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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of Judgment

The Presence of Judgment in The Land of Mystereum

Judgment plays 2 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 2 very specifically different roles of the exact same feature.  This came about from a nod to ….2… throughout The Land of Mystereum.  See the 2 examples below.

1. The XX Judgment appearance.  Judgment of course appears first as itself in its home at 20 Archetypal Avenue in The Land of Mystereum.

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

2. The Queen of Pentacles appearance.  Judgment also appears in the Queen of Pentacles as her throne.  Notice the unfurled Angelic wing of Judgment in XX, the Judgment card.  Now look closely.  The Queen of Pentacles throne is this same Angelic wing… furled, settled and fully naturalized in the Master Gardener Queen of Pentacles’ garden.

practical, down to earth, nurturingly nourishing with exquisiteness just so

practical, down to earth, nurturingly nourishing with exquisiteness just so

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of the “Presence of” series

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of “The Presence Of” series where Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearance both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!

Till Next Time.

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Twos: Birth-Placing Clarity

Tarot Birth Identities: The Twos
Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess

Welcome to my Tarot Birth Card Identity Blog!  This blog is intended to be a simple overview of Tarot Birth Cards, a casual and concise walk-through of the groupings of Birth Cards to express some of the ways that they can contribute vital components to identity.  Also, I will layer in Birth Card Preludes afterwards to express the whole of each Birth Card grouping in a short statement.  I find that these Preludes, as I like to call them, are best stated afterward, later to be utilized first as triggers to remind one of how the Birth Cards can integrate an overall expression of the Birth Cards in a single voice.  Enjoy finding your own path with these, and look forward to hearing your own, personal “trigger” Preludes and Birth Card thoughts directly composed from your feeling-sense of them.

Note also how these Birth Card expressions and Preludes factor in to hook up and work with my videos like the Aces Four Potential and Twos To Pair:  Enjoy the correspondences of the numbers as they flow back and forth between the Major Arcana in the Birth Cards and each of the suits of the Minor Arcana and Courts in the videos.  Also, I encourage you to have some fun and come up with Preludes on your own for the Aces through the Tens, and as well Your Royal Court characters.

So, for example to start with a 3-card Tarot Birth Card combo, the 1st card can represent the person’s Outer Expression.  The 2nd card can be their Added Incentive.  And, the 3rd card can represent their Inner Expression.  So for example with the Birth Card Chart combo of a XX, XI, II; 20, 11, 2; Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess:

20 is the Outer Expression    11 is the Added Incentive     2 is the Inner Expression

For a 20, 2 combo:

20 is the Outer Expression    2 is the Inner Expression.  A Prelude of your own making can create and make your own brand of an Added Incentive integrated, hiding in plain sight, and /or simply inherent from your perspective.  Enjoy the Prelude at the end of this blog, and may I suggest to utilize it as a trigger 1st next time you visit your personal, Birth Card combo?

So, let’s get started walking through the the 2’s shall we?

[ XX ~ XI ~ II ]   [ 20 ~ 11 ~ 2 ]  (Strength is XI in Mystereum; Justice is VIII)
Note how the numbers of these cards add up to 2, and thus correspond with the Twos in general, and the Twos To Pair video.
So, in The Land of Mystereum you may find that a JUDGMENT – STRENGTH – HIGH PRIESTESS combination fits you more personally.  I look forward to express this grouping in a future blog.

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XX Judgment

patience, respect, renewal, resurrection, feeling unseen seeds cracking underground

VIII Justice

balance, befitting, honest is-what-it-isness, Justice knows no loyalty


Giving form to the formless, connections throughout the All all at once comfortably and naturally

Twos Birth Card Prelude: With Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess as your Birth Cards you may often experience powerful renewals through your fair and far-reaching intuition.  A Birth Card Prelude can be as simple as a few words, and as inviting and expansive as the title of a book, the ever-evolving book of You!
See how this simple Prelude statement expresses the 3 character as facets of one personality:

Judgment ~ powerful renewal(s)                   Justice ~ fair and far-reaching                High Priestess ~ intuition

Putting them back together again: With Judgment ~ Justice ~ High Priestess as your Birth Cards you may often experience powerful renewals through your fair and far-reaching intuition.

The Judgment card represents your Outer Expression.  This is how most people ‘see’ you in the world.  The Judgment card is known for its ability to rejuvenate much as perennials wake up underground after their winter sleep.  With the Judgment card representing your Outer Expression experience, know that your patience can build fitting anticipation to put you in places long enough to see what crucial connections are missing. Keep sight of the fact that when things appear slow, there is often a lot going on in unseen places. Can this slowness be a clue for you to inspect what you expect, check your expectations at the door, and discern unseen things in a situation?

Justice represents your Added Incentive.  This is a card of equitable fairness and balance, and what many call authenticity and integrity.  The goddess Maat weighs your heart against her feather. Rather than only a for-the-afterlife Paradise gig, in the day to day when Justice is part of your Added Incentive, you can expect to feel, strongly feel, whether things are positive and healthy in your life. Is this one of your most natural talents, one of your most prominent developed abilities?

The High Priestess represents your Inner Expression.  This is a side of you that only your closest family and friends ‘see’.  The High Priestess as your Inner Expression symbolizes that you can influence a great many things with a happy and generous anonymity. You know the powerful worlds you create, that you gift. Do you have an inner gift to give form to the formless? Does your strength gift you the ability to take care and as well be taken care of openly and fluidly?

I look forward to express the JUDGMENT ~ STRENGTH ~ HIGH PRIESTESS grouping in a future blog.  Some people roll their number sequence with Strength as 11, and that is pretty cool I would say, divinatory choice that is all yours.  Stay tuned!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and find it useful in your process as you further find, emancipate, develop and enjoy your own, personal Tarot voice!

Until next time!

Jupiter’s Blessings,



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