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The Parts Sandbox: The Golden Yod & Tarot Majors Individuation Engagement Prompters

The Parts Sandbox: The Golden Yod & Tarot Majors Individuation Engagement Prompters

To Engage Strength and Clarity With Your Natural Inner Animal Voice

To engage natural voice and open up a dialogue with your unconscious — which is very alive. We do need a new word for that. Some in the Professional Psychology community are on the hunt for one — Experience Dr. Becca Tarnas’ Participatory Imagination.

Today, or whenever you are visiting this, please bring your own imaginal yellow bucket and blue shovel to the liminal horizon sandbox, or your color choice, and/or Both-And the tools of your choice. Or, just yourself. That is often plenty. Oh, kick in a sense of adventure, too, as I like to hydrate these sessions rather than intellectually dry them out. No reason for Imagination Beef Jerky. Anyone have a Radio Flyer 90? If so, please bring it or them along, too. We might have some demolished materials to haul off to work clean without interference patterns in the sandbox playground of the psyche. I suggest to take several deep breaths, and as you move through this, please be conscious not to hold your breath. Keep yourself aspirated and hydrated.

The Land of Mystereum Majors Chorus OM-Hums Their Resonance To & For You

We are not You. You are not Us. Though, we are not separate.
We are connected and live in every synapse and interstice and space between so Psychic Synapses can bring things to bring beauty into relationship with beauty.
We live as Archetypes throughout the Universe, 
and within and through and through throughout You. 
You are only as comfortable with Us as you are balanced.
Engage Us like Parts in Brainspotting.
Where and how you look affects how you feel.
Engage Us. 
In Empathic Silence listen to whole-Self Be with Us.
We are your allies when you are your own,
when you own, honestly own You.
You live what you leave out.
What more of your Michelangelo’s marble
can you chip away and make leave
to make more of you seen,
not left out?
Light Ablution Pool Space at The Temple of Luxor at Karnak. Well, that’s what I’ve always called it. Photography credit goes to Photographer, is not one of mine.

O The Fool…

I am The Fool,
though there is no I Am or me in here.
I am not all the cards. They are each themself.
I simply individuate with The All and the small 
to become each card as they gestate and are reborn in each reading. 
Then, they shed me like
The snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed.
A Part of the Divine All of Me remains,
from the original piece of The Divine that broke off in the Creation.
I remain For you as the Creative Principle. I am the liquid dark depths of air you breathe inside your Place of Creation.
There, I am no longer nameless. I am the fire and water 
of Sophia and Lilith to empower You to own and be responsible
for your power. 
Use the space between, that empty, though empathic Silence between things to amplify or simply respectfully observe with reverence how the space between brings them into relationship. In relationship with your surroundings, heighten your curiosity, deepen your wonderment.

My agency is not on a journey or the journey itself. My agency is not the number 0 (zero). 
It is the untouched O (circle) unsquared by influence or expectation, there as fuel for your expeditions. There simply to provide fresh perspective and quality to your continual becomings, your gestures of iterations, your fertile forays in continuous transformation and evolution. 
Yes, I am the vessel, container and contained at the same time. 
I am the unhatched eggshell and that life that burgeons within. 
I am cracked from within as the new life stops breathing water and turns to air, the unborn soul awakening once again.
Do I individuate to become each card along the way 
until we play with a full deck? In the no-knowing forgetting is for getting way, certainly!
Then, the fun begins.
The path to wholeness is lifelong. 

Is the the Fool is the unsquared circle card O to you? The zero card 0 To you? And Osho Zen emptiness and simply the Psychic Synapse of the space between? 
Personlly, I do not feel The Fool to be zero 0. It is O, the unsquared circle of the Alchemist full of infinite potential each time you strike a mark across to square it into a chord or dischord to resonate.
Is The Fool also The Other Card Back, sloughed and forming, sloughed and forming?
What’s your take on The Fool?

Opposites attract? Ahhhhh the song of the truly desperate.

