No Negative Thinking? Oh Cummon. PuhhLEEZ. ;-)

02 Jan
No Negative Thinking? Oh Cummon. PuhhLEEZ. ;-)

And, yes I DO capitalize my prepositions and articles in title. Call it the Jordan Hoggard Style Manual. I don’t live in Chicago.  So, . . . when dangling, watch your participles.

Rather Than Worrying

Rather than worrying about changing your negative thinking, look for your workablity and chaff off the rest without a thought. Find the wheat of your situations, and knead some dough, bake some healthy bread experiences.

Psychic Synapse present as the mode of being of the brain? Oh,

that wonderfully magical twilight dusk-n-dawn bridge of the space between where a comfortability with the not knowing, even for a shooting star of the jump moment, refreshingly bridges each moment into the next. Heck, go step by step like IV The Emperor, and you realign the pace and direction of the whole system in a single step. Trains don’t turn on a dime, though IV The Emperor is not a train is he, huh? Step tap TURN bayBEE! Why? ‘Cause that Emperor’s horse lying down and turning into a tree while taking him inside like a horsey submarine plane thingee is COOL! Scenic overlook not in a mile, it’s HERE! Turn!  Oh darn! What’s this? This isn’t about the title of this blog. LOL

No Negative Thinking?

Oh cummon trying to stop the weather washing through. Cummon always bannering “No negative thinking.” Like you can stop the weather. It’s not that it’s not good, or that it is bad. Never fear, there is always psychic weather and things and triggers and this and that that are beyond any control anyone has that will wash that Psychic Gray right back INto your hair. Can you learn to raise a single eyebrow and not be upset? . . . as the weather . . . washes through. It always washes through. It’s like living in Psychic Traffic.  Sometimes dodging and weaving is advisable. And, the occasional DUCK!  When synchonicity starts to become more the norm, though, not wasting the problem can begin to make you Psychicly Responsible?

Personally, I Look For Workability

Personally, I simply look for workability.  Regardless, I look for workability.  And, by “looking for” that may simply mean I begin to resonate with something, even a tiny facet . . . which if microscope-telescoped . . . there is a whole world in that facet. If there’s none, I let the weather wash through. My view on workability is similar to my technique of Essencing A Tarot Card. Take XVI The Tower for instance. Strike the power-adjectives of good and bad from your Reading at first, and rather than, “DAYum, not THAT card!,” XVI The Tower can simply become “world altering.” That’s not good or bad, and it could essence-resonate with you as some other thing than “world altering.” All similar, each unique ya know?

Once The Drip-Dropped Food Coloring . . . recycles, is trashed, or influences

Once the drip-dropped food coloring drop of world altering (or, insert your essenced essence of the card . . . which may cycle through various essences in different readings) cascades throughout your already-personalized Psychic Water . . . and yes, that “already-personalized Psychic Water” may full well indicate that searching for truth is a timesink of a philosophical narcissism kind of distraction.

Finding Waldo

Finding Waldo is about as far as one need stretch to realize that effectiveness and creativity may in fact reside in the muscles, in each cell, and that by working in a discipline of a ritual, or simply regularly, amazing things tend to drop out like you in your process are your own Psych Postperson delivering to your various process-point mailboxes.  Ok, to finish the 1st sentence of this paragraph: Once the drip-dropped food coloring drop of world altering cascades throughout your already-personalized Psychic Water . . . dare I say, cascades through . . . drum roll . . . YOU . . . How are you influenced? Or, are you even influenced at all? Can you only recycle the #1 and #2 Psychic HDPE’s? What’s trash or illusion? What’s treasure?

Oh, THERE He Is!

One person’s illusion can certainly be another’s magic carpet.
Have a day!  And, make it great if you want to cascade that through your essence.

Rolling My Eyes At As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below?  My rumpus!  Knock over your microscope and telescope crutches and simply shift focus and redirect scale from your Inner-State Highways. Friggin SEE how YOU were rockin’ly born to see. Do something about it. The world wants to hear. Well, at least I do!  Why am I rolling my eyes at “As Above, So Below”? ‘Cause is bush league dualism, a strangely deceptive way (to many) to describe the multiplicity of states of a single thing.  I’d rather say “antinomy” with its integrated opposites that make syzigy look like a 2 of Pents tennis ball in a rally in one tennis match.

Oh, that means As Above, So Below isn’t bs, huh? I feel there is an educated symmetry going on, though, rather than being synonyms. What is educated symmetry? Educated symmetry is something I coined years back in architecture to express the relationship of two non-identical things placed in an exact mirror of a position to one another across an axis. Now I’m thinking it makes a great datum-diagram to spin off of for interpersonal relationships. Oh, I included that here . . . ’cause it’s not negative. Non sequiturs make the world go ’round.

What cards come to mind for you, here?

Rather Than Worrying

Rather than worrying about changing your negative thinking, look for your workablity and chaff off the rest without a thought. Find the wheat of your situations, and knead some dough, bake some healthy bread experiences.

I wonder

I wonder how I will further develop this area of thought over time.

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  1. Karen Sealey

    January 2, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    You gave me an earworm… 😉

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  3. dodo

    January 26, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Some folks would like to burn you at the stake for saying such things. To them you speak heresy…fluently! Me, I’ve had several good giggles, in between nodding with relieved approval.

    • mystereum

      January 26, 2013 at 7:50 pm

      Heresy spoken fluently. Is there any other way? Thanks mucho for your rockin’ comment! There’s no I in team, and OH there’s no I in heresy, either. lol


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