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Mystereum Tarot Monday Imagin-Action BitC Technique

Mystereum Tarot Monday Imagin-Action BitC Technique

It’s time!  I’m ready to shift focus and redirect scale to turn up the heat and open up Mystereum to show you simple ways to orchestrate your own momentum.  Now is the time to explore Imagin-Action with you in daily blogs.  I use these original techniques to make productive turn into prolific without over-working myself.  You can, too.  It just takes a little practice to adjust new techniques into your process so they become natural and all your own.  And, every person I have found who has used these techniques find nothing short of magic appearing in their creativity and effectiveness.

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

So, check your mirrors.  How close are you?  How close are the things around you?  How close are you to finding your own natural leadership that is present to work with and effectively enliven your own interactions?  Today’s Imagin-Action tip is to assist you in effectively exploring your work and production and effectiveness as disciplined, sandbox play.  It is the simplest of the Imagin-Action techniques and it is called Butt In The Chair.

Butt In The Chair?  That’s IT?!! How will that help anything?

Well, don’t try it if you are that skeptical.  No really, Scat!  Move along.  What’s that? A glimmer of interest in your questions?

Imagin-Action can enhance the heartbeat and breath of your ideas to effectively play out and build foundations under your dreams.  Imagin-Action techniques can help you make your dreams beyond real.  Imagin-Action can bring your realized dreams into play as natural features in your everyday personal, business, you-name-it course of life.  Imagin-Action techniques naturally groove the discipline into your process, and take the hassle out of working, so you can fully focus.

All Similar, Each Unique

Each day will bring a different Imagin-Action theme for to you to play with, and today’s Monday theme is the 1st step in the Butt in the Chair Imagin-Action Technique. BitCh IT for short, or Bit-C, if you prefer.  The Butt in the Chair Imagin-Action Technique transfers presenteeism to productivity, for if you are there you will be in the mindset to be there. So, what is the Butt in the Chair Imagin-Action technique?

Butt In The Chair

What is the 1st Butt in the Chair Imagin-Action technique?  Well, like it sounds . . . plant it!  Assign a project to your Imagin-Action studies.  Just one project to start.  It will give you a comparison to your standard routine with other projects.

  • Assign yourself your own deadline to complete this project .
  • Assign Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel periods daily for this project.
  • No matter what, your butt is to be in that chair the whole time.  It can be kind of a trip, so like a road trip, make sure you use the restroom first and have some water or tea set out within reach.
  • The only thing you are allowed to think about during your BITCh time is your project ~ like in a car you can’t be in multiple gears at once and still be driving or have an operable transmission.
  • Odds are this kind of focus will seem impossible at first.
  • All that is asked of you is that for the time you assign in your schedule for your project that you show up, and get your Butt In The Chair.  That’s it.

2 weeks to Celestial Groove Glimmers

Show up, and get your Butt In The Chair, and only think about your project, and/or work on it of course, too.  That’s it.

Thing is that what usually begins to happen is about 10 minutes before your BITCh time you’ll do an inner nod towards it, and begin naturally moving towards it so you are warmed up prior and on time and ready when you need to be.  It’s like a standing meeting.  A standing meeting time weekly or daily eliminates scheduling and cancellations and rescheduling as it puts in place a commitment and discipline to be there which can transfer to the topic or project at hand.  BITCh is like this, though you are expected to laugh and enjoy being there, too.

Try BITCh for 2 weeks

I set 2p to 5p Monday through Friday for 3 years to complete the original Mystereum Tarot and 48-page LWB on my self-issued 3-year deadline.  3 years was as long as I could give it, initially.  At a point between 3 1/2 and 4 years my hand changes.  Any art series I am workiing on portalp-moves to transition into the next series.  It’s simply a timeframe cycle I’ve noticed, so 3 years gave me a little schedule-slippage wiggle room.

If someone called to schedule a meeting for during those times I would simply say, “Oh, I am COMPLETELY stacked with standings all week.  How do your mornings or just after lunchtime look?”  You see, it will also get you to be the Master of your own schedule, too, and not be a pushover for the things YOU want or need to be working on. And, if the phone rings during BITCh time, maybe that’s what voicemail is for.  Do note whether there are family emergencies n stuff.  Don’t guru out your common sense of course.

Especially if you work at home

try closing the door with the rule that if the door’s closed, you’re at the office.  Nevermind that it happens to be down the hall.  People might not disturb you at your office across town, so groove them to respect the same for your home office.  So, that’s it. Butt in the chair, focus only on the one project for the time you have assigned, and don’t go under OR over on your time.  Tomorrow holds your next session, and that’s when you’ll get back on the project you have assigned to try this.