~ John Cleese on Cheers way back when

What’s that do for syzygy? Hmmmmm… I gather syzygy doesn’t need much help to do its magnetically gravitational thing. Apogee Perigee Within and About… the EverReady Bunny of the Psyche?

I The Magician.
I inceive. 
Yes, now that is now a word as I brought it into being.
Formless, I 1st-spark the idea. 
I Am the Arche of Architecture.
I Am the inspiration or impetus. 
What do you inceive or incept today?
II The High Priestess. 
I conceive. 
I give form the the formless with that 1st spark. 
I Am the Techne of Architecture, the making, the putting together.
I Am that agency which gives form to the formless. 
What do you conceive today?
III The Empress. 
I carry conception to full term. 
I am the Yoniverse, that from which all emanates. 
Hey men, you, too! Get your Man-Womb on in your Place of Creation. Sophia Justice-balances the sacred place of the birth, my 4 supporting Queens and the Both~And in all of us stakes the 4 corners. 
What sacred space in place will you corner to establish to pour in... What conception do you carry to full term today?
IV The Emperor. 
I sit, 
Silent, and without a word, I observe.
I oversee.
I trace the invisible property lines with my eyes,
the magical metes and bounds of identity 
in the realm of you 
that just emanated 
from the Yoniverse. 
My eyes are only moved by my heart. 
What do you In your power silently observe with established love today?

I heard. I sat unseated from my Silence. I experienced. I was better for my Silence.

~ The Emperor once The Land of Mystereum dandelioned into the world
V The Hierophant. 
I marry the spirit with the earth 
so the Archetypes’ out-of-wedlock Mag-HP~Empress~Emperor 
Place of Creation Man-Womb and Woman-Womb 
can continue to enjoy their sin, 
excuse me, creative life, to the fullest. 
I am the Heartfelt Silverback Gorilla Hierophant. 
No stubborn, unbending Traditionalists need apply. 
What magical energies will you marry into life
from your down-to-earth-Spirit Man-Womb/Woman-Womb
Place of Creation 
so they become real out here today 
for your and the world as a human community’s benefit? 
I am not indoctrinated anymore. 
I arrived before indoctrination was a glint in my Dad’s Eye.
Am I the Mote in God’s Eye? Yes. No. Both-And.
I was born in the future from the Soul Gardener 
where Death came as the Mother of Memory. 
My conception brings forth the conscious and fluid fluency confluence 
of the Infinite Arroyos 
of the past
and the future
to birth the perpetual present. 
Please live here. I do.
I have priorities and principles of chief value 
born of the wisdom of my experiences. 
What are your priorities and principles of chief value
that you bring or can begin to bring 
to actively and actionably live in your life today?
What are you doing with all this future
of your prescient remembrance in front of you,

VI The Lovers.

We paid for a larger font today as we are proud of each other. 
We love what we love. We indomitably love what we love.
We needn’t defend it. It is ours an none others’. We decide.
We make our own rules according to the dance of self with Self.
What way do you love that’s all yours 
that you own 
and take responsibility for 
and love today? 
(Odds are this is all yours and is a personal prompter for your consumption only to keep to yourself. Then again, you make the rules. 
Make time to forget form and action and results, 
like Nature did on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. 
Make time to forget form and action and results 
to create a vessel of place filled with sacred space 
to recover just being in the world.
to Your Life, Your Way.
We suggest to not be all happy dappy all positive.
Heck, focus your Being on the negative, 
the angry, the hurt, the cracked, the broken Parts inside you... 
as when you turn to face them and engage In Silence
and only Empathically Listen to their rantras and ravings... 
you may find that they are the ones that need it the most.
As well, can you be a tree with strong roots that laughs at storms?
Do not laugh at their storm as a shaming behavior,
but with that inner laughter that is a closed mouth, temple-flexing, eye brightening inner smile as they go on and on. 
Make sure to toss the ad nauseum out of their ad infinitum.
With your patience not as waiting, 
but as the focused power of a glass top lake
with all the rambunctious life teeming below...
with that, engage. Reverently listen.
What happens when you do?
We did that this morning,
so we’re going to go have some more sex and then enjoy the sunny afternoon together and apart.
We tend to become besties with our beasties.
It often takes much time, 
and that is a currency we are glad to invest in each other
What happens when you engage your beasties? Take care to allow no harm to be done to you. Heck, sometimes nothing great actually begins without a little controversy... to shake the tree and get the lead out and expose Your Inner Gold to heal stronger each day.

