Wednesday Interview With The Spampires

05 Sep
Wednesday Interview With The Spampires

Following up on Monday’s Mystereum Tarot Mayhem blog where your Spam emails are used as free warm-up topics, here’s a mini warm-up workshop for you right in this blog.  Nothing to sign up for or schedule.  Simply a 5-card Land of Mystereum inspired exercise for some laughter for getting some hump-day wind in your sails.  It’s a great technique for:

  • warming up for readings
  • getting your celestial groove going with humor, as humor is a healthy, integrated, preventitive armor that requires no maintenance. Humor’s shinier than steel, and weighs tons less. Easy to carry on the go.
  • people who have a difficult time saying “no”.  It’s a way to practice how not to be silent about “no”, by higher octaving the ability to say no FULLY to someone or something by stepping past the first reaction to get to the humor response . . . as I feel that responding to things that getcha with humor, dance-plays with the concepts rather than tit-for-tat learning them, AND often blooms gifts that would otherwise have been missed.
  • Laughter is the shortest distance between people. ~ Victor Borge
  • discovering how it can be fun and very healthy to say, “I don’t believe you” as easily as The Queen of Swords would, and WITHOUT your way being the highway afterwards AS “My way is the highway” kinds of statements are rhetorical.  Think about it.  When people say something like that, they are certainly not receptive to ANYTHING you may have to contribute.  Give ’em a mirror as a gift and as you walk away, “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, huh?”
  • finding the natural leadership present in the Queens that you can work with in your own interactions.

All Similar, Each Unique

So, if you are similar to me and a lot of other Tarot readers, sometimes we see and read things in simple images, in a tree, in a group of people.  Well, I thought, what the heck, I woke up on the bright side today.  Why not read the 1st 5 spams in my spam email folder.  Heck, they’re free.  And, if this doesn’t get you to search for buried treasure in your spam folder that isn’t from Nigeria, why not read the 1st 5 things you see where you are reading this?

Spam Email As Alchemy? inquiries of Buried Treasure?  Probably not, though Sure!

I know from years of training that warming up and practice can often be taken way too seriously.  Sometimes making too much of the same which bores the dickens out of the expansion when really focusing on your activity whatever it is.  Do you get all serious when you throw a frisbee or watch a kite flying?  Even if you do, isn’t it a seriousness that is more of a Magician’s full-on focus that is magical?  Expert skill in play I say. Stretch slowly and then turn up your music and dance around to warm up OR try Interview With The Spampires (gratuitous SEO for Interview With the Vampire)

Taking the time to make laughter

sets a break or segue from whatever you were doing before like jumping around and shaking being all silly for no reason other than . . . to leave that previous moment or activity’s influence and really start fresh into your next activity.

So, here is your Wednesday Tarot Interview With The Spampires Intro

Here’s how to do an Interview With The Spampires Warm-up Exercise: Read the 1st 5 spams in your spam email folder.  You don’t need to actually read them, as opening them is sometimes not so safe, and certainly don’t click anything in there.  Use the spam title as the card topic, and the snippet of the first several words you see on the spam email list where you see the title.  Simple.  Title as card topic. Snippet text as inquiry.  From my perspective I was probably going to say no to them if I even spent the time in the first place.  I have new clients all the time, though, so a focused scan before trashola is a daily task.  So, I was going to say “no” and Tarot’s probably not going to change my mind about spam email merit, though it can certainly flesh out some good laughs to prime the pumper before I happily and dramatically click DELETE TRASHOLA FOREVER, and OH YES I am really sure, with a grin on my face that washes them away in the next moment forever.

Here is your Wednesday Tarot Interview With The Spampires Warm-up example!

Have fun & then remember to forget FORGET! Or, at least don’t footnote it. 😉  Forgetting is for getting. Makes more room for the good stuff.

My reading of the 1st five spam emails that were in my spam folder this morning.  Use your own spams or the 1st 5 things you see where you are reading this as content and queries to make your own Interview With The Spampires warm-up exercise.  Explore the natural leadership present in the Queens that is naturally present in you when you laugh.  Pump up your humor to prime your celestial groove.

Spam Card 1 ~ Gift Card Giveaway.  Answer our survey & enter to wins FREE gift card (Note their spelling.  Keeping its. . . hu hem . . the integrity of it can amp up the chuckles. Who ARE these people?! 🙂 )

3 of Swords

  • The 3 of Swords indicates a refraction in experiencing distorted feelings. Visualize your feelings as the heart’s illusion of a twig put into clear water. Watch the illusion. Express the expectations of your blind spots to yourself, or to a friend. Operating heavy machinery is not suggested at this time. Take care of YOURSELF as the heavy machinery. Flowing through change and fully expressing your feelings honestly. . . forgetting is often for getting!
  • So, it is indicated that due to the refraction and distortion in the grammar and spelling of this message I am required to ignore it.
  • Alternate reading = Due to the need-to-lern-how-to-talks-more-gooder nature of the grammar and spelling of this message I am required to ignore it.  Anybody got a pig?