Tune in, take the time to make laughter, and find the laughable in any situation

It sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to leave that previous moment or activity’s influence and really start fresh into your next activity.  Finding the laughable in no way disrespects even the grieving most difficult times.  It celebrates their goodness by bring you even MORE present when you are with them.

Subscribe and tune in to the Daily Discipline of Mystereum

to discover expert skill in your play.  I’ll bet you won’t even feel like you worked, and you may start having more to show for your work across the board when you do.  Thinkin’ I’ll gear into this new synchromesh beginning Monday.  Then again, I may step on it over the weekend . . .

Enjoy playing. There is potentially expert skill in your play. Let’s find it!

Magical laughter to you as you to prime your pumper and pump up the volume on your celestial groove with Imagin-Action!  Bring YOU to the table to enliven your life, your effectiveness, in the higher octave way only YOU can!  We’re all born to see differently, all similar each unique.  Focus and clarify YOUR vision with Mystereum Imagin-Action!


This blog is in no way intended to give you the higher octave of ADHD which is ALAS.  What is ALAS?, you say?  ALAS is . . . ATTENTION . . . Look A Squirrel!  Discipline in the sandbox is finding the natural way you flow and play with your ideas effectively.  It is about discovering their value that can take seconds, can take your whole life up to this point.  Each day, each play.  Make ’em count.  The value of a moment can be perennially catalyzing.  The value present in each moment can be infinite.

Oh, and I checked the Cosmic Daytimer

The future and the past both seem to be all booked up, lot of long-term reservations.  No room in The Inn.  Now works, though.  There always seems to be an opening for you to start now.  So laugh and out your butt in your chair, and schedule putting your butt in the chair.  “Laughter is the shortest distance between people.” ~ Victor Borge.  We may find that laughter is the shortest distance between you and your ideas and effectively implementing them with better success.

Here’s a side trip scenic overlook for Ya.  Take Mystereum for a FREE sample spin on!


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STP. Sunday Tarot Passages ~ Setting Up Your Tarot Chassis

STP. Sunday Tarot Passages ~ Setting Up Your Tarot Chassis

Sunday Tarot Passages are like motor oil and fuel injection cleaners for the engine and fuel of your creative mind. . . finishing touches on a great weekend to insure a bright turtle wax shine brightens the start of a new week!

“Make visible what, without you might perhaps never been seen.” ~ Robert Bremmer

Today’s STP Imagination Tool mental motor oil and fuel injection cleaner toys:

  • King of Pentacles
  • 3 of Cups
  • Knight of Wands
  • The Card Back

Pick a card for the card back

to personalize your STP mental fuel cleaner and pour your Sunday Tarot Passages into your life invigoratingly.  How does your card play into the high performance of these three?  How can they become high performance tires for the road of your life? How can you make love to the Yoniverse within and about you?

The King of Pentacles

Imagination Tool: I gift you the totality of the place of Your Royal Court.  May you keep it solid and exquisite.  Increase its strength as you expand yourself with new discoveries.  From here you can fly as high as your roots go deep.  These are the things I wish for you.    ~ Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 100.

The 3 of Cups

Imagination Tool: We gift you a tool to celebrate in your imagination.  We gift you a too to celebrate your imagination itself.  We gift you a tool to celebrate with your imagination.  We find that it has a tendency to burst out in smiles and songs when we dance.  ~ Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 106.

The Knight of Wands

Imagination Tool: I gift you a tool to birth and incorporate your discoveries using The Hierophant, Strength, Judgment, The Star, and the 10 of Wands.  Spiritually strengthened through and through may you awaken into the newly balanced You.  Appear and come forth from deep and dark places and bring your celestial light to Your Royal Court!  ~ Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 146.

The Card Back

Pick YOUR 4th groundgrabber of a high performance tire by picking another card.  Pick a fourth card to go with the 3 above and complete today’s Tarot Chassis.  How does the rubber meet the road for you with these four?

High Performance Tires on Your Tarot Chassis

How can your 4 cards become high performance tires connecting your Tarot Chassis to the ground for driving the road of your life within and about you?

How can you alter a quote to tailor it more to be wholly yours and an altar of a statement that fuels your active and fulfilling play?

Aware and Magically Exploring

the infinite and fertile Universe inside and about you, make visible what, without you might have never been seen.

Imagination Tools

are presented as gifts from each and every card in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum after they speak to you in their Imagination Primer book companion book chapters.

Best to you having had a wonderful weekend

to insure a bright turtle wax weekend shine flows forth to brighten the start of your new week!

Have a great one!

Get a free mini-reading with Mystereum at

All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

(c)2012 Jordan Hoggard

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