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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of the Hermit

Presence-of Card Cameos . . .

Major Arcana cards make cameo appearances in other cards throughout Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  They appear throughout Mystereum in multiple cards, both other Majors and in Minors.  This is to add to, to inform Tarot character development through visual story and allusion.  I also felt that this multiple-cards-in-a-card visual story technique furthers the deck so The Minors . . . are not minimized.

This visual expression of the cards themselves journeying around The Land of Mystereum is at the heart of the very structure of Mystereum.  We could call this opening up the epistemology of card divination, epistemology being philosophy of the study of how we know things.  We could call the card cameo appearances a Tarot etymology that expresses snapshots of the origins, the lineage of each card’s divination personality in their ongoing and living developed births of their appearances in your readings.  Interestingly enough, we can also simply say, . . .

Can You pick a face out of a crowd?

“Cards in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum inform one another.”  Cards in the Land of Mystereum literally inform one another in the visual story of the cards where they appear.  They don’t start doing this after you learn them. They start doing this after you meet them, notice them in a “what’s that?” way, can pick their “face” out of a crowd so to speak.  Takes a little doing of course, yet play it like a movie . . . “Who’s that? What is THAT thing or person doing here?”

Have some fun opening up and exploring this cameo appearance Presence-Of feature in The Land of Mystereum.  It is there to assist you in card inter-relationships and working with your intuition, to further inform the Imagination Tools gifted by Mystereum’s 192-page Imagination Primer book.  Pick a Major Arcana character in your Tarot in the Land of Mystereum deck.  Then, one by one, go through your deck.  See what full portions of the card and what out-takes or details appear in other cards.  Once you have walked through your deck and pulled the hangouts, the Presence-Of places of the card you have chosen, ask yourself . . .”How does this card contribute with its appearance in this other card?  What clue to this card’s identity does the guest appearance accentuate, how does it flesh out the card’s story?  Are these cards the same yet simply at different scales?  For example in the Imagination Primer the 3 of Swords expresses in a way that something beyond its grasp is formed that,

So, on to the Tarot Presence-Of The Hermit Cameos

The Hermit in The Land of Mystereum plays 4 visual storytelling parts, appears in 4 cards.  There is The Hermit card of course, and as well The Hermit character makes Presence-Of cameos in Death, Ace of Wands, and 2 of Wands.  It felt very natural for The Hermit to appear in this way as a perennial story-thread of a card’s character further alluding to and contributing personality to the sense of place throughout these 4 cards in The Land of Mystereum.  Why doesn’t The Hermit appear more?  Well, maybe he/she really does, and then again there are 4 appearances to 9’s mirror his 4-cornered world of inner identity and illumination.  This Mystereum visual character dictionary of storied appearances reaches out to symbolically spice up the deck in many places, like in the 4-charactered stage in The Hermit’s play.  Mystereum is not a deck of card soliloquies or monologues.  The whole deck is inter-related both in visual and spoken story, and each card embraces their identity as well. The Land of Mystereum is really a land, a place of divination in community with itself within and about where “All Similar, Each Unique.”

The Hermit appearing

in The Hermit card visually expresses the story of shining a light on your mysteries and confusion, turning over the pretty rocks of your beliefs to discover the treasure they hide.  With The Hermit discover your outer stillness as you actively walk the cloister of your mind.  Look up through your crown into your Psychic Sky.

I like that Mystereum’s Major Arcana characters explore The Land of Mystereum much like Harold and Milo explore their strange new worlds and find them enlightenly entertaining.  Alice does this too, though, I don’t know her as well as Harold and Milo, and Mystereum is about higher octave yang energies and putting them to conscientious use.

The Hermit cameos twice in Death

  • Hermit image on both forward and back flowing banners.
  • inner life is the herald connecting past and future.
  • through The Hermit all things are continuous much like The Hermit may be the Psychic Synapse of experience.

The Hermit appearing in The Ace of Wands

  • as the Wand holder.
  • as the one who cracks open the alchemical egg, the crucible of night, into the day.
  • as the one who compasses and squares a location to give it genius loci, making location into place with the energy of crafted identity.
  • the emanator.
  • infused and active inner energy and journey.
  • Ace of Wands as source of genius loci.

The Hermit cameoing in The 2 of Wands

  • BECOMING the alchemical egg, the crucible of night, that has been cracked open into the day.
  • AS the maker of the puzzle pieces of night and day in the Psychic Sky.
  • Analogy of The Hermit AS twilight in the Ace of Wands, the energetic place of beginning ALSO as the magical space between, the moment after crossing the Psychic Synapse, the first concrete step IN a new place.

