Tarot Wednesday. Mid-Week Warm-Up Scenic Overlook Stretch

22 Aug
Tarot Wednesday. Mid-Week Warm-Up Scenic Overlook Stretch

Following up on Monday’s Mystereum Tarot Mayhem blog, Wednesdays are for a mid-week mini-workshop for warming up when you are already into your week. Nothing to sign up for or schedule.  Simply a 5-card exercise to warm up at speed in your week over the Wednesday hump with the higher octave of laughter.  Hard to be too in your head when you’re laughing. A great technique for showing people the healthy, integrated, preventive armor that requires no maintenance. Humor:

  • how to use humor to warm up for your day of readings
  • how to get surfing on your celestial groove with humor.  Humor’s shinier than steel.
  • great is you have a hard time saying “no.” A way to get past the silent and unsaid “no” by higher octaving the ability to say no FULLY to someone or something by stepping PAST your first reaction to get to a 1st response with humor . . . as I feel that responding to things that getcha with humor often blooms gifts that were about to be missed.  Laughter is the shortest distance between people. ~ Victor Borge
  • Warming up is good for your muscles before exercise.  Warm up.  You don’t want to pull a psychic muscle or feel the Rx of not being warmed up fully.
  • how it can be fun and very healthy to say, “I don’t believe you” as easily as The Queen of Swords would.
  • with humor you may find your own natural leadership like the Queens have.  They are certainly not bores.

What do you see in a tree?

So, if you are similar to me and a lot of other Tarot readers, sometimes we see and read things in simple images, in a tree, in a group of people.  Well, I thought, what the heck, I woke up on the bright side today.  Why not read the 1st 5 spams in my spam email folder.  Heck, they’re free.  And, if this doesn’t get you to search for buried treasure in your spam folder that isn’t from Nigeria, why not read the 1st 5 things you see where you are reading this?

Spam Email As Alchemy.  Treasure buried in your spam folder? Sure!

I know from years of physical training that warming up and practice can often be taken way too seriously while one is doing it, and then you’re already tired of serious when you get to serious.  Sometimes making too much of the same which bores the dickens out of the expansion when really focusing on your activity whatever it is.  Do you get all serious when you throw a frisbee or watch a kite flying?  Even if you do, isn’t it a seriousness that is more of a Magician’s full-on focus that is magical?  Expert skill in play I say.

A Wednesday Warm-Up? A Scenic Overlook Segue In Your Week

Consider this a restful scenic overlook on the trip of your week, a place to laugh.  It’s a great place to stretch before getting back in there to ride out your week strongly.  Read the 1st 5 spams in your spam email folder.  You don’t need to actually read them, as opening them is sometimes not so safe, and certainly don’t click anything in there if you do.  Use the spam title as the card topic, and the snippet of the first several words you see on the spam email list where you see the title.  Simple.  Title as card topic. Snippet text as inquiry.  From my perspective I was probably going to say no to them if I even spent the time in the first place.  I have new clients all the time, though, so a focused scan before trashola is a daily task.  So, I was going to say “no” and Tarot’s probably not going to change my mind about spam email merit, though it can certainly flesh out some good laughs to prime the pumper before I happily and dramatically click DELETE TRASHOLA FOREVER, and OH YES I am really sure, with a grin on my face that washes them away in the next moment forever.

Taking the time to make laughter sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to leave that previous moment or activity’s influence and really start fresh into your next activity.

Here’s your Mid-Week Tarot Warm-Up! Stretch, & then get back on it fresh! 

My reading of the 1st five spam emails that were in my spam folder this morning.  Use your own spams or the 1st 5 things you see where you are reading this as a warm-up exercise to explore the natural leadership present in the Queens that is present in you and to pump up your humor and prime your celestial groove.

Spam Card 1 ~ Bryant & Stratton College.  How long does it take to earn an online degree?

VI The Lovers

  • The Lovers indicate vibrant joineries embedded in a mutual harmony. Indicates a coming together of lovers, of ideas, of energies. Feel the vibrancy of your confidence and purpose. Feel your wholehearted respect in powerful witness with your love. There is vitality at every scale for you at this time! Now is a grand time for enhancing and strengthening partnerships in your personal and business realms.
  • So, it is indicated that this online degree takes a concerted and invested lifetime which is too long for a degree other than a PhD of Next!  Face it.  With The Lovers here you LOVE being a lifetime student and teacher and master and student.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = You love the Idea Solar System of your life and learning.  Say thank you out loud to Bryant & Stratton College and smilingly hit “Delete Forever.”  Now, isn’t that a weight off your shoulders.

