Home Without a Home Is Still Home

03 Aug
Home Without a Home Is Still Home

Re-Homing While Never Having Felt So At Home

This post is also available as a podcast it you’d rather listen on the fly than read. Do note that a sense of humor is required. Anchor does a pretty solid job on automatic text to voice, though at the same time I recommend not to believe everything you hear or think.

Fall In Love

Fall in love with the masterpieces, and also with the paint on the(ir) floor.

~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Is home where you hang your hat? Yup, and home is also where you WEAR your hat. I love the process of things. Love not wasting trouble. Love being the eye in my own storm, and when the shit hits the fan being even more calm and present. I also love making diamonds out of misfortune.

You see, I have good times, and not-wasting-trouble times. Sometimes a mix of both. And, I of course have troubles, though with my “always complete, never finished, lifelong” attitude… all that tends to simply enhance my decision making these days… fleshes out the Architecture of My Well-Being more. I don’t always agree with Walt Disney’s process of mining the Unconscious Playground, though his process is not mine to agree or disagree with. It was his process not mine. I don’t get any say in that. I do full-on resonate, though, with his, “Worry is a waste of imagination.” It is. It’s like diet avoidance. When you worry, you don’t even have to get around to the avoidance part. One just freezes. DAYum does that put the PRO in PROcrastinator. Un uh. Not for me. I’d rather experience it all. The good, the bad, the… all of it.

When one focuses too much on the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in their fellows, they make an opening in the heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you. The sacred sword, sharp and bright, allows no opening for maliciousness to enter, no place for it to roost.

~ Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido. From “The Art of Peace”

Yup, worry, along with general shame prior to anything having happened to be ashamed of are two of my fave top candidates for things in life that need to be made to walk the plank. Dun nuh. The sharks must be fed! Oh, add anxiety to that list. Things are good in threes, the 1st self-supporting structural shape, the 1st number of beauty. So, lets magnetize the bs iron filing chatter of anxiety into this grouping. I did this years ago. You know what, though. I’m glad I don’t get tired of the re-run. I take the moment or several if they arise, less and less these days, to dial in and raise the sword and WALK! Walk that plank. You know your job is to be shark food. Go on. Git now! Jumpy Jumpy Yummy Yummy. I bless the times when you 3 don’t exist. Amen.

… and, some recent images along this past chapter… as I move to Taos, and also Bobcat Pass above Red River. Love that sitting on my cabin couch in Bobcat Pass, the elevation is 9,900 on the dot. Love 9s.

‘Until’ is Non-Existent

I was standing in line waiting to order a Very Berry blueberry smoothie at CiCi’s before setting up my rig, and a woman leaned over and, “My My this LINE and WAIT is an exercise in patience.” I just turned and calmly looked at her, though most likely pursed my lips. I held the gaze. Finally, she repeated herself. I smiled and, “Oh, I heard you the 1st time, though I had to call an inner intermission before I spoke. You see, I don’t have patience, at all. I made it walk the plank along with shame. I’m allergic to boredom, so lines and waits like this just give me more time to work on what I was working on already as I walked around. You know? The walk and chew gum thing. This is much more focused.” She was evidently quizzed, and she surprised me. You saw her shoulders drop, and a relaxed feel cascade through her. Her husband leaned over her shoulder, “Honey, looks like he helped you finally get here to our vacation.” She beamed and her hand went up to his cheek as she looked at me and, “Thank you. What a wonderful attitude that is. I think I’ll try it.”

You can also utilize this attitude, this mode of being to protect yourself from having to be protected. No reason to have your Working Walks interrupted by some petty thief. Heck, carry a practical joke if you have pets. Example? Like this woman. Love this!

So, I walked

So, I received my Very Berry smoothie healthy hydration dose from CiCi’s and walked about 50 feet down to…

… set up my rig on the John Dunn Plaza Shops Plaza, with (proper) signage arriving late tomorrow. If you’re in Taos, and it’s not raining, I just might be there. Stop by and get a Tarot reading for the Architecture of Your Well-Being and/or chat. Gandhi and Daniel Cortes WOW-tasting ‘Bomb Street’ food cart is right across from me, as is also the Bent Street Cafe just across the way. They squeeze fresh juice each day when they are there — Tuesdays through Saturdays I think. I’m right in front of Op. Citi. Books, and the Seconds Eco Store is mid-plaza. I recommend all of them.

Manana Doesn’t Mean Tomorrow

It’s Taos, though. And, it’s a New Mexico thing. Manana doesn’t mean tomorrow. It just means ‘not right now.’ 🙂 It’s a place of serendipities and synchronicities. Actually, that is not true. I’m simply resonant to listen now, and experience thongs, so that is true for me. You might bring your anxiety, and then find everything I said to be wholly untrue. And, you’d be right. You could prove to yourself that wallowing in self-created misery is the logical thing to do. Only except there’s no heart of the matter in that. Those two special Ss, serendipity and synchronicity, are always there when you have dialed out of the Class 5 Rapids chatter of any given news feed so you can be present. How do you take time to do that for yourself?

