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Echo and Narcissus Compose the Phoenix, Part 2

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Elizabeth Rose Psychic and Tarot. This post with the image of the painting with Echo and Narcissus + Liz’s mention of the Phoenix catalyzed me to forget the story for getting The gift of telling it differently. Visit her site for the Astrology, though don’t be surprised when you receive a larger takeaway than what you came for.

Visit Part 1 of Echo and Narcissus Compose the Phoenix Here

Part 2

Trees with strong roots laugh at storms.

~ Malay Proverb
“Echo and Narcissus” by John William Waterhouse
Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse

Excellent image for this post today. Echo hears herself, and that hearing comes from echoes outside in response to her voice from within. Chords are struck to resonate. She begins to connect. Narcissus sees himself, is hypnotized from within, magnetized and pulled inside to orbit only in that world where the external more and more falls away. He gets lost in there, chases false horizons in his unconscious isolation. She gets found. She finds herself connecting. Echo is the potential spark that lights his Phoenix to fire back up within and push his head out of his heart and resurrect out here, most likely with epic experiences from traumas he tilled that then unfold.

Flying As High As Your Roots Go Deep

Flying as high as your roots go deep requires a free flow of seamless segues throughout the system so synapses of comms between all areas across the highs and low confluence in the Now for clear perspective to not cantilever too far, and to sometimes intentionally do so to stretch and grow.

To paraphrase French aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, perfection is attained not when there’s nothing more to add, but when there’s nothing left to remove ~ was reminded of this again on Cristian Mihai’s site… loved this expression… guess it flew away for a while. It also provides a counter to Daedalus and Icarus with Icarus falling, youth falling off like chaff from the wheat in the wind. Please keep that youth stuff.

A heart in love with beauty never grows old.

~ Turkish Proverb

That concept, nothing more to remove internally, is the immediate and also lifelong goal of the Psychological modality of Brainspotting. Nothing left to remove. Unfettered, one is able to live their life in seamless segues of connection.

Are We

Are we able to move through life like a Voyager spacecraft where the further it goes along through the solar system into space and eventually past the solar shock point and out of the Heliosphere, the more and more we elucidate, the more value we abduct, draw out of our infinite, internal well to build even more value in our experience? And, both like a Voyager spacecraft untethered in space continually expanding while it braces against its rock solid rock bottom bedrock cornerstone of technology within itself AS itself, the earth itself within reaching nears breaking the glass ceiling of the Heliosphere — in 40,000 years, just about 4K years longer than the clock in an old apple device.

Do You Have One?

Do you have one? No, not an apple device. Do you have that kind of integrated cornerstone you brace against, and that travels with you, and that dispels powerful limits present in blind spots for further insight beyond what you know and feel now Continually informs you now?

Kali Braces Against Shiva

Kali braces against Shiva while she dances on his chest. Shiva’s complete calmness provideS a foundation for no bleed-off of the power of her movement. Kali is not mean or evil or even angry. Kali represents 100% uncut identity of Self, and that is full-on intense. And, when she moves, her movement is uncut by slippage. Her fluidity grips and moves with all of her power naturally. I gather so natural she never tires… which gives a new tenor to the meaning of sustainability not so nascent in…

Never hurry, never rest

~ Goethe

At least from my perspective. You may have already experienced the milestone of that trailhead cairn.

Is the Heliosphere A Trailhead Cairn?

Is the Heliosphere A Trailhead Cairn to Future Space Travel? This, I’ll leave at that.

What Cornerstone?

What cornerstone in life like Shiva do you brace against to support building further value in your life In ways that are intensely good for you? And, by being intensely good for you, your presence is good for the health of the world.

Can you wrap your head and heart around the notion that putting yourself 1st is inherently good and not selfish? Can you wrap yourself around that notion where being self-centered simply indicates you have center, a nucleus, and inner Sun-4-of-Pentacles cornerstone?

Do You Ask

Do you ask the question about Center in Self as you brace against your rock solid rock bottom most natural cornerstone like this? Do you ask for what you need? If so, are you able to graciously and fully receive with a simple Thank You, as that is enough?

Do You Ask

Do you ask the question centered with your rock solid rock bottom most natural cornerstone as your nucleus centered like this?

Do You Ask

Do you ask the question with your rock solid rock bottom most natural cornerstone pushed up squishing you to the boundary of a glass ceiling of some life predicament like this?

