Tarot . . . and Whispering

21 Jan

Quiet can be Misinterpreted by most anyone

Don’t fool yourself with the “Whispering” you see promoted in spirituality circles of late as it feels to be being promoted as a substitute for “you have two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much.” That MUST have been penned by a narcissist as a cloaked way of saying, “Shut up and listen to ME!” Pffft.  Almost EVERY “whisper” proponent I have encountered gets into a HUGE diatribe of bs and issue-laden explanation if you even drop a single drop of dye in their water via a simple comment. Nuff said on THAT hoopaballoo from Diet Guru Wannabes from Oompaloompaville.  Oh shit! Is this Braveheart? Am I going in doing this to pick a fight? WhatEV. I am simply tired of listening to the alleged nice-nice people who, once you get to know them, are actually really mean fuckers.  I guess it is fortunate that they typically talk most of their game though can’t box, and I’ve not oftentimes seen them walk. Some of them do chew gum though. Just not at the same time they are walking or talking.

Quiet is subtle. Silence can go to 11. Whispering may be best reserved for pillow talk.


Surrender?  Sure!  Though don’t surrender to someone else. I suggest to resonate with how YOUR mindbodybeautiful kelps as you kelp.  Then further, maybe only surrender to yourself if it is of the “Adversity does not build character. It reveals it.” kind.  Beware of the apathetic, psychic alligators swimming around you. Plus, if you are kelp kelping in the motion of the ocean . . .they aren’t vegetarians.  They’ll try to lodge you under a log to self-suffocate, and rot, and bloat, and of course never come back around to eat you. You are not wasted value. Say No.  YOU, are YOU!  And, before you note that you might be depressed, note that water may still conform to it’s cup. Are there assholes in the bait ball flocking behavior around you? Check for that first. And, if so, then maybe you have another cup in the cupboard for your coffee and another for tea. Forgetting is for getting. Makes more room for the good stuff.


Value your identity regardless. If today is a 100-mile prisoners’ march, then defiantly use your breath to get there. Tomorrow the sun will always come up.  Better that you be prepared for when you see the pit stops and scenic overlooks.

WSI training says to never approach a drowning person from the front. And, I would add to apply that to oneself as well. Take a walk rather than looking in the mirror. Shame and guilt reflected might be better swimmers than sorrows.


Love what you love in the way that you do.  And, tomorrow your love may have grown. Don’t tell your dahlias to hurry. At best they will just laugh at you . . . and your neighbors might think you a bit on the oompaloompa psycho side.

Quiet and Whispering

Quiet is subtle. Silence can go to 11. Whispering may be best reserved for pillow talk. Mind that YOURSELF your way is 100% uncut identity. THAT goes to 11.  If your Silence goes to 11, too, have fun at lunch with a friend. Don’t confuse Silence with listening. Don’t confuse no sound as Silence.

Higher thread counts DO help quite a bit . . . so to speak.

Don’t Lose Your Ego. Open to You Your own actionable way!

All Similar, Each Unique.

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(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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2 responses to “Tarot . . . and Whispering

  1. JJ

    January 21, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    Fortunately I don’t hang around in spirituality circles. I prefer listening to jazz in the quietude.

    • mystereum

      January 22, 2013 at 5:32 am

      Jazz is Mo Betta! It may inCLUDE that other thing, though when it does, it’s called groove . . . and we DO!


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