Example. Big Flash Flood Warning Storm in Bobcat Pass/ Red River today. Power blipped, never staying on for more than 2-3 minutes. Is what it is. I dropped off my devices and picked up a pen and opened my phone flashlight and pulled the candle near if I needed to light that. COOL! ‘Cause THEN the power really went out. The whole area. Hours. Before it got dark I went outside and flipped the main breaker Off, then back on. That way service would be restored whenever the transformer or whatever popped up or down the line was fixed was back in working condition.

No fridge noise. No Sat TV box hum. No hum of the lights. And, at 9,900 feet in a cabin? That’s even MORE bliss. Fortunately, I didn’t have Zoom appointments with clients, so I took the blissful opportunity, lied down on the couch, and enjoyed the silence. The Silence was so present, so full, so full of inspiration that was comfortable simply energizing me with no words whatsoever. Only the action of lying down in this Inner World mid-air refueling gas station. Hmmm, I might turn the power off once a week now to facilitate a meditation of communion with what my ancestors felt looking at the night sky 10,000 years ago, just looking at the night sky within. Or, lol, just head to Chaco Canyon at night.

Present. The Present. To Present.

What is the present anyway? How does it present?

Well, I call it The Perpetual Present, the confluence of past memories with future dreams all flowing together to create this living being within the heart of the matter of each of us called the present. Jung called it The Eternal Moment, though I didn’t discover him until 1991. My Perpetual Present dropped from me for me in 1988 or ‘89, so I’ll stick with mine. Plus, I’m a sucker for alliteration. Plus, what are YOUR gigs. No need to validate your original stuff with historical friends or Mentor/Tormentor parents, or anyone but yourself for that matter. Heck, validation is for parking. What’s YOUR present. How do YOU own your present and not waste trouble. What’s your solution-oriented way?

Heck, in regards to the chatter… over 100 years ago… Mark Twain, If you dont read the paper each morning, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed. Not much has changed, just an added density to the intensity of the experience of chaff in the wind. Personally, I can’t bake bread with chaff, Since it doesn’t nourish the heart of the matter and only fills the trash can, I don’t tend to allow it. The word “DUCK” can occur as many times as needed.

I Say, ‘Don’t believe. Have a Deep and Personal Knowing.’

To which I will add… Don’t believe everything you think. Who said that? 🙂 Go take a several-second field trip to kneel at the Google Oracle and find out. In so doing you might serendipitously stumble onto something YOU resonate with as well.

Several weeks ago, someone sat down and leaned in and blasted out, “I don’t believe in all this Tarot jumbo jumbo!” I smiled, “Why are you sitting in the real estate of my chair then. You can pay with cash or credit card through this little magical Square thingee.” “(????)” from them. No, you don’t get it! I don’t believe in this stuff. At all.” I smile, “Excellent. That makes two of us. I don’t believe in this stuff or Psychology any more than I believe in my range or fridge in my kitchen.” (???) “Well, then how do you have any integrity here?!” ….

“You’re funny all hopped up like that. Your face makes all these weird contortions. Are you aware of that? Looks uncomfortable. Though, to answer your question… I don’t believe in Tarot or Astrology any more than I believe in Psychology or my range or fridge in my kitchen. BUT, I use them all every day to nourish myself. How do you daily nourish yourself?” … “How much you charge again?”

And, they are a client now, repeat. That’s one example of how you don’t waste trouble. You don’t waste trouble by either engaging it or by taking shelter. In this case, calm and interested engagement. It’s the action that counts. The intention is over-rated. It’s more important the way something comes across.

Blind Spots? They’re Not Invisible When You Inspect What You Expect. Weed Them, Too.

Regardless of your intention… when you inspect what you expect… How does your present come across?

From what I see… personally, when I set out on my journeys with my Bear and Turtle… Wowwwww. Look what landed right near my feet on the John Dunn Plaza 2 weeks ago. I won’t identify it as a Golden Eagle or Bald Eagle secondary wing feather as… “Illegal to own it? Right, Sir. Though, I don’t own this. I simply have it. It needs to stay in Nature out here and not in some dusty drawer.”

I’ll find a place in Taos, though for now, I’ve never felt so at home in my life anywhere. Love the 2 components of that. Home within more than ever, simply looking for a lease and keys about.

How can you not waste trouble, own, and bring things to resolution?

How does the present present to you?

“The Architecture of Well-Being” is a system trademarked by Jordan Hoggard (TM) 2020

Blog (c) 2021 Jordan Hoggard


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  1. Timothy Price

    August 3, 2021 at 6:39 am

    Oh, how many believe in disbelieve. “I don’t believe in…” like a worn-out pickup line. In these days of post covid cooties and variants thereof, Mañana, while you might find some people who still hold to “not right now”, Mañana has morphed into “never!” You look great in that hat, and what lies behind the purple door?


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