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Your Mode of Being, Boundaries, and Being Yourself

Your Mode of Being, Boundaries, and Being Yourself

First, I do the coffee. Then, I do the things. ~ unknown

Love it! Mode of Being Formed at 3 1/2!

Love it! You reminded me of when I strolled into the kitchen when I was 3 1/2 in my diaper or shorts or whatever with no shirt. I politely asked my parents, “Do you want to go to Funland?” The response came back, “No, Jordan, not today, we’re making lunch.” “Ok.” And, out the door I went. They thought I was going to go play in the carport. Nope. I was not asking for permission. I was being polite, asking them if they wanted to go with me. So, down the drive and around the corner, and up a couple of blocks to the highway I went. Walked along the highway for a mile or so to arrive at FUNLAND!! WOO HOO! Funland. It was a local them park with bumper cars and cotton candy and ring toss and… THE FERRIS WHEEL. I LOVED the Ferris wheel. Tiny one, not a big one. It was big enough for me as I was 3 1/2. This is before cell phones, like 1971 or some such. My parents get a call… “Little Jordy is safe on the Ferris wheel, and we’ll keep him here, but where are you?”

Trees with strong roots smile in storms. ~ Malay Proverb

Exceptions to the Rules

🙂 Yes, you’re not supposed to scare your parents. But, no one said anything about terrifying them. So, scroll forward. OH BOY YES was I in trouble. It’s funny how you learn limits and some boundaries are set. Though, I did NOT like that much at all. In fact! The very next morning, same attire, I packed my Snoopy suitcase and ran away. I mean, what else could I do. They exiled my sovereignty. Common! I was 3 1/2 and I had a world to attend to! 😉

I Made It

I made it to the curb. Started crying. Sat down. The neighbor, a local newspaper editor came and sat next to me. “Well, Jordie, what’s the trouble? Why are you crying?” I remember the glare I shot her, and then I softened to, sobbing again, “Because I’m running away!” She smiled and softly said, “So, what’s the problem? Why so sad? That sounds like freedom.” Wiping off the tears I pursed my lips… “Yes! Not NOW! This morning they said I’m not allowed to cross the street by myself!”

How do YOU smile with your ears in storms to full-on hear the gift of BOOM n BLUSTER n ALL THAT you are being given by your internal world? What messages of your FORAYS in life do you tell yourself from what you did as a kid?

Thanks Much for Visiting Today.

My natural mode of being?… I can cross any street by myself now. 😉

We’ve been silent this past week for the most part. Serendipity Itineraries and blog articles will resume shortly after this wonderful conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

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Road Closed. Pedestrians Only Past This Point. Dogs and cats encouraged.

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