Spam Card 2 ~  Looking for hispanic singles?  Check out these sites. (At first I thought this was “seek his panic dating .com”.  Better laugh at myself for that, and get a dang date or somethin’)

The Fool

  • The Fool indicates you naturally expressing your place along the way of your journey. You have recently completed a powerful cycle, and are enthusiastically on your way in new endeavors. You may have freed yourself from enforced ignorance or blinding preconceptions. Feel you’re the natural new directions you are creating!
  • Notice you are reading what you want to when you are really not interested in something.  Read what is really present to inform your journey more fully with experiences.

Spam Card 3 ~ Canadiana Pharamcy.  Viagra + CIALIS – SUPER DISCOUNTS

The King of Wands

    • The King of Wands indicates charismatic leadership within you and flowing from you. Here is a flow that influences things. It is indicated that now is the time to get done what needs to be done, and loves that it will get done! Enjoy getting things done! Once complete, it is indicated that everyone will be wonderfully pleased with the results.
    • So, thanks for the offer, but the King’s accountants brought it to my attention that: One Thing PLUS Another Thing MINUS SUPER DISCOUNTS means its really gonna cost Ya.  It’s a trap.  That is all.

Spam Card 4 ~ Surface Coatings.  Industrial Strength Floor Coatings, DIY Application

The 6 of Swords

  • The 6 of Swords indicates baggage dragged from the past or problems that have been dwelt on at length. identify your transparent beliefs and work to stop depending on them. Open your eyes to see what the world has to offer. Like the day AFTER a big storm. Also indicated is to face your problems knowing it’s time to fight them off. See what is really there! Amend your inner soil by simply letting go of baggage. The Universe loves presents and surprises, and re-gifts back great ones! Gift your baggage to the Universe like opening your hands for a bird to fly away.
  • So, the dog days of me researching (in an epic spiral of giving a damn and receiving a DAM) Industrial Latex Coatings in my early career are waaaaayyy over.  Thanks for the offer, though I have been satisfied with my Benjamin Moore M-55 Battleship Grey paints-on-at-33 mils and dries-to-an-11-mils thickness to cover exposed and finished foundation ledges when I incorporate them into a design = bad detail = This is how I fixed it on a remodel years back.  GO BEN MOORE ILC M-55!! . . . if it’s even still around.  Equals are equals here, hyphens are not multi-minuses.

Spam Card 5 ~ Enrique Enriquez. tongu (e e)xercises

The World

  • The World indicates that you are right back where you started and the journey is complete. A complete cycle is indicated. Look to new dreams, bigger ones. See the world IN The World card! View up through the looking glass of the obelisk from its base as if you are inside the obelisk looking up. See the point of its top right in front of you. Visualize the vanishing point of the top as a portal to infinity. Step smoothly through the doorway of your next iteration remembering this one. The World indicates a powerful completion! Indicates a powerful completion cycle in The Fool’s journey, YOUR journey! Enjoy this time as you seamlessly segue into the next phase of your journey!
  • Hmmm, I really don’t need The World to tell me anything other than Enrique Enriquez ROCKS!  I have tried EVERYTHING.  Making multiple addresses for his newsletters, making specific contacts in my address book.  Enrique PUSHES the envelope of language, and it seems the Big Brother of the algorhythms that are usually right on the money to even discern new email that is or is not spam . . . they have NO ability so work with Enrique’s wonderful surrealism.  Ahhhh, to have Andre Breton’s email, too.  HAIL ENRIQUE!  I can’t keep your emails out of spam, though I mark them NOT SPAM every time and then read them.  Keep up THE WORLD of great work Enrique!

Enjoy playing 

the Interview With The Spampires Warm-up technique presented here! 

Magical Blessings to you as you prime your pumper and pump up the volume on your celestial groove!  Bring YOU to the table to enliven your Tarot readings in the higher octave way of YOU!

Today’s blog issued is late as one of the Spampires got me interested in another Time Zone. Get warmed up rather than distracted.  LOL


This blog is in no way intended to give you the higher octave of ADHD which is ALAS.  What is ALAS?, you say.  ALAS is . . . ATTENTION . . . Look A Squirrel!  Only do 5, and then forget ’em and get on with your day.  Great to do again with afternoon coffee, too!

Happy Wednesday, and have a great week!

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