Mystereum Tarot STP. Sunday Tarot Passages

02 Sep
Mystereum Tarot STP. Sunday Tarot Passages

Sunday Tarot Passages are like motor oil and fuel injection cleaners for the engine and fuel of your creative mind, your imagination. Idea, creativity, intuition, and the space between them?  I feel that idea, creativity, intuition, and the space between are the 4 characters that compose imagination, and that the space between each and around them is a Psychic Synapse, a resonant magical-place-of-twilight bridge that brings them into relationship, connects them together actively in imagination.

Best to these Imagination Tools from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum help you put helpful finishing touches on the polish of a great weekend.  Insure a bright turtle wax shine of the body of your imagination.  Sunday Tarot Passages with Imagination Tools are presented here as an opportunity both to brighten the polish on the living memory-finish of your weekend, and to vibrantly prepare your launch into your new week!

STP IP’s.  Sunday Tarot Passages, Imagination Tools

Mystereum Imagination Tool mental motor oil and fuel injection cleaners

for todays Sunday Tarot Passages are: The Magician, The 4 of Pentacles, The King of Pentacles, and the Card Back.  Pick a card on your own as if you are turning over this card back to discover your own 4-card STP, your 4-card Sunday Tarot Passages.  How does the card you select roll with these other 3 high performance Tarot tires?  How can all 4 cards become high performance Tarot tires for the rubber to meet the road on the journey of your life?

The Magician

“When your magic feels missing, look into your blind spots.  Look into the things you expect to see.  Then flap your wings and move what is actually there.”

~ Imagination Primer, page 20

The 4 of Pentacles

“We gift you the tool of hidden supports that are always present to structure your imagination.  May the ground be magical under every step!”

~ Imagination Primer, page 80

The King of Pentacles

“I gift you the totality of the place of Your Royal Court.  May you keep it solid and exquisite.  Increase its strength as you expand yourself with new discoveries.  From here you can fly as high as your roots go deep.”

~ Imagination Primer, page 100

Card Back. Select another card as your 4th high performance Tarot tire

Pick YOUR 4th groundgrabber of a high performance Tarot tire to go with the 3 above.

High Performance Tarot Tires

How can your 4 cards become high performance Tarot tires balanced and gripping the road of your life like a charioteer’s feet groundgrabbingly in contact with The Chariot floor to help steer it?  How do your high performance Tarot tires respond to your steering, getting your feet into it?  Sunday drive?  Agile as a jet through a chicane?  How does the rubber meet the road from your steering perspective?

And, here’s some Mystereum engine tune-up homework for you.  The only tools you’ll need are you, your sense of humor plus an open mind, and 1 min 00 secs to watch this video.  I find we learn when we laugh and / or our eyes brighten when we experience something.  In those times I feel we resonantly reach to embrace as we expansion large and small, within and about.  Have fun with this 1 whole minute!

Simply allocate 60 seconds today, 1 whole minute,

to watch this 4 of Pentacles video. Right before you click play ask yourself, “How is the ground I walk on as inspirational as the stars in my sky?”  Then watch.  Maybe be generous with yourself and plug in a little over 2 minutes, ask yourself the question above again, and watch.

Does anything solidly open up for you after watching?

May Imagination Tools brighten your upcoming week

and this segment of Sunday Tarot Passages with its specific Imagination Tools help you to insure a bright turtle wax shine on the living memory of your weekend.  Brighten that shine as you gear up to start your new week!  Have some fun today to custom tune your weekend!

May Your Focus Be Magical,

Jordan & Mystereum,


Have a great one!

All images (c)2010 Jordan Hoggard.  All Rights Reserved

(c)2012 Jordan Hoggard

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