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ImaginAction’s 1st Two Reviews Came When Swimming With the Gemini Moon!

ImaginAction’s 1st Two Reviews Came When Swimming With the Gemini Moon!

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now, put the foundations under them.

~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

What wonderful experiences occur when you listen to yourself and consistently and diligently work your natural way with embodied care and attention to your experience within? What wonderful experiences within occur when you do? Is it like amending your own soil?

~ Jordan Hoggard

Thank You!

Thank You With the Gemini Moon Today to 438 people!

Thank You to the 438 people who downloaded ImaginAction when it was available at no charge between May 2nd at 1:21a EST when it was born until it was 1 1/2 months old!

2nd Review

ImaginAction is pain free, effective Self help. The lazy student’s fast track to great results. No wordy waffle to wade through, just beautiful pools of colour to sink into… Portals into the greatest story ever told. No! Not that one! An even better one! Your story! A discovery of who you are, of who you can be when you claim your own power.

~Eda Ryven

Best to you effectively mining more value and increasing your investment in your lives with ImaginAction! Best to Moira’s blessings more and more informing your internal sense of time and timing!

And, Thank You as well to those who donated value via BuyMeACoffee, shared, liked, commented, or simply stared out the window and smiled!

It brings a big, Abrazos smile to know that in 1 1/2 months 438 people have received the opportunity to benefit from something I created and made real from one of my biggest dreams… at NO CHARGE. 438 people who invest in themselves now have ImaginAction as their personal ally to team up and appreciate further investing in themselves.

What’s that dream you ask?: ImaginAction being completed and exquisitely formatted to make it clear and easy to use and verdant and vibrantly engaging. I also wanted ImaginAction to be inspiring, though that’s a call I have to leave to you.

ImaginAction is now making its way in the world. The foundations placed and built under that dream were accomplished with the help of 438 rockin’ people out there! — and all the shares and likes and comments. Thank you for helping me build value in ImaginAction’s foundation. Now, that part of my dream is realized.

So, baby ImaginAction took its 1st 438 steps out into the world which weren’t so much baby steps as Fool leaps of faith right into 438 peoples’ arms. I guess ImaginAction is already smarter than its dad. I work with a net firmly nailed to the floor. BAM. 🙂 Maybe I can learn something from IT rather than the other way around.

So, Step 1 is WOOT WOOT WOO HOO complete! Girl? Boy? Nope. Neither. The hospital deleted the gender cell on the BC at ImaginAction’s request. I have no need of those glass ceilings. I’m something different altogether. More ablution pools for immersion and questions like an Oracle. Geez Dad Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for making me!!

Hey, when your offspring is born fully formed, they get to call their own shots. No pushback from me there. I’m just proud. Very proud.

Now, ImaginAction wants to travel. lol. Don’t we all right now?!! Now, onto step 2. Now, you have the opportunity to purchase ImaginAction at the new Shop ImaginAction store on my website (this blog) that will automatically send you a link to download YOUR copy! Plop it in your cart, complete your purchase, download, and I’ll look forward to hearing your ImaginAction experiences!

I purchased a couple to tighten up the ordering experience. There is still one piece of the puzzle not automated, so once your order goes through, please be patient. The human hand still has to make one click on my end. It should never take longer than 1/2 a day, and until I solve the fully automated part, I’m making a habit of periodically checking.

Plus, NOW I’ll get to putting together the ImaginAction family of offerings over the next several months. I’ll make sure to announce them on my posts once I’ve brought them to life.

Thank you Everyone for your support. It’s been very fulfilling to have received so many accolades and positive comments for ImaginAction. I’m full-on digging the blog world community I came back to after 5 years.

Thank You for Dream Foundation Complete!

Thank You In Advance Investing in Yourself!

Thank You!,


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Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

ImaginAction (c) 2008 – 2020 Jordan Hoggard

ImaginAction. Now Available for $3.90 USD

Intention is important, and it can also be vastly over-rated. It is far more important the way an idea comes across.

Jordan Hoggard, at a BBQ in 1992 or 1993 in Denver, CO

Table of Contents

   1st     ImaginAction Divination Spreads Creation Story     1st 11 pages

   2nd    ImaginAction How-To                                                     Next 10 pages

   3rd     78 ImaginAction spreads                                               001 through 078

   4th     To Establish Value                                                           Last page

Scry Your Copy of ImaginAction Without Cards. Simply Gaze Into It

Yes, seriously. It was the 1st comment someone else had when I had them take a look at the ultrasound so to speak right before ImaginAction was born. No cards required, you only need yourself.

1st Informal Review

Jordan! What have you done here? No fair! I opened up ImaginAction and was captivated in the Creation Story. I always jump ahead. You know that. So, why didn’t I. I as captivated! The Creation Story. What a story so wonderfully told. Ok, THEN I finally jumped ahead. Instructions? Leap-frogged right over those. Nah, who needs ’em? Honestly, though, I came back to them after. Everything has such a magnetic pull without tugging. Just natural.

