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Participation Mystique ~ I Cordially Invite You To Attend

Participation Mystique ~ I Cordially Invite You To Attend

I Cordially Invite You to Attend the Participation Mystique Project Presentation This Evening at 7p EST

I have the distinct honor and privilege to be a participant in this wonderful Participation Mystique Project since late September of 2020. Coeleen Kiebert’s Brainchild, along with Tim Holmes, and Donald “Skip” Conover of the C.G. Jung Depth Psychology Reading Group host an international format presenting our Collective Unconscious Doodles this evening at 7p EST. I hope you are able to attend This presentation online. The Registration link is below.

Saturday,Dec 12, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada); 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time 2020 Trial Run of Mark of the Self – First all encompassing 2020 Doodle! 
Artists Coeleen Kiebert and Tim Holmes will lead a discussion of all of our Doodles / Images / Tarot Readings about how we feel about 2020 thus far. Our final rendering will be New Year’s Day 2021; followed by a January 30, 2021 Doodle/Image on our Hopes for 2021. The December 12, 2020 session will be our visual drafts, our Doodles, of how we think about 2020.

Tonight, each participant will have one Doodle featured from the Pre-Election Collective Unconscious Participation Mystique Project set of daily Doodles Sept 28th up to the US election in early November coupled with one NEW Doodle to express the whole of 2020.

Registration Link:
Passcode: 359727
Webinar #: 852 6620 3625

Enjoy These Free and Enriching Events

Participation Mystique with the Collective Unconscious Experiences


Collective unconscious During Election 2020 Through Doodles, Pre-Election to Post

December 12, 2020 ~ Mark of the Self 2020

January 1, 2021 ~ Hopes & Dreams for 2021


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