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Take Care of the Little Things As Even the Big Things Are Little to the Universe Within

Take Care of the Little Things As Even the Big Things Are Little to the Universe Within
There Is No Small Beauty

Take Care of the little things.
Even the Big Things 
Are little things to the Universe 

Use what you have, 
and you’ll never have a house of cards 
where you are concerned about the wind. 
~ Jordan Hoggard

Trees with strong roots laugh with storms. ~ Malay Proverb

Where does the Architecture live when the budget only allows a simple wall feature and Entry floor gesture with a new floor finish to accomplish the task of remodeling? I say, Don’t Waste Trouble, and your low budget doesn’t mean we’ll do a small thing. We’ll take care of a small thing. Your Entry. Put your money where the mouth of your store. Get your clients in on the right step in their 1st step into the store. Literally, step them in on the right foot. Does it have to look like a small thing? I’d say it better not, otherwise I didn’t do my job.

So, what does the above picture say to you?

Holiday Sale Now On!

What’s the Super Stocking for $20? … could it be ALL the eProducts in the Shop? Hmmmm….

Image (c) 2008 Jordan Hoggard. Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard


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Meme for Some Monday Magic

Meme for Some Monday Magic
Reflections (c) 2005 Jordan Hoggard

… with focus and vision, and a daily discipline of the ritual, do the work, and the results will come.

“Practice until the mind forgets and the body remembers.” ~ Bruce Lee

That’s a way to connect with the personal and Collective Unconscious. Not by getting out of your way, by owning and taking responsibility and becoming the way, You in your Natural way. We are Nature. We’ve never not been regardless of how separated, What’s Your Nature? How can you pour some of that beauty in your Get ‘Er Done Fuel Tank and head into your week with a temples-flexed Yes kind of smile?

~ Still, Glass Top Lake. Have a Grand Week Your Way ~

Pause at asterisks’ surface to not ripple the stillness.

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A Promotion teaming with life is below. Stop here if you only came for the above. Inundation is not the intent. Have a grand week!

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eStuffstance Super Stocking for LESS

All 6 Downloads for $20 bucks $49.32 value

What you receive: Downloadable ImaginAction (103 pages, 78 full color Ablution Pools), ImaginAction 2.0 (98 Pages, 78 Full color AbPos), Learn Turbo Tarot Reading, The Treasure of the Stones Reading Method, Prescient Remembrance poetry collection, The Constructing the Center Day & Night Series Watercolor Monograph showcasing 66 pieces.

Note: you get to download 3 copies. 1 for you, and 2 to share. Share with friends for a fun Zoom get-together. Share around the Zoom Tree if you can’t get together in person for the Holidays. Heck, buy an extra and have 3 of each in your Pay It Forward Clip locked and loaded to spread cheer and music for the eyes and heart with color. How will you share your extra 2 or whole extra set?

Home Together? Around the ZOOMTree?

The Holiday fun begins! You can load up your cart at the Shop with eProducts, complete your order, and then have fun shopping for just the right color thumb drive. Drag and drop the eAstro Art Chart(s) and other eProducts onto it, and smile as you slip it into Holiday stockings. Your thumb drive is the wrapping, and then color and life in the Art Chart And other cool PDF gifts opens right up on your/their device of choice.

Or, No thumb drive required. Try this! You as Santa set up draft emails with your eGifts attached, sit around the tree, and point and shoot to each person, Ok, who’s next? Send it to them by email right on the spot from the same room or on ZOOM. All can watch and share in the joy as each person’s eyes light up as colorful feasts of music for the eyes are served up.

Which Holiday eProducts do your friends and family receive this year?

Great eStocking stuffers. They Go Great with Pez!

Offerings from Schiffer Publications available at Amazon, Taschen Books offering is sold at Taschen ~ not available as downloads. Direct links to them are in the Shop And below. Enjoy!

Last but not least, there’s the old standby of Tips and Donations, though this switches that up in a fun way. How’s that? With COFFEE. Please accept my thanks in advance when you tip your server and buy me a coffee. Thank you! Will you drop a coffee in my stocking?

Thanks for being here. I’d love to help you get set up for the Holidays. Please visit my Shop For great eGift stocking stuffers And gifts.


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