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Tarot~Mabon~BlogHop~Mystereum Mead Made

Tarot~Mabon~BlogHop~Mystereum Mead Made

Welcome TarotBlogHoppers from Kerry Ardilla’s Neopagan Priestess blog! 

Welcome to this Tarothoppin’ segment along your TarotBlogHop dance of “Mabon ~ The Power of Transformation.”

Tarot ~ Mabon ~ Mystereum Mead Made

Power your life’s firmament fermenting Tarot mead

What serves as your Tool of Transformation? What makes your grapes and honey turn to mead?
~ Turbo read the Majors card by card in verse as a “Mystereum Mabon Poem of Transformation Of How Dreams Actively Come Into Being”

Mead Making Topic: Is Marriage Like The Confluence of Getting A Ticket Together, Making Honey, and Then Fermenting Mead With It?

Try to read the entirety without seeing the card at the first part of each line . . .

Try to mead the following without seeing the first card speaking each line . . .

The Fool: On a whim I trusted myself without explanation, feeling that reasons were just damn unreasonable fluff
The Magician: and as I stepped into nothingness, new ground formed right under my feet
The High Priestess: as form was given to the formless
The Empress: a quizzled and wild-eyed smile coming to full term
The Emperor: as my vision spread out across such expansive beauty
The Hierophant: in the majestic and inspiring down-to-earth-spirit of painters’ sunlit skies thick with clouds
The Lovers: and I turned to pause. That whim was like another’s eyes brightening mine, and there she was
The Chariot: singin’ Doo Waa Ditty Diity Don’t Ditty Deet
Justice: yet, even the loud music pressing the foot further and was a balanced scale of a 
The Hermit: silent man in uniform with intense gaze
The Wheel: “Uh hem.  You’ll need to pay this by next Tuesday, or appear in court as it says.
Strength: We turn again, don’t we?, with the power of our natural voices to each other in the present. BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. WhatEV. You? Me? Should we pay the ticket or the toll man?
The Hanged Man: Neh, that would be a clear waste of time floating around with either of THEM.
Death: NEW ROAD! That tree’s cool. Turn left!
Temperance: Where are we really going? We’re in this wonderfully deeply . . .
The Devil: Oh YEAH! Let’s have sex behind every tree in the forest!
The Tower: And, our worlds exploding altered the very fabric of the forest as we crashed down heaving together
The Star: to look up at that single first night light making wishes never smoking hope and diggin’ our celestial groove so
The Moon: that only we each knew inside, smiling at each other with our newly formed secrets
The Sun: knowing that we were behind on our “every tree” deadline as the sun would come up soon enough and call time though it didn’t stop our conversation,
Judgment: only re-introduced us to the magic of twilight as we resurrected from our newly humidified forest to emerge with most of our clothes
The World: and conquer the world with tired and knowing smiles.  

The washer and dryer aren’t what steal that other sock are they?

Wands: Our energies developed
Cups: a nourishing fulfillment
Pentacles: that we began to solidly base things on
Swords: where all the elements came together to temper and quench us in masterful communication, and we cut off looking for the sock.


All similar, each unique.

How does YOUR Tarot make the honey-ambrosia of the mead of the fermenting fun of a road trip of a story?

Happy Tarot Mabon Meading where Merry Meet Mabon’s to Merry Mead!  Jordan

Best to you painting new life into your journey as you explore the Mabon series of TarotBlogHops!  Click here to  POOF yourself right to the next TarotBlogHop stop at Sungoddess Tarot’s blog.




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