Before I knew it I had nestled into a spread, read one of the questions, and something happened. These questions aren’t just deep. They’re easy to go deep with. But, something had happened… Jordan, what have you done here? How did you do this?!! And, I’m so glad you did! Before I knew it was I was doing a reading… with only the ImaginAction spread and with NO cards!

When I finished and looked up, I saw my cards on my reading table untouched and on the ready. I never even thought to use them. I just so easily immersed into the ablution of ALL you’ve done here. This is WONDERFUL! Just WONDERFUL!

I do confess, I wanted a second helping. So, I lovingly reached over to my cards with “You’ve gotta see this.” Did my shuffle up ritual, and OH MY! Thank you Thank you. The 2nd reading was amplified in such depthful and wonderfully meaningful ways. My cards were like kids jumping into the pool with these luscious pools of art. Just those in themselves… Wow. So YES this is, Jordan. Thank you. You’ve really outdone yourself this time. ImaginAction is… Yum, yes. This is like chocolate. A little’s good, though, you know….I can’t wait for people to use this.

~ Eda Ryven

You may not even need cards. Or, cards/tools/charms/lots/runes. You may experience being able to scry into the artwork as you immerse yourself in the ablution sanctuaries of the questions in each of the 78 full-color Life Mapping spreads without ever pulling a single Tarot or Oracle or Lenormand cards at all.

ImaginAction. No Cards Required

Well, one card is required. YOU!

ImaginAction is a very portable divination method like an App for the imagination, nourishment to amend the soil of your Soul Gardener. Have the Pdf on your phone, your iPad or tablet. Whatever your device, you’ll always have the tools wherever you are. Literally, no divination tools other than yourself are required. Though, the adventure and experience do deepen when you also pour in your cards, runes, charms, lots in to the mix.

Fold your go-to divination tools into ImaginAction like egg whites whisked up just so to make your own divination soufflé. OH BOY, NO you say? A souffle requires SO much prep work, and you’re hungry now? Cool, you want it easy? Excellent. These spreads make for readings like those times in your life, with artwork or poetry and/or something you said just arrived fully formed… like a fave painting that took ONE afternoon. Nope, that painting didn’t take four hours. It took your whole life up to that point.

I’m resonating in how wonderful people are receiving ImaginAction, and letting e know! Thank you!

How Many Questions Are In It?

78 full color, original Divination spreads times how many Questions? 3 or 4 at each spread at least. Some have more card positions, some have less. Let’s just say… a lot of them as that clocks in at 234 at 3 per… uh, more than that. Possibly a lifetime of them? Though, it’s not about how many questions it’s chock full of. It’s about what these questions do, what they help people build for themselves.

Useful and robust clarity that was conceived when I allowed myself to commune with and be inspired by my own artwork. Not in an ego pat myself on the back way, in an If art could speak English (or your 1st language), what kind of spread would it tell me it was? What’s one of this painting’s messages? Wow! That really started something in me…

… like Monty Python and Carl Jung and Julia Morgan and Anais Nin met Larry Leprise’s funeral prep. Who’s Larry Leprise you ask? Oh, he’s the inventor of the Hokey Pokey dance. You see, after Larry passed, his body had been properly and sacredly prepped and dressed, made ready for the coffin and the next journey. They put his left foot in… and OH BOY that’s when the trouble started!

What Do You Receive for $3.90 USD?, for the Price of a Coffee?

Pretty much a self-refilling cup comprised of A 103-page Including cover download pdf including. All original artwork. All original questions. There is a Creation Story, and a Super easy How-To Chapter… that you might not need as this system is pretty Mac-ish directly plug and play. You know, Super Easy. So easy it gets a cape kind of easy. Also, ImaginAction‘s How-To section will… well, you’re life, you’re way… I’ll wait to hear on that. And, the heart of the system pulses life through 78 full-color, 8 1/2 x 11 immersive divination spreads. What will you get from it. Well, you’ll just have to crack open the geode and see.

Do full and focused attention and immersion like meditation birth ablution?

Do you value ablution?

What color will your cape be? Or, are you like Cat Woman who needs no cape?

Invest in yourself. I hear it lasts a lifetime.

Warren Buffett

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Which music-for-your-eyes eProducts from the Shop do you give this year? 

Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard

ImaginAction (c) 2008 – 2020 Jordan Hoggard

~ Invest in yourself with ImaginAction


Someone who downloaded a pdf copy sent theirs to the printer. I’m honored! This made my day, and still does!

ImaginAction (c) 2008 – 2020 Jordan Hoggard

Blog (c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard


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