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Tarot Psychology. Are Creating and Manifestating the same?

So, I am thinking that semantics are just that… Some antics

… but not here. Creation and manifestation are not the same thing.

I’ve Heard

I’ve heard…The Divine Feminine creates, the Divine Masculine manifests. This can be supported by the natural leadership of the Queens and the implementation orders of the Kings.  But wait!

architecture = arche and techne.

~ Arche is the creating, the first spark of an idea.  It is formless and can = inception.
~ Techne is the making, the putting together OF that idea.  It is giving form to the formlessness and can = conception.
Creates = brings into being like an idea and it is formless as it is still in the mind…  to create.
Manifests or makes = bringing formlessness into form, spiriting matter soulfully… to manifest.

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Subtle Distinctions

There is a subtle distinction between “to create” and “to make,” though also a hefty one at their conceptual base.  People often utilize “create” and “make” as synonyms, and though they are in the same family, they are not the same.  They are complementary in the process… like supplementary angles = 180 degrees, and complementary angles sum up to 90 degrees — (embedding disabled by request).  One is, say, 120 degrees and then the other is 60 degrees to make the supplementary sum of 180 with 120.  They are not the same, though they contribute to the 180 or final product… they manifest or make the supplementary relationship in total.  Like tossing up a tennis ball and serving an ace. Two things that taste great together.  Like creating and making, they work together, though they are not the same.

Divine Feminine creates, Divine Masculine manifests?

Interesting with the Tarot that in regards to statement, “The Divine Feminine creates, the Divine Masculine manifests?,” there is a role reversal in regards to this with The Magician and The High Priestess… where The Magician is the first spark on the table in the Place of Creation bringing forth the formless and weightless idea to orbit in mind/psyche from The Place of Creation. Is the Mag then about inception?  And, The High Priestess gives form to the formlessness of The Magician’s first spark.  Can the High Priestess then be about conception?

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And then of course move to The Empress and Emperor, and She creates emanating from her Yoniverse while He makes by establishing place.

Inception to Conception

Inception to conception, if so from The Magician to The High Priestess…  Then, of course on to The Empress where the Priestess’ form is carried to full term to be birthed and emanate from the Yoniverse… Then, from that here is a little Tarot Psychology individuation sketch outline…

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Individuation Continues through the Tarot

~ to The Emperor to establish place  Emperor makes, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Hierophant to bring spirit down to earth. Hierophant makes down-to-earth spirit, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Lovers to vibrantly relate. Lovers make relationship, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Chariot to move these integrated and coupled opposites of antinomy.  Chariot makes dynamic actions, creating a place to move on…
~ to Justice to experience balance and imbalance.  Justice makes weighed choices, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Hermit to prefigure the coming cycle with reflection on the journey.  Hermit makes foresight perspective, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Wheel to mark the milestones. Wheel makes cycles, creating a place to move on…
~ to Strength to discover and adjust and tune and tailor inner animal voice, natural voice. Strength makes natural clarity of expression, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Hanged Man afloat in clarity to open up the crown chakra. Hanged Man makes meditation, creating a place to move on…
~ to Death to transform at speed, Death as the wheel within the Wheel.  Death makes cycles within life, creating a place to move on…
~ to Temperance for the above and below to couple as they magically mix alchemically.  Temperance makes alchemy, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Devil to experience earthly desires and evolve the use of the head-butting  goat ego. Devil makes intense, individual desires, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Tower to turn over the pond, another cycle along the way. Tower world-alteringly clears the way for new worlds, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Star for discovering one’s celestial groove.  Star makes dreams come to light, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Moon for intensely poetic reflection and even crazy-mad misdirection.  Moon makes perspective hinge on a bigger picture, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Sun for shining one’s bright identity from celestially discovered Inner Inheritances incorporating the whole process thus far from an archetypally personal perspective, creating a place to move on…
so that…
~ to the resurrection of Judgment in a molting where adversity won’t build character, it will reveal it… the snake his skin not missed.  Judgment makes perennial life-seasons evident, creating a place to move on…
~ to one coming into being into higher octave being in The World, the big wheel.  World makes a Portal of the Seamless Segue (PotSS) which you can find in The World card’s voice in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, creating a place to move on…
~ to The Fool or…

How Would YOU Order…

  • How would you order your Tarot suits before continuing this sketch exercise?
  • Would you do Aces first? … and then the Family of 2’s, and then the Family of 3’s, and then the Family of 4’s, … and so on?
  • Would you go suit by suit?  If so, how do you order the suits? Earth Air Water Fire? Pentacles Swords Cups Wands.
    • Personally, I prefer to order them like a creation story: Earth Water Air Fire. Pentacles Cups Swords Wands, though ask me again tomorrow. Not flippant, simply perspective that continually evolves from experiences.
  • How does this allude to psychological development?… Does it need to assume individuation?
  • And, if you do the switcheroo with Strength and Justice, VIII XI card flip-flop, how would you revise the above?

What things do you create?  What do you make from your creations?

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Another Fluent Tarot Heresy from Jordan Hoggard & Mystereum

So, I am thinking that semantics are just that… Some antics

I take no issue with channeling, though… wasn’t it a mere 20 years ago when someone would have referred to the same thing as, “My my you’re creative.”  Personally, and though I believe in a Muse as the Cosmic Informant from who-knows-where harkening from The Place Of Creation… I still must take responsibility for the things I say.  I cannot say, “Oh, I channelled that.”  What does that MEAN?!! “I channelled that.”  Or, “Did you channel that?”  Sure I have NO frickin clue where some ideas come from, though… why not be comfortable with the not-knowing and continue in your creative process?  Personally, you gotta own the shit you express, and channelling has NO footnotes.  Oh, maybe I like it, then.

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

Random card pulled for the sake of having an image for this post.  Hmmm… not so random, huh?  Yep, the cards don’t lie.  Though of course I did NOT channel it.  I drew it.  First., when I literally paint-drew it in 2005, then again in 2009, and it pops up here for this post.  The M.O. of the grounded out-of-body experience of the High Priestess does not channel.  She knows and not-knows all too well that she is connected.  Oh, and yeah, I drew it.  No, I did not channel it.  The Place of Creation shines on the BITCh work. Butt In The Chair.  Butt In The Chair.  Sounds a lot more fun than discipline of the ritual… and is no diff.  There those Some Antics go again, huh?

Why channel when you can create and make? Personally, it is MUCH more rewarding.

Listening to the cards speak, resonant like an epic movie. 

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.

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