune Stationed Direct as of Monday 11/30, how can you use the 3 images below to guide your thinking and feeling to work with your Beast and your Divine together? There are also four Tarot images below that you may want to bring in as well. All the best to the Beast and Divine Of YOU Wholly Yours to express your Being in the world.

When There Is Only Darkness ~ take a look at this to get your bearings… almost regardless. I’m not about empowering people. I am about helping people to navigate to discover their sources of power. Then, they do the empowering. Only you can plug yourself in. There may be a silver platter we all want to be given, but we have to bring the silver spoon and fill the plate. Enjoy choosing what you fill your precious metal plate with.

The Frayed Angels ~ excellent video poetry story

What Can You Enact When You Connect the Beast and the Divine Through The Hanged Man~Empress, activate them through your Ace of Wands initializing and emanation energies, and bring them into the World? If you were the Placemaker like the Ace of Wands, what would you do with the tools on today’s blog?

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