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“The Four Corners of the Barn” by Joy Vernon

Joy Vernon’s The Four Corners of the Barn Tarot spread. I encourage you to experience this original Tarot spread by Joy Vernon to get a taste of her uniquely actionable and creative and effective perspective to utilize your cards in new ways. Enjoy!

This is from 2013, right after I went radio silent, and I just discovered it 7 years later now that I’m not. Thanks Joy!

I resonate with what you have created that was sparked into being from my expression of my bread making experience! I full-on dig that! Your original Tarot spread, The Four Corners of the Barntakes the idea I was kneading and places it anew without armature to rise again in a wholly different iteration of what-da-heck’s-gonna-come-outa-da-oven-this-time? An original Tarot spread was inspired!

The structure that your Four Corners of the Barn method puts in place is akin to An Emperor Move which establishes the four corners of place, setting the tone of someone’s space of inquiry with a single card. And, in that sense it makes more bread. And, differently each time.

Instead of one of the definitions of insanity Einstein expressed, repeating the same things expecting a different result, your spread provides a way to use this Emperor Move that breeds a genius loci in a single card to repeat the same things to expect a new experience, much like when one kneads the bread the next time. The house STILL smells grand, though… comfortable with the not-knowing of what’s going to come out of the oven? I love that point of not-knowing where it’s ok to be courageous and have fear at the same time. Though, just because fear is present doesn’t mean being afraid has any need to be there.

Fear can simply be an indicator, a beacon in one’s own awareness. Fear can be seen simply like flashing lights and signs on highway road construction that indicate to merge, to adjust course, to be aware of and navigate around or blast through/around/over a potential danger ahead. We just don’t know what’s going to come out of the oven each time. Nothing to be afraid of with the iterational alchemy of that. The comfortability with the not-knowing in those bread making operations is a joy, Heck, after a while the process expertises itself and only occasionally requires the 1-800-Take-Out move with open windows and fans and air freshener when you OOPS Towering Inferno burn the heck out of something, or the other, without fanfare, it’s stillborn and falls flat. It’s part of the process, and I love that part of the process that Tarot in the Land of Mystereum and my experiences with bread have produced an inspiration where a single card that plays its place-making tune in your original Tarot spread.

Thanks much for your original The Four Corner of the Barn spread! That’s one that strikes card-chords to resonate in a wonderful new way. That’s one that evolves how to look at and read a Tarot card!

[[[[insert the Strength card]]]] Well, hmmm. The archived oven door won’t open. Uh oh. For some reason I cannot find the icon to add an image of the Strength card. Oh well, 1-800-Take-Out came sooner than I thought. Par for the course for raising my head back up. OOPS, tallest blade of grass is the first to get cut. Then, NOPE. I can duck. Indiana Jones not my 8th degree Grandmaster taught me how to do that years ago with the Voice of… DOWN!

OH! THERE it is. I forgot about drop-downs, and I haven’t used these things in a while. Shaking head. Chuckling. Found it!

Thanks Joy! The Four Corners of the Barn is a full 4-card Tarot spread in a single card. Love the ingoing that settles in to establish an empire of place from a single card!

XI Strength

self-control, natural voice, simplicity

card image (c) 2011 Jordan Hoggard from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Used by permission, sovereign permission. 🙂

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