When you focus on the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ of your fellows, you make an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you.

Crystal clear, sharp and bright, the sacred sword allows no opening for evil to roost.

~ Morihei Ueshiba

And, by engaging your beasties, they can show you the door… to transform them into your allies once they bleed off the negs. Remember Pandora’s story, and her box. A better translation of the box is vessel. In the story of Pandora’s Box she opens the vessel and all the ills of the world fly out and escape. It goes on an on, a lifetime of on and Aion on. And, the story stops there, right? Nope, it doesn’t. And, consequently, like Lilith, Pandora gets a bad wrap. You see Lilith was the 1st to utter the ineffable name. In that action, by her choice, Lilith, made from the same mud as Adam, birthed consciousness. She was demonized as if in some bogus Biblical Tabloid entry.

Eve, not made from the same mud as Adam, was given form from one of Adam’s ribs. Was Eve more aligned or more complicit? I’ll leave that question out there.

Lilith transforms into a serpent, slither-sneaks back into Eden, and seduces Eve to make a choice as well… to bite the apple. POOF, history records the 2nd birth of consciousness as the 1st, and THANK GAWD, and perfection in matter and body goes away. Perfection is boring, and I am allergic to boredom.

So, now that I’ve given proper reverence to Lilith and a respectful bow and nod to her, and of course Sophia, I’ll circle back around to Pandora and her open vessel.

There comes a long pause after the flood of blackness leaves the vessel from the depths. It is quiet, almost silent but not. She is ducked down in front of the vessel on the floor as she allows her vessel itself to shield herself. She hears the faintest thoomp-thoomp. She puts her ear to the vessel. She cocks her head. thoomp-thoomp again. Her ear on the vessel wall. It feels rhythmic. She’s curious. She wonders, Dare I look? The black cat in her can’t resist.

She braces herself. She engaged her vessel which opened her vessel. She endured the Rantra stampede of flight in The Leaving, the liberation. Now, for the moment there is a peaceful calm… and the thoomp-thoomp. She feels the strong and gentle silence confide within confidence, no pushy and arrogant and hubris-poisoned assertion. Her curiosity and imagination are filled with wonderment. It’s so quiet, almost Silent. She

She embraces the lip of the vessel with her hands as a cornerstone. Wraps them strong, though not possession-tight. She begins to pull herself back up with her firm embrace. She slowly pulls herself up and over to peer into the vessel. What does she see? All the ills and negs and beasties are gone, for the moment at least as that/our vessel is infinite as the Universe is inside us. More are sure to come. What does she see?

A tiny, golden, fledgling, Yod-shaped feeling of hope.