Best to your own alchemical team 

supporting your Self in Your Royal Court of Higher Self filling the seats of Your Court to cheer on your expert skill expressed in play!  Consider these characters to already have season tickets to cheer on your strong play.  There are no cheap-seats in your game of life.  Play well.  Play with the vibrant motions established by The Hermit, Death, The Ace of Wands, and The 2 of Wands as teammates. Here is expressed quite a band of allies for your journeys within and about.  Play with the vibrant strength of their inner motion YOUR WAY!  The Hermit may also be a symbol of your inner light that both reflects and is also unmoved by outside influences . . . like the Moon in the Hermit’s sky, and there’s your next Birth Card Pair, the Moon~Hermit Tarot Birth Cards.

Check out previous Presence Of articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present to support and further inform your journey throughout The Land of Mystereum.

Thanks for visiting!  Best to this “Presence Of” series more fully elucidating one of the naturally hidden structures that are alive and well in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum to round out your inner team’s work.  Who knew?  Drawing pretty pictures is the smallest part of my job.  And, the more you know, the more you enhance informing your intuition.  If you’ve ever learned to drive a standard transmission car . . . and how are you with it now?  What about an automatic?  How are you with it now?  Similar to intuition I say, similar to Mystereum.  At first there are a lot of things to keep track of, and then you simply drive.  The Hermit’s puzzlepieces of sky synchromeshing, The Hermit AS twilight are both visual metaphors of the unseen and unmoved mover.

Explore Your Personal Twilights With The Hermit

as you explore whole worlds that can exist in the tiniest of things and the smallest of places . . . like the infinity inside you.

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Tarot Twos To Pair: Your Mystereum Tarot Moment

previously, on Mystereum Tarot Moments, The Family of the Aces.

Today is your . . .

Mystereum Tarot Moment With The Family of the Twos

Hi… Jordan Hoggard, author of Tarot in the Land of Mystereum , here to explore pairings and contrasts with the family of the Twos.

Numerically, the Twos correspond with Judgment ~ Strength (or Justice if you run it as eleven in your Tarot card sequencing) ~ and The High Priestess of the Major Arcana.  You can explore the relationships of these numbers further in my blog.  So, let’s explore Tarot pairings and contrasts with the Twos. [[INSERT CARD IMAGES]]

With the 2 of Pentacles strive for equality, equanimity. Feel a direct line from your feet to your imagination with your feet as ground-grabbers.  Spread your toes as fingers. Imagine things as soon as they touch your feet with the dexterity of delicate finger-strokes in an epic spiral of giving and receiving.

With the 2 of Cups feel another persons’s big, bright-eyed smile when you think of your identity. Love yourself. Love your imagination. Love who you are. Relish in the wonderful gift of two people or ideas participating together.

With the 2 of Wands shift your focus and redirect your scale on the fly if you feel perplexed. Literally, adjust the energy of your gaze, and do not let many little things be confused as one, big thing.

The 2 of Swords focus for better communication. Study things. Strongly see and discover the way you were naturally born to see.  Express it.  See and think about familiar surroundings differently.

Pairing and contrasting the whole family of Twos in your own way can provide a vital Tarot lesson.  Allow them to inform one another as they come up in a Tarot reading. 1 present, 3 as Silent Counsel. An example? The 2 of Swords can serve to better discern familiar perspectives differently. See and think about things in a different light on the foundation of the 3 Silent Counsel. Refresh your perspective, and more specifically direct the 2 of Swords.

And, to address emotions and receiving in relationships with the 2’s with another example?  Visualize how male and female qualities relate.  Men may be from Mars, and women from Venus, yet I don’t think so. That seems to be a trickster.  See children, say 6 years old.  A little boy will play.  Another boy comes up, and they play.  A 3rd comes up, and they play and play catch-as-catch-can until they are hyper-tired balls of emotion, and they all cry and cry and cry. Then, see a little girl.  Another girl comes up. They begin a tea party. A 3rd comes up. And, once whichever is alpha begins to get overloaded, she sends one away with something like, “YOU need to go think about what YOU have done!”  And, the girl, tail tucked between her legs, skulks away.  Notice that there was no content in the dismissal.

What does this indicate? I would say that at core it indicates that males are naturally emotional, and females are natural strategists.  Scroll this forward to now, and apply this to your feelingsense in relationships — male and female (anima) qualities in a male as emotional, and the female and male (animus) qualities in a female as a strategist.  We all generally utilize some of both.  Does this example provide any flipped, societal clarity in regards to addressing emotions and receiving in relationships?  Does this provide a simple and example that is applicable?

Here are two food-for-thought questions to play with:

~ for your male aspects: What are you really feeling? Ask. Couple with the other’s perspective.

~ for your female aspects: What are you really working to orchestrate? Ask. Couple with the other’s perspective.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I look forward to further touring you through the families living in the Land of Mystereum.