Do You Ask

Do you ask the question braced WITH your rock solid most natural cornerstone integrated throughout you, Your Self and Identity AS your cornerstone Naturally…

With verve and flow

and levity and sovereignty

As you advance like this

In the united front of you?

How Can You

How can you be that glass topped lake fully calm and resonantly clear of gesture In action, your intent(s) fully engaged as fuel in your actions, while your wonderful Nature chaos of seamless segues in fluid fluency team with life below the surface continually informing your clarity?

One must have a chaos in the heart to birth a Star.

~ My Friend Fred

Glass Topped Lake?

How can you be like this Piece of Fluorite?

How can you be like this piece of fluorite so beautifully crafted by Nature and also cut, influenced — by one of our kind? How can you model yourself with a liquid and fluid glass top of the clarity of your boundaries cut and fluidly formed to be in the shape of You, from your work, AS YOU in the continual evolution across a lifetime towards nothing left to remove? And, with less and less to remove as you go further and further along, does that make life so much brighter and darknesses so much more fecund and vividly intense as depths, chthonic depths of nourishment?

Isn’t the Darkness Like the Womb?

Isn’t the darkness like the womb where we came to life? Do I say, OH, don’t want to go back there! I had to do all that growth n stuff, and development, and stretch, and expand, and I was never in control and my Universe fed me and I had no control over that..and, it was SO much work! I’d rather sit on the couch.

No, personally, I don’t say that at all. It just popped up as a hypothetical to bring up a question. Are we more afraid of life, or death? Death is certain. There’s something with a rock-solid handhold of certainty as none of us are getting out alive. But, life? Life is uncertain. Cool. I’m comfortable with the not-knowing, that which is beyond my Heliosphere, and that which is right in front of me that I have no control over. I don’t need control over it. I simply need to be in resonance with how my perspective allows and disallows how it influences me. Heck, no reason to let your emotions dictate how you feel. That’s part and party to low-grade starts in the garden of dissolution. Depression is a real thing. So is low energy from ebb and flow where a personal manual transmission allows you to consciously shift gears. Like in Mercury Rx (Retrograde) you feel the drag. Cool, Dafuqin downshift and recalibrate your revs in a lower gear than syncs up and aligns with the energies… that then begin to move forward differently and then YEE HAH MERCURY WENT DIRECT shooting you out of the turn with your foot on the gas.

You Always Have A Choice

If I’m required (by myself, I have to agree to it at some level — you always have a choice) to dive in somewhere, I Check to make sure it says Pool or Pond on the side instead of vat (of acid).

Vat of Acid, Volatile Oasis

A Volatile Oasis [(c) 2019 Jordan Hoggard] is where Narcissists and sociopathy live. No need to dive in there with them out here. You can disable your triggers in healthy surroundings, like with a Psychologist Or Brainspotting or similar. Your friends are there for you, though it’s not their job to heal you. It’s yours. They provide perspective, and hopefully some laughter.

Laughter is the shortest distance between people.

~ Victor Borges

How are you already like the piece of fluorite above with 2 such diverse faces that work together For versatility and being fluid without being 2-faced. Like Janus. Also, I recommend being fluid rather than going with the flow. Dead fish go with the flow… until of course you won’t to do a little body surfing.

33 psi

Are your boundaries pressurized up to 33psi and road ready so they are in the shape of you? Or, are they distorted bringing anxiety and confusion by deflation at some points and over-inflation at others?

One the road sometimes you deflate the tires for better grip. Sometimes, overinflate them a bit for more slide. Where are you at 33psi, and where are you not. Is that intentional and/or Natural to you? Or, are you affected rather than being influenced like putting gas in your car. Gas all by itself is toxic. Though, put it in the proper place in the vessel, the gas tank, and VROOM!

Where is your gas tank? How many?

Is health itself a sort of integrated armor throughout You?

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Tarot. The Queen of Wands’ Empathy-Sight in Magical Mirroring

fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed to attract wants

fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed to attract wants

The Queen of Wands is a Magical Mirroring, the full energetic clarity of empathy with the natural leadership of not dissolving one’s boundaries as a chameleon… the full energetic clarity of far-seeing vision right in the moment wise in time in the moment. The Queen of Wands. True empathy without handing yourself over to the other. The Queen of Wands. True and full and confident perspective with natural leadership through and through.

