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Mystereum Tarot Imagin-Action Death~Emperor Scheduling

Mystereum Tarot Imagin-Action Death~Emperor Scheduling

Now is the time to explore Imagin-Action with you in daily blogs with Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.  So, look in YOUR mirror.  How close are you?  How close are you to finding your own natural leadership that is present to work with and effectively enliven your own interactions?  Explore the military sandbox of Imagin-Action with these daily blogs.  Sound rigorous?  Sure is!  Sound hard?  Not a chance.  Imagin-Action can enhance the heartbeat and breath of your ideas to effectively play out and build foundation under your dreams.  Imagin-Action can help you make your dreams beyond real.  Imagin-Action can bring your realized dreams into play as natural features in your everyday personal, business, you-name-it course of life.

Death ~ Emperor Scheduling

All Similar, Each Unique. And, with Imagin-Action and Death ~ Emperor Scheduling you will soon learn to keep your focus fresh like Death always present in the garden, use the D word well (DELETE DELETE DELETE) with forgetting is for getting, and by methodically going step by step, even when your RPM’s are groovin’ the redline under deadline, be able to realign the pace and direction of your whole system in a single step like The Emperor as you complete things and finish wonderfully well with a YEAH BayBEE!

Today will scratch the surface of Death ~ Emperor Scheduling.  I want it to be effective for you.  What I’ve learned and evolved in 20+ years of Project Management will be doled out in appetizer and single-course portions.  I want you to be able to not gloss over a tome, and immediately begin to put things to use and build more effectiveness into the things you do.

Today’s Theme of Death ~ Emperor Scheduling is a short n sweet combo of Wed & Thu themes

~ WEDNESDAYS will be Working Out Your Best Times Wednesdays. Showing you creative ways to play, and play your play into enhancing your effectiveness in ALL you do.  Personal.  Business.  You-name-it!

~ THURSDAYS will be Those Times You Are Most Productive Thursdays.  We’ll find ways to mind those times, notice them, and discover how to better capitalize on synchromeshing them with your Best Times Wednesdays.  Sound like this is Department of Redundancy Department stuff?  Well, tune in and then decide.

One Quote & 2 Questions to figure out when is YOUR best time to work?

  • Juggling around identity and divinity, I feel that identity is divinity expressed personally. All similar, each unique. ~Jordan Hoggard
  • So, What times and periods of day do you feel divine, magical?
  • Which of those times and periods are magically personal, and which of those times and periods are delightfully productive?

That’s It For Today!  WHAT?!, You Say?  What can I . . . .

Ok ok ok. But, stop being so Gotta Look Real Hard To Show I Am Focusing.  This is not presenteeism.

  • outline the times of the day YOU feel magical and divine.  There may be a diff between magical and divine or no.  Your call.
  • outline the periods of the day YOU feel magical and divine. If you’re feeling down, distinguish degrees across the day and pick some winners!  Make ’em a certificate or CUPCAKES!
  • outline the times of the day that you feel ARE magical and divine.  The TIMES of the day.
  • outline the periods of the day that you feel ARE magical and divine.  The PERIODS of the day.
  • Make a simple Monday through Sunday or Sunday through Monday chart, a Week Per View with your current daily order.
  • Anchor-point your current commitments, then begin to fill it in and flesh it out by . . .
  • Describe your 24-hour calendar.  An easy way to be concise and have fun with this part is to TITLE each period, and TITLE the specific times you outliined above.  Give ’em names or story titles.  Have fun with it.  I love detail and repetitive work as it becomes a cadence of a physical meditation, yet I STILL call the daily check-in and weekly updating of what $$’s I have to work with ASSININE ACCOUNTING.  I actually really like it, but I like more to keep a clue present in my environment that a priority is to have staff to accommodate this, and to periodically revisit the priorities and action steps I have to put that in place.  DO Make sure SLEEP has a good block of time wherever you put it.
  • Now, which of the above are YOURS YOURS YOURS?  Times?  Periods?  Whole Days?
  • Which of the above are shared and in need of coordination with another or a group?  Times?  Periods?  Whole Days?
  • Which of the above are when you are uninterruptable and you can, do, or will commit to focusing ONLY on your task and RELATED tasks in orbit at hand? Yes, withOUT interruption?  There’s a new invention called voicemail, and phones tend to have ways to quickly drop the volume without turning them off.  Constant notifications are a far cry from the cadence of a drum circle.
  • in that last regard, be mindful of metronomes in your life that you have simply white-noised gotten used to.  We’ll need to tailor those later, too.
  • Do YOUR homework YOUR way.

Now, that’s REALLY it for today.  Get the above recipe list present and ready.

Do the above as homework, and after you complete it, place it somewhere where you keep it in plain sight.  We will be building on it as we go along with these Imagin-Action techniques for more effectively incorporating imagination into everything you do.  If you like to cook, you’ll understand these prep portions and their pauses.  How ’bout we call the above Your Imagin-Action Ramikens. the little bowls of prepped sauces and sliced n diced stuff that you paint in to your cooking here and there on the way to making a great meal?  Yes, Imagin-Action Ramikens to hold your Imagin-Action ingredients.  Well, you can of course call them that now, though I would suggest to make sure they are clean and ready to go.

Place your Imagin-Action homework in plain sight after you complete it.  Keep a scratch pad in your pocket across a day or several days and let your homework just complete itself basically as you take notes when they strike resonant chords with you.  For the long-haul, keep a scratch pad to scribble down week vs weekend feelings and titles. Keep it simple.  Just time or time period and name or title.  We will get to the moon phases n stuff later.  Keep it simple.  It’ll be your Bob the Biology Skeleton up at the front of your class.  This is about writing down the bones of your time and their character + function in your life.

Tune in, take the time to make laughter, and find the laughable in any situation

It sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to prime your pumper and pump up the volume on your celestial groove. We’re all born to see differently, all similar each unique.  Focus and clarify YOUR vision and effectiveness as you follow along and participate with Mystereum in Imagin-Action!


This blog is in no way intended to give you the higher octave of ADHD which is ALAS.  What is ALAS?, you say?  ALAS is . . . ATTENTION . . . Look A Squirrel!  Discipline in the sandbox is finding the natural way you flow and play with your ideas effectively.  It is about discovering their value that can take seconds, can take your whole life up to this point.  Each day, each play.  Make ’em count.  The value of a moment can be perennially catalyzing.  The value present in each moment can be infinite.

Oh, one last thing

I checked the Cosmic Daytimer.  The future was all booked up, the past was out, and that seems to be the status for quite some time.  No room for them in The Perpetual Present Inn.  Now works, though.  Past and future orbit like memories and dreams.  You might try hookin’ up with ’em in the spa.  Now works, though.  Now works.  There always seems to be an opening for you now.

Get that scratch pad and / or pads, and do pull a card to turn over that Card Back up there.  Will it be your big title to color your scheduling theme?  You’ll have to decide on that.  It’s your schedule, and we want to get you to be the Master of your schedule.

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