Pandora’s Golden Yod (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

She brings it to her heart. Individuation is engaged, The Chymical Wedding just began to occur in its lifelong marriage.


~~~~ O ~~~~

Can you live 
at the confluence 
of the past and prescient remembrance future 
in the experience of the perpetual present.... 

Can you own and take responsibility where shame is not even a word in your vocabulary? … much like the word guilt doesn’t exist in the Tibetan language. They have shame and remorse and resentment and regret… though, guilt, does not exist there. Whyever would one want to ingest and digest shame such that it becomes an internal Negative Rock of Gibraltar to bully us from the inside? Personally, I feel shame is a dumb thing to do. Are you a criminal? If so, turn yourself in. If not? Dispense with guilt, flip the turtle of shame on its back. Own your stuff, and there you go. There you go where you can inspire yourself like Pandora with the Parts of your story no one except yourself can tell you about. Know Thyself. 2 powerful words. If I could only take 2 words with me to a deserted island. Know Thyself. would be the two. Plus, I snUck in a single period there. Hope customs doesn’t relieve me of it, as then I’ll have a period toy to move around and 11 letters Trojan Horsed into the 2 words. Bet the airline will let me go carry-on. Hope I don’t lose them in the airport x-ray vessel.

Can You Rise

Can you rise above yourself and pluck that weed out like the Soul Gardener you are. Your naturalized perennials just might thank you for the added breathing room for their roots.


One’s roots much touch Hell for one to reach to Heaven.

C.G. Jung


Heaven and Religion are for people who do not want to go to Hell. Spirituality is for those of us who have already been there.

~ David Bowie

VII The Chariot.

I sidle up and sync from the side. 
What internal rhythms 
do you sidle up 
and sync your resonance with today? 
Can You ask Moira, 
the Astro Asteroid Goddess 
of internal time
help you?

VIII Justice.

It is. Your heart is. Your actions are. 
What activity and exercise 
will lighten your heart 
to tare your scale 
and balance you 
out today? 
You know, 
like RBG. 

I bet Maat 
had to get 
a new scale for 
RBG whose heart could fly.
No Maat judgment Mano y mano.
Maybe Maat actually just smiled, said, Thank You, Ruth,
and just waved her on in. You’re welcome, Maat heard in that moment. Both worlds are better places for RBG’s presence.

IX The Hermit.

I have hypervision. 
My inner light warms the places that are deep in darkness. 
Am I the white spot in the Yin-Yang? 
What will you do to illuminate dark depths 
to mine the splendor of your Inner Inheritances, 
to use your natural, emotional wisdom, 
and discover and integrate Inner Gold today?

X The Wheel.

1 word       I’m 
2 words.    going cycling 
3 words.    today always. Are 
4 words.    you going cycling today? 
5 words.    On a lark, in a 
6 words.    park, on a whim, or deep 
7 words.    within? How do you engage cycle today?
8 words     (Insert your words)
9 words     (Insert your words)
10 words.  (Insert your words)

XI Strength.

I have marshaled the forces of my natural, inner animal voice 
And married it with the clarity of refinement. 

The goal of words are to be like pouring clear water in a stream from a dear, recent email (sentence by Enrique Eniquez). 

That also Is like the gurgling water over rocks sound you hear when you play a tuned Steinway piano. Bliss of resonant vibrations on both.
What do you say today that is as clear as pouring clear water in a stream?

XII The Hanged Man.

 I am The Empress’ son, and together we are Tarot Birth Cards. 
You see, I continually am and continue to become enlightened 
as I am connected with my Place of Creation. 
Sometimes, full-on and total. 
Sometimes, just brilliant and welcome sunbeams 
that gleam to me through the leaves of my Tree. 
What lights you up today?

XIII Death.

I am the Mother of Memory and Nourisher of Dreams, 
and I reside in the past-future confluence 
that is the Birth-And-Death 
MindHeartBodyBeautiful of the perpetual present 
with a foot 
on both sides. 

I am the snake its skin shedded, 
the snake its skin not missed. 
For, look at the refreshed and vibrant new colors. 
I am the chaff blown off the wheat 
in the wind 
for you to nourish the life ingrained in you. 
What do you feel like today once you are free of something that’s run its course?

Death as the Both~And Mother of Memory and Nourisher of Dreams that confluence in the perpetual present.

What will we do with all this future have… Now?

XIV Temperance.