Jupiter’s Blessings,

Jordan and The Land of Mystereum

© 2012 Jordan Hoggard


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Twos: Birth-Placing Clarity

Tarot Birth Identities: The Twos
Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess

Welcome to my Tarot Birth Card Identity Blog!  This blog is intended to be a simple overview of Tarot Birth Cards, a casual and concise walk-through of the groupings of Birth Cards to express some of the ways that they can contribute vital components to identity.  Also, I will layer in Birth Card Preludes afterwards to express the whole of each Birth Card grouping in a short statement.  I find that these Preludes, as I like to call them, are best stated afterward, later to be utilized first as triggers to remind one of how the Birth Cards can integrate an overall expression of the Birth Cards in a single voice.  Enjoy finding your own path with these, and look forward to hearing your own, personal “trigger” Preludes and Birth Card thoughts directly composed from your feeling-sense of them.

Note also how these Birth Card expressions and Preludes factor in to hook up and work with my videos like the Aces Four Potential and Twos To Pair:  Enjoy the correspondences of the numbers as they flow back and forth between the Major Arcana in the Birth Cards and each of the suits of the Minor Arcana and Courts in the videos.  Also, I encourage you to have some fun and come up with Preludes on your own for the Aces through the Tens, and as well Your Royal Court characters.

So, for example to start with a 3-card Tarot Birth Card combo, the 1st card can represent the person’s Outer Expression.  The 2nd card can be their Added Incentive.  And, the 3rd card can represent their Inner Expression.  So for example with the Birth Card Chart combo of a XX, XI, II; 20, 11, 2; Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess:

20 is the Outer Expression    11 is the Added Incentive     2 is the Inner Expression

For a 20, 2 combo:

20 is the Outer Expression    2 is the Inner Expression.  A Prelude of your own making can create and make your own brand of an Added Incentive integrated, hiding in plain sight, and /or simply inherent from your perspective.  Enjoy the Prelude at the end of this blog, and may I suggest to utilize it as a trigger 1st next time you visit your personal, Birth Card combo?

So, let’s get started walking through the the 2’s shall we?

[ XX ~ XI ~ II ]   [ 20 ~ 11 ~ 2 ]  (Strength is XI in Mystereum; Justice is VIII)
Note how the numbers of these cards add up to 2, and thus correspond with the Twos in general, and the Twos To Pair video.
So, in The Land of Mystereum you may find that a JUDGMENT – STRENGTH – HIGH PRIESTESS combination fits you more personally.  I look forward to express this grouping in a future blog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

XX Judgment

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

VIII Justice

balance, befitting, honest is-what-it-isness, Justice knows no loyalty


Giving form to the formless, connections throughout the All all at once comfortably and naturally

Twos Birth Card Prelude: With Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess as your Birth Cards you may often experience powerful renewals through your fair and far-reaching intuition.  A Birth Card Prelude can be as simple as a few words, and as inviting and expansive as the title of a book, the ever-evolving book of You!
See how this simple Prelude statement expresses the 3 character as facets of one personality:

Judgment ~ powerful renewal(s)                   Justice ~ fair and far-reaching                High Priestess ~ intuition

Putting them back together again: With Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess as your Birth Cards you may often experience powerful renewals through your fair and far-reaching intuition.

The Judgment card represents your Outer Expression.  This is how most people ‘see’ you in the world.  The Judgment card is known for its ability to rejuvenate much as perennials wake up underground after their winter sleep.  With the Judgment card representing your Outer Expression experience, know that your patience can build fitting anticipation to put you in places long enough to see what crucial connections are missing. Keep sight of the fact that when things appear slow, there is often a lot going on in unseen places. Can this slowness be a clue for you to inspect what you expect, check your expectations at the door, and discern unseen things in a situation?

Justice represents your Added Incentive.  This is a card of equitable fairness and balance, and what many call authenticity and integrity.  The goddess Maat weighs your heart against her feather. Rather than only a for-the-afterlife Paradise gig, in the day to day when Justice is part of your Added Incentive, you can expect to feel, strongly feel, whether things are positive and healthy in your life. Is this one of your most natural talents, one of your most prominent developed abilities?

The High Priestess represents your Inner Expression.  This is a side of you that only your closest family and friends ‘see’.  The High Priestess as your Inner Expression symbolizes that you can influence a great many things with a happy and generous anonymity. You know the powerful worlds you create, that you gift. Do you have an inner gift to give form to the formless? Does your strength gift you the ability to take care and as well be taken care of openly and fluidly?

I look forward to express the JUDGMENT ~ STRENGTH ~ HIGH PRIESTESS grouping in a future blog.  Some people roll their number sequence with Strength as 11, and that is pretty cool I would say, divinatory choice that is all yours.  Stay tuned!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and find it useful in your process as you further find, emancipate, develop and enjoy your own, personal Tarot voice!

Until next time!

Jupiter’s Blessings,



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