Spam Card 2 ~ Quick House Improvements.  Get your Home Improvement project started.

Knight of Pentacles

  • The Knight of Pentacles indicates bringing earthbound goals into being. Here is your place of consistently and steadily applying your highest aspects and working diligently and full-on feeling your task AS the meaning. Be very present with your actions at this time. Reasons may go wonderfully missing while you are getting things done. Have a spirited and active ball with your mundane, every day devotions!
  • So, this card is really making me want to get my Home Improvement started . . . except there was major remodel construction on the property for 10 months that just finished last month, and the remodel construction next door will be going on for who knows how long.  The Knight asked them, and doesn’t believe what they said.  So, thanks Quick House Improvement people.  I will knightly take your suggestion and start enJOYing the Home that has already been Improved even more.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = This Knight rode in to say this spam message was more than a day late and a dollar short.  When the Egyptians ran out of time, they would fill it back up with water, and I’ll hold this spam at the bottom of that water . . .

Spam Card 3 ~ Ultrasound Tech Center.  Ultrasound technician opportunities

5 of Swords

  • The 5 of Swords indicates an overwhelming sense of defeat yet ignores the ego throwing a tantrum about it afterwards. Feel strongly that you do not need to perfect yourself to be loved at this time. Wash up on your own shore after the storm has broken. Feel the calm AFTER your storm. Careful reassessments and subtle movements are indicated to get out of your heart knot. Wipe your brow and move forward slowly with big breaths.
  • So, it is indicated to get all this sand off of me after sliding up on the shore after that ultra loud storm. . . and bitch about that high-pitched noise that cracked the chrome plating off of all the cars in the neighborhood.  Oops.  I won’t tell. Somehow, though, the alarms didn’t go off.  Interesting.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading =  CRACK OF THE BAT!  Now THAT was an ultra sound!

Spam Card 4 ~ Franchise opportunities.  Should you start your own business with a franchise?

XI Strength

  • Strength indicates mastering self-control and taming fears or impulses. Feel infinite fortitude and self-restraint while incorporating your voice at this time. Visualize a sprinter sitting, a tiger napping. Strength is not indicated to tame your beast, but to harness your voice. A simple way is indicated. A simple gesture will establish your direction as your strength is naturally present. Anything more than necessary may cause decay. Understand you are very powerful at this time. Be mindful of others as you are playing with more power than you may know. Step as only you need at this time. Develop an understanding that the strength of your presence is felt without threat, backlash, or skepticism.
  • So, actually today I would say that connecting the energy of your voice through a franchise sounds like a great idea.  Just make sure whatever you do doesn’t disenfranchise your voice in the rest of your life.  If there is playing a petty part, the answer is NO NO NO!  If there is playing for keeps that pleases your natural inner animal, GO FOR IT! . . . but not from the source of the spam mind you.
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = Express your voice as the Mom-n-Pop franchise of YOU!  Be like Highlander.  THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!  Reduce the amount of copycat efforts you have in your life to discover strength-y overlaps, natural and seamless synchromeshes in a reciprocal spiral of giving and receiving.

Spam Card 5 ~ Vacation Resort Specialist.  The money or your timeshare?

Knight of Swords

  • The Knight of Swords indicates you are a generator of ideas and love being well-placed. Along with opposition, large or small, your conviction in your beliefs and ideas is very alive. It is also indicated further to defend what you stand for and that you love putting ideas into action!
  • So, it is indicated to keep you money so you can more easily put your ideas into action!
  • Knock it out of the park alternate reading = You may just get taken for a short and sharp ride with a timeshare.  Be like a Knight and camp outside.  Or, call ahead for reservations so you can camp somewhere that has a lobby.  Knights don’t pay when they are not staying somewhere.

Enjoy playing 

the Forgetting Is For Getting Laughter Warm-uptechnique from the mini-workshop presented here!  Magical Blessings to this technique further opening up you up to your celestial groove so you powerfully bring more YOU to the table as enliven your Tarot readings in just your way!

And, Oh!

Yesterday’s Tarot For Tips Tuesday was such a success, and I so enjoyed the responses I received . . . I’ve decided that as a service offering, I am going to leave the Tarot For Tips donation button up on my website, and keep doing them for a while!  A one day offering on a spur of the minute thought really doesn’t spread the love very far. So, get your Tarot For Tips eReading at your convenience.

Happy Wednesday, and have a great week!


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