We are the magical mixing. Some call us the Mysterium Coniunctionus Because we, in our Latin way, hadn’t yet discovered “ j.” Some call us the Systema Monditotius. Some call us evolved Lovers of Self Knowing Thyself/Ourselves in reciprocal Justice. We powerfully listened when we approached the Oracle and internally experienced the words, Know Thyself. That struck chords to resonate in our heart, and we had a Chymical Wedding within each of us before we came together, with William Blake’s etching acid corrosive as our wedding planner helped us balance the Ph of our relationship to dial out the acidic and keep the corrosive as our corrective. Sarcasm anyone? Hmmm. Lotta words for the wise and time calm confidence of our Temperance. 
How is your balance magically mixed?

The snake’s skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed. Chaff blown from wheat in the wind. Our forgetting is for getting. It makes more breathing room for the good stuff. Can that be magnetic for you to pull in more good stuff?

~ Jordan Hoggard. Who’s that HierDood?

XV The Devil.

What are the power of your expectations in your focus rather than with blind spots? What innate intensities do you embrace? Are you aligned with your earthly desires, or do they take you into a state of imbalance where your strategies innately keep you there? I don’t ask you a question. Instead, I gift you the tool of freedom to feel your desires clearly. I suggest to explore them and strike your own balances as you do no harm.

XVI The Tower.

I am the Shaker-Upper. Uranus And Pluto are my Besties. And, with the Tower, we all go Rx (Retrograde) on you. We station. We plant. We emanate with all our power. Do you experience World-Altering experiences from the upsets we create? Do things fall through in ways to cascade what you‘ve built into oblivion? If so, when the marsh gasses of the pound turn over clear, do you feel relief, a Tabula Rasa of a restart? Or, when we do this, do you downshift to plant right along with us? Do you then instead feel a World-ALTARing experience? Have things then not fallen apart, though have fallen together for the first time in a way you are simply not familiar with? Do you feel grief or relief and/or both? Do YOU settle the dust in the focused power of patience by not stirring your pot and allowing it to settle where you Ghandi it out and wait for the dust to settle? How does your Tower work this time? How does your Tower work each time?

We each grieve differently, and we each grieve differently each time.

~ Jordan Hoggard

Trees with strong roots laugh at storms.

~ Malay Proverb

When the water is cloudy, will you stop stirring and powerfully listen? The wait for clarity can be an internal, Moira rhythm that is yours only. Know thyself, and it often relates to the All that is good for everyone. Taking care of You takes care of The All..

~ Me

XVII The Star.

I am your celestial groove. 
What is your celestial groove? 
What is your celestial groovy? 
Are you surfing yours with the clarity of your Inner Animal voice where proper Silences highlight and provide reverence 
to enhance your voice notes and the Golden Yods in between?

XVIII The Moon.

I am your Inner LUNAtic. Are you driving yourself crazy with anxiety, or do you outlaw anxiety from hijacking your fear from turning your fear, which is simply awareness, into being afraid? Isn’t your fear simply both primal and evolved awareness? 
Does your fear connect to your Inner Radar to blip and say DUCK and/or SWERVE and/or ENGAGE?

XIX The Sun.

am who you were 
when you born, 
and maybe forgot? 
How can you be You, as only You can be?

XX Judgment.

Resurrection anyone? 
How do you move differently 
when your Inner Perennial Parts 
wake up and stretch after a long sleep?

XXI The World.

Isn’t the 9 of Pentacles 
the teeny Gaia card after the 7?

The 7 of Pents is what I call the Soul Gardener card.
Back to the dynamic verge point towards the 10 in the 9.
Though, the 10 would be the future to the 9,
so let’s dial back in to the present with 
The World and the 9 of Pentacles,
and put a couple of drops of your Golden Yod into them.
Roll it around to do a subtle flow mix,
maybe with as much focused balance as handling nitroglycerin in the movies.

With that in mind
Look into the Inner Obelisk Wormhole with a Golden Yod Heart
in the Land of Mystereum 9 of Pentacles
What more can you learn about about yourself from The World as you look up from inside the obelisk through the Cloister of Eternity. Are these the 2 Yin-Yang dots?
What message(s) do you get?

Thanks for the Sandbox Play Today!


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