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To Sync With Heat

Blog By Comment Exercise

Inspired by Melting Conditions on Anita Dawes & Jane Marie ~ Authors site And having butterflies on the mind from Emerge on Michael Steven Wills Photography site over the recent days. Plus, there’s a corresponding foundation here in a quote that Theresa of Soul Gatherings posted with this quote:

Each day comes bearing its own gifts.
Untie the ribbons.

~ Ruth Ann Schabacker ~
Oil (c) 1995 Jordan Hoggard

Butterfly At Rest

When the temperatures rise so to speak, I envision, “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. ~ Malay Proverb,” and in Empathic Silence weather and adapt and adjust ever so slightly. And, when it gets TOO hot, like in weather temperature. I drink a cayenne-infused tea or eat a jalapeño. It jump-starts my body to sweat, and my natural cooling system with the evaporation of that gets a corresponding jump-start. So, heat with heat.

Rather than battling it, I sync up and join it. I don’t join it to make it go away. I join it to enhance and reinforce and strengthen me getting back to punching the keys and writing and living from a wholly new and experiential place. Nature can inform our mode this way, or of course can be ignored and instead drown in the intensities, or simply be miserable and sit there and Ghandi it out… or whine and moan and bitch so we feel like we’re at least dong something. Why always do something? What about rest AS doing something? The refuel and re-tune of rest, of meditation, of Mindfulness… of simply the experience immersed in and with long-form Master Violinist Bow Bindu Breaths. That is an action as well.

This mode of sync, to find and abduce or draw out or discover messages of workability, especially in intense situations/experiences, comes from my concept of, Don’t waste trouble. It certainly does suck intensely at times. Though, especially in times that try us to the brink, I find that when I take this route, the gifts of messages are felt and seen more clearly in very usable ways. Each experience births a discovery. As one unties the ribbons of each experience and opens, potential treasures, gifts rise up into and with and directly from the intensities. And,

Beautifully Both-And, 
the pulse 
of the beat 
of the heart of the matter 
becomes clearly evident 
Becomes as clearly evident intensely 
as intensely as a tiger eating, 
though more like a butterfly,
on a flower, 
at rest.

Amen/Awomen/Aeveryone-in-between. All, each, ourself.

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About ImaginAction

ImaginAction is pain free, effective Self help. The lazy student’s fast track to great results. No wordy waffle to wade through, just beautiful pools of colour to sink into… Portals into the greatest story ever told. No! Not that one! An even better one! Your story! A discovery of who you are, of who you can be when you claim your own power.

~ Eda Ryven

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The Adaptable & Our Thrival

[[[Blog By Comment Technique]]]

[[[You’re moved to full-on and intensely respond to a blog post. You do so… hey, it might not resonate with them, and they might moderate it out — and on that, puhLEEZ don’t take that personally… it’s their blog and that means Their Blog, Their Way, and reasons are wholly unreasonable in that regard. It may be that some of your best writing Or amplifications of message and/or ideas can come from this because you are out there flowing in a response like a conversation. Though, give yourself credit for believing in the substance of what you wrote as THAT is YOUR voice. Do you resonate with it? It also may be some of your worse writing if it was reactionary rather than responsive. So, before you hit Send to post on someone else’s blog when you have an impassioned or simply thoughtful comment, Select All in your comment before you hit Send. Copy it to your clipboard. Send, to post it there. Head back to your blog. New Post. Paste. Save as a Draft blog. Sometimes they don’t even need to be re-tooled — depends on your proof-reading when commenting… and AutoCorrect as I certainly know it often writes things for me that I didn’t Nintendo. It’s a great way to put your money where your mouth is in regards to valuing what you say. That is to say, I don’t write anything on someone else’s blog that I wouldn’t cotton to being on my own, And, 10 to 1, I bet it will be a wonderful heartbeat embracing your blog theme… or not, though it’s a fun technique to work with either way. And, sometimes, you come back to the draft and… WHOAH, does it go places. Or, lol, DELETE. Perspective is a funny thing, huh? In closing on the Blog By Comment Technique, it’s not only about your respect and value of your own voice, it’s also about that continual process of dialing into your own clarity of voice, and heck, if helps you engage and connect, so much the better. Enjoy the Blog By Comment Technique]]]

This post was inspired by a Blog post from The Wild Coach’s blog. It’s pretty much my comment, though edited to reflect the paragraph breaks that seemed to be lost when posting. It happens. So be it. No biggee. And, they may come back later. WordPress seems to do that sometimes… like your post naturalized in the blog garden, and then, OH, you had paragraph breaks. Here ya go. Lol. It’s a process. It’s certainly a process. Enjoy my Blog By Comment Technique. I hope you give it a go. And, by all means visit The Wild Coach.

Yes! And, I call it Covid Blessings. Not to dismiss the pain and suffering, though 2 weeks before the 3/19 shutdown I consciously made the move to emerge out of a self-imposed 5-year public radio silence and back into my alchemy of Tarot and Astrology and Poetry and Architecture and Painting and Psychology and re-opened my blog.

2 weeks later Moses basically dropped his hands and the Red Sea came crashing down on everyone, me included. Though, I stood there. I stood there Unmoved as the Rock of Gibraltar with “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms” as if I was protecting family with my fledgling re-opening in writing and NOPE, not stopping this. There’s no dafuq?? going on here, just Nope. Nope, not on the list. At least not mine. THIS is what I’m doing.

The evolution did not come from only the strong survive. In these times the superficially strong die on the vine and are washed away like chaff from wheat in the wind. And, people start to realize what they actually value and see through bs more. So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with potential Sovereignty, each of us. Perspective and experience in experience rather than poor me.

No more head chatter of nipping the poison tweet-teet of the news feed. No more smoking the narcotic of hope of just working harder. It became simple.

It’s a time in between, an interstice. To nip the Goo Goo Dolls song title, Here Is Gone, that here is gone. No new normal to come. No waiting procrastinating for it.

And, in these times A different quality of strength that may have been nascent at a large scale in each of us has the potential to emerge.

The Adaptable ones. Those who are adaptable AND actionable about it and doing what they value…. the adaptable don’t survive. We thrive.

Best to your thrival in your adaptations to make your world the best place it can be with a perspective of what your workability in any situation is. Best to YOUR Natural nature being the cornerstone you brace against for Your Life, Your Way.

Adversity doesn’t build character. It reveals it. ~ James Lane Allen

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Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

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