Tarot Tarot. Mystereum. Full Frontal Friday

24 Aug
Tarot Tarot. Mystereum. Full Frontal Friday

It’s Full Frontal Friday in The Land of Mystereum!  What happens when cards have a head-on collision? Is it total destruction? Or, is it more like the Summer Run activities at CERN where two atoms are charged at one another . . . to explode into energy, to become another new thing altogether?

Make Mind Movies With Your Cards

I don’t know much more than that about atoms, though here’s a Full Frontal Tarot Thought: Do cards coming together become one resonant thing like all the things that come together to make . . . a movie?  The story.  The visuals.  The music!  YES!  What about when one of your pivotal experiences from early in life comes full frontal head-on core to core with a current scene in your life?  Does it birth an evolution of the idea, a higher octave and very effective iterated new version of itself?  Or, does it make something else entirely?

Think about the movie The 300.  There is the early scene about King Leonitas and the wolf and the winter cold.  Leonitas slowly and steadily backs into a crack of a cave, and as the wolf charges BAM he zap-plunges his staff . . . and arrives back to Sparta heralding his Self-leadership proving himself as the new king in a new fur coat certainly not bought at Macy’s with his allowance, begotten by his bold and courageous focused action. And, in the end, the Battle of Thermopylae, Leonitas revisits that one act from early in his life with the wolf and the winter cold.  The wolf and the winter cold functions as his whole strategy against Xerxes’ wolf of a much larger army as Leonitas dispatches most of his army home to remain with 300 of his men in one of the most famous last stands ever.  The seed of his early experience with the wolf and the winter cold evolves into his method of organizing his whole scene, and a whole army.  Is this not like cards coming together in an imaginatively actionable way?  One small, though potently memorable scene from before becomes a fully developed and orchestrated plan for King Leonitas in the Pass at Thermopylae. . . Plus, there’s an amazing love scene between King Leonitas and Queen Gorgo. Actually, it’s better than that. It’s a full frontal bold YEAH kind of scene.

So, Let’s Back Up. Let’s Revisit Full Frontal Movies of the Mind In A Small Pass

through the 2 of Swords.  Does your card have a woman with two Swords crossed?  This woman blindfolded with a watery emotional scene behind her?  Isn’t the scene behind her possibly the Full Frontal Movie Of Her Mind?

The 2 of Swords in The Land of Mystereum

has the “crossing” of two Swords coming together to focus on the whole world of an inner Movie of the Mind scene.  It presents a sharpened focus between the two Swords that changes, like a magnifying glass changes, the world of what you are focused on to see it more clearly and in doing so TRANSFORM it into an inner scene.  Focus on something.  Isn’t it like unsheathing the sword from its scabbard?  Don’t you see it in a whole new light?

Let’s get Full Frontal serious here, and POOF, layer in a video.  Sorry, no war here, just a sneaky Newsman.  You’ll NEVER guess what he got into the news.  WOW, it’s a 4-letter word in Newsland.

Notice how The Newsman looks around before saying “Tarot.”  Is he worried. Neh.  That’s just the doorway, the portal to . . .He’s about to slip in an evocative story-snippet in a poetic way, and we all know that poetry doesn’t make the news. Poetry is a 4-letter word in Newsland.  In Newsland first, they have the killings, then the weather, and a couple of times a week they OH THE DRAMA spice it up with . . . you guessed it, The Lottery. Slipping in a short and poetic example in the news is unheard of . . . is Full Frontal Bold.  GO NEWSMAN!!

Experience The Ace of Swords’ in its full frontal telling of its creation story directly from its perspective.

What subtlety informs the Movie Scene of Your Mind when things come together, one being a higher octave evolution of the other? Like I’ve visually-with-no-words added the CERN-style energies of the Queen and King of Wands above, what comes together when you experience a card in the Movie Scene of Your Mind?

How is Tarot a portal to YOUR amazing 4-letter words out in the open?  Poetry?  STILL can’t believe he snuck that in there, and all in under a minute. He should get an award!

Rockin’ness to Your Full Frontal Friday


All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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  1. Christiane

    August 24, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    Love the video, Jordan, and your idea to make mind movies with the cards…awesome! 😉


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