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Art Your Chart is Born!

Art Your Chart is Born!

I Am Having So Much Fun

A Client

A client recently saw a Doodle With the Unconscious I recently drew-painted as a sketch to use as an Astro Focus Chart for myself to steep more deeply in immersive meditation with my 10th House Scorpio Mercury~Neptune conjunction.

Mercury~Neptune Astro Focus Art Chart Example

Can You Do That for Me?

Can you do that for me. Can you (He)Art My Chart like that? Or, Art My Chart. Not concerned about what it’s titled. I like that its a visual Astro Reading withOUT words. Go You! Can you do that for me, for my whole Chart?

Well, yes. Yes, I can! So, I assembled my source material. First, the Astro Chart. Oh NO! , I thought. Oh no no no no. We canNOT have that. Look at that thing. It’s illegible. The geometry doesn’t express the Astro math. Too much mathturbation and having to remember and lose one’s place and and and… oh, stop your bitchin’, I laughed to myself. Workability is how to make a diamond out of this misfortune. Hmmmm, what shall I do?, shaking my head. It’s simple. Fix it. Remedy that. So, I modified my source material from illegible to legible.

Then, I slowly hand draw the Chart to literally take it in. It’s like drawing blood in reverse. I pull what I draw into myself through my pen and the visceral feel of connecting with it on paper. It’s like breath for me. I draw it in. I draw it out. And, my tools are sacred to me. There are some things I will not touch with my pencil.

My compasses and pencils and pens and paints crayons and markers compose my Wand on my Magician’s Table. The paper is my Pentacle. The colors and shapes are my Cups. And, the swiftness of calligraphy-like strokes in the unconscious thoughts of no thoughts are my Swords. My compass set is almost 100 years old. It was my Grandfather’s. I lovingly set it as a cornerstone on my stylobate altar, the altar steps base of the Temple that lead up to my primary altar. My compass set is a cornerstone in life I brace against in life. What cornerstone do you brace against?

Compass Altar Cornerstone

There is no more hardline computer rendered Astro Chart once I shed that snake skin by hand drawing the Chart. The snake its skin shedded, the snake its skin not missed.

Writing isn’t difficult. All you have to do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed.

~ Ernest Hemingway

English is my 2nd language. I’m wired to write in pictures, to bleed in images. Imagistic writing? Sure, though writing in pictures will also do. Images and metaphor are my mother tongue.

And, then…

And, then the source Chart becomes a relic. It transforms into an artifactual tool as it rests back in place in its new role as a spectator as its work has been done. It rests back in place as the sketch where I draw in the Chart takes to the fore to become the form-giver. After this 1 2 3… from illegible to legible to a sketch where I draw it in… I draw it out. And, Art Your Chart is born!

Art Your Chart Is Now Born

C’est Finis.

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