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Mystereum Wands Gallery

Mystereum Wands Gallery

I’ve Posted About

I’ve posted about my Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer, Schiffer Publications 2011, in a lot of ways. I’ve done a Process of Sequencing Individuation Tarot Psychology synopsis with the Majors, and a 9-Part Tarot Birth Card Series. I’ve done a series of the Presence of the (insert Major card) series going through how in the Land of Mystereum each of the Majors visit and cameo in many of the Minors to bring lineage into the power of the Minors, give them higher octaves readily present without playing the implication game with things unseen. There’s been The Soul Seat Heartfelt Silverback Hierophant where instead of the Hierophant on a bad day, the stubborn and unbending traditionalist, the Hierophant is seated AS active wisdom born of life experience. There have been to 10-Part Mystereum Tarot Moments short, around 1 minute or less, videos For the Pentacles to date. About to resume on the other 3 suits… uh hem, 9 years later.

So, Today

Here are the Wands WITHOUT the perspective and bents of me describing them with words so you can dive in and see for yourself what the Land of Mystereum Wands are all about. No tour guide theme. No intent, ahhh especially no intent from when I was creating and making them. They graduated from me. Now, they speak for themselves in the ways they’ve grown to speak to you, your way. If there are caption comments in the images, simply click for a large view. I imagine the caption will scale out of being text graffiti that interferes with the larger image. What do the Mystereum Wands say to you?

Intention is over-rated. It is simply vastly more important the way an idea or intent comes across. Can be the heartbeat pulsing actions to life, though the actions are going to speak louder than the intent words.

Intention is over-rated. It is simply vastly more important the way an idea or intent comes across

~ Jordan Hoggard at a BBQ in 1993, Denver Colorado. Thanks Joe B. for writing the 1st sentence of the 1st part on your white board. Otherwise, this statement would have most likely been lost.

Enjoy the Mystereum Wands with my words shed like chaff from wheat in the wind. All image. All your perspective. Personally, my Minor Arcana order is Pentacles, Wands, Cups, Swords. Mostly, due to it takes all elements to put a sword together from earthly materials, to fire and smelting and melting and forging and and folding and annealing ( or not if pre-mature), to water set up clean for quenching in the quickening douse to temper… to air… to… make a sword. May be limiting. May be expansive. AN order that may be able to be shed like chaff from wheat in the wind. The snake its skin shedded. The snake, its skin not missed.

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer Tarot deck + 192-page companion book boxed set published by Schiffer Publications in 2011 is available on Amazon. Here’s a link to my Shop where there’s a direct link to Mystereum on Amazon.

What Energetic Messages Do the Mystereum Tarot Wands Gift You?

Thanks for Visiting the Mystereum Wands!

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum available on Amazon. Link in my Shop. All images (c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard. Published by Schiffer Publications

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Mystereum Featured in Jessica Hundley’s The Library of Esoterica by Taschen Books


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