~ END OF BLOG. The below is reference material from The Presence of the Priestess.” …except for a couple of… minor, experiential edits.~

The Presence of The High Priestess character in The Land of Mystereum

The High Priestess plays 10 parts in The Land of Mystereum, 10 very specifically different roles.  This came about from the amazing breadth and great deal of work I felt The High Priestess performs naturally in her role as the one who gives form to the formless.  Tha Magician sparked inception, whereas The High Priestess then form-gave conception.  It felt very natural to let the presence of the Priestess naturalize itself throughout these 9 perennial cards in The Land of Mystereum.

1. The High Priestess appearance.  As herself The High Priestess gives form to the formless connected to ground and sky, above and below? Conception. A visual story of an out-of-body experience or across-every-scale as a natural and total mode for this card.

2. The Empress appearance.  The High Priestess golden and pregnant connected not to ground and sky here, but to the two Empress Yoni-verse trees, carrying out the function she began in the completion of the task of The Empress’ “carrying to full term.”

3. The Temperance appearance. We see The High Priestess’ unconscious workings, the creature forces of the unconscious, brought forth into the light of day to layer in another dimension of vast connection.  The vast connection of above with below.  The vast connection of unconscious with conscious.  Temperance then as a metaphor for unconscious contents utilized naturally and consciously?

4. The Moon appearance.  The Priestess up close focuses on the drawing-down-the-moon ritual.

5. The 6 of Pentacles appearance, 2 of her.  The epic spiral of giving and receiving.  The Priestess sisters as two facets of her personality in more casual black and lavendar robe garb to continually spin-juggle Pentacle-worlds in this epic exchange.

6. The 6 of Wands appearance.  The Priestess, having drawn down the moon resonates from its other side to cascade an exchange of new energies down into your process.  Papesse? As, here The High Priestess is performing what is traditionally a Hierophant function of bringing spirit to the earth, yet in your Wands, in your Minor Arcana, in your everday life.  Present in the Minors is the Priestess exalting new qualities to enliven your down-to-earth spirit?

7. The Queen of Wands appearance.  Sees through mirage clearly and naturally.  Feels the full-on whole ‘nother world in a simple reflection.  Life inside the mirror, a whole ‘nother universe there?  Note, though, that the reflections here are not symmetrical reversing one another like in a traditional mirror.  Mirror mirror on the wall . . . with NO competition.  The Priestess plays this Queen with her mirror-magic of above and below, outside the mirror and at one and the same time within yourself.  The High Priestess focuses identity here to express a magical and clear nature in her energetic vision.  The High Priestess is wholly transformed here.  Suffice it to say, The Queen of Wands Gets ‘er done! NOW THE MAGICAL MIRRORING OF NATURAL AND FULL-ON EMPATHY.

8. The Queen of Cups appearance.  And, in The Queen of Cups the Priestess fulfillingly emerges from her cup, fulfillment carried to full term?  She is akin to a living Nautilus in the sea of emotion present to brightly wash through like great weather.  Also, have you noticed the Calla Lily energy coming from her hands as she moves through these cards?  The Calla Lily.  One of the few asymmetrical flowers.  Beautiful.  SO stunningly beautiful a flower.

9. King of Cups appearance.  And, The High Priestess finishes her World Tour 2010 of The Land of Mystereum emerging as the emotionally infused strength emanating from the King of Cups’ bicep.  That goes places for me. More than Jungian anima, the female spirit within the male.  More a mindbodybeautiful strength present in this King.

Oh, and Lest We Miss Subtlety

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10. The World appearance in a slideshow of The High Priestess, The World, and Strength.  One of those hands up top in The World belongs to The High Priestess… and by the way, the other comes from Strength. Which is which?

This post was originally

This post was originally The Presence of the Priestess. Reminiscing on creating Mystereum… I drew 2 cards. The 7 of Pentacles from  the top Stone Card and The Magican pulsing as the heartbeat of the 7 of Pentacles from the bottom Treasure Card.

I feel that with the High Priestess’ grounded out of body experience coupled with the Queen of Wands and then those two coupled with the 7 of Pentacles and The Magician… it feels like I received a glimpse of eternity. It feels like I received an Inner Yod, the address of God.  I wonder if that address shows up on Google Maps? 😉

Hope you have enjoyed this segment

Hope you have enjoyed this segment of The Land of Mystereum Image Lineage as part of “The Presence Of” series where Major Arcana characters make a variety of appearance both bold and subtle throughout The Land of Mystereum!  Till Next Time.

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