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Promotion ~ Tuesday Shop Update

Promotion ~ Tuesday Shop Update

Tuesday Shop Update

So, it has come to my attention, from me to myself, that I have an important task. What is that task you ask? To promote my work and services I have available more openly. And, that comes with a wonderful caveat: this blog will not turn into some buy me buy me buy me from my products and services, though I need to do more than only promote ImaginAction and the like from my Sponsor footer.

All That Said

All that said, I am simply going to take the concept of a full and fulfilling vessel and dial in Promotions to a single blog post each week on the same day. I’ve chosen Tuesdays. That way, if you’re here for my blogs and to explore community through my Serendipity Itineraries posts on Fridays, you’ll see Promotion ~ Tuesday Shop Update in your email, and you can mark as read and trash the email so it doesn’t become spam. I set once a week as reasonable. From my perspective any more would be a distraction.

So, Maybe You Did or Maybe Didn’t

So, maybe you’ve only used the WordPress Reader. You may or may not even know I have a Shop on my website with:*

* I have to manually approve the PayPal order transactions, and I check periodically during the day between sessions and events. It will not be more than 3 to 6 hours from The time of your purchase to when you receive the email with the download link(s) for PDF eBooks. Note that Tarot in the Land of Mystereum deck + 192-page companion book boxed set published by Schiffer Publications and Taschen Book’s Library of Esoterica by Jessica Hundley are hardcopy and links here are to the Amazon and Taschen websites respectively for purchase on those sites.

There Are Also

There are also my eBooks below available to purchase and download in easy to use pdf download format. You get to download 3 copies of each item you purchase. One copy for yourself, and two to give as gifts for special times or simply when the serendipity of an encounter moves you? That felt more fun. It also sets up the potential for friends to work with and play with them together on Zoom and Teams and the like. All prices in USD. Click the direct links to the shop to check them out. Which ones resonate with you?

Also, I’m Pleased to Announce 2 New Offerings

Kintsuroi Self Tarot Readings

Kintsukuroi Self Tarot Readings. $120 per 2-hour session. What will you receive? A 1h 15m Tarot reading + 45 minutes of ImaginAction goals and dreams work where we will outline a plan In alignment with your reading to set up your goals and dreams for success. PayPal me at . I will contact you within 24 hours So we can discuss when we schedule your reading based on remaining openings in my schedule and your available times. Currently, I have day, evening, and weekend spots available. Let me know your 2-3 preferred times when you email. Thank you. I look forward to reading for you.

New 4-Week Mini-Course Offering

Last But Not Least

Last but not least, there’s the old standby of Tips and Donations, though this switches that up in a fun way. How’s that? With COFFEE. Please accept my thanks in advance when you tip your server and buy me a coffee. Thank you!

I love coffee, so rather than a Tip Jar or Donation Button, I went with BuyMeACoffee. It’s fun, and I love coffee. If I can’t see light through it, that’s a really good start.

They make it simple. Click, set the number of coffees you want to send, and pay by PayPal or credit card. Done. I set mine at $3 per coffee to align with the 24oz size at the neighborhood Mom-n-Pop grocer.

FYI: I tested this before I put it in play. Bought myself a coffee by PayPal. $3 bucks. $3 was $3. Ok, cool. Bought myself a coffee by credit card. $3. Doh. $3.61 appeared on my statement. OHHH, we can NOT have that BS. Hidden fees feel sneaky to me, and not in a cool Loki or ninja or hide-n-seek way. Just tell me how much, please. Thank you. To me, value is clear then. It is what it is. If you get charged more than you set up, even a small amount, please let me know.

So, I set it up The BuyMeACoffee link to absorb any credit card fees and/or taxes. So, when you set up the number of $3 coffees that feels right, the waiter/waitress isn’t going to chase you down on the sidewalk so to speak for the extra 61 cents or what-not Surprise fees. You’ll pay what you expect to pay in $3 increments, whatever amount you decide.

I appreciate your support. Will you send me some coffee?

Thanks for being here, and please visit my Shop.

Jordan’s Shop Supports This Blog. Check out the great eStocking Stuffers to add that special flourish of visual music for the eyes and the soul to complement your gifting.


Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

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