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SI: 7/2 Serendipity Itinerary

Posting Your Serendipity Itinerary a bit early this week due to the Holiday Weekend on this side of those two Ponds… Plus, looks like something special arriving here on July 4th! Check back and see…

Behind every dark cloud the sun indelibly shines. Don’t wait for it. Grab your umbrella, or better, run out to embrace the rain. Be bigger than your circumstances. It tends to lift your head and heart up together not to be the tallest blade of the grass that is the 1st to get cut… Perspective. It provides you YOUR own perspective… most likely. Just a thought placed on the stacked stone cairn of this week’s SI. May your week be s magical as you make it. May the ground you walk on be as inspirational as the stars in your sky.

Your July 4th, 2020 SI Under a Capricorn Moon

This Week I Put on My Psychic Scuba Gear and Dove over the Liminal Horizon Into Memory Land. Fun Stuff…

And, WHAT a SaWEET Week in Music!

Do you often feel you know before you know? Do you trust that if you do, and/or take your feeling-sense knowing as wise Counsel for your discernment to take under advisement from there? I never recommend being a Yes-Person to psychic contents any more than a Master Gardener watering the garden. Some things come that flow with beauty, others drip in, and others are to crash against the Inner Sea Wall with an indefatigable and unsaid ‘No’ with no words and simply shaking one’s head side to side with eyes-wide-eyebrows-raised in The Look for it to subside and Resubmit As Noted later.

There have been studies that indicate decisions have often mostly likely been presented 10 seconds prior to you “making” them as they surfed over the liminal into consciousness. It’s cool work in neurology and psychology, and I still keep my eyebrows up. That stuff’s a case by case basis, as sometimes Parts come screaming in HOT… Thanks for coming. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. So, before I dispense prioritizing your message… what IS your message? We can take it from there.

~ Jordan Hoggard

Serendipity Itineraries is a post series is about sharing my weekly blog field trips, my eExperiences, so that maybe you find some new people who you resonate with, to enjoy and/or follow, and/or simply have a mini-library of places to visit when you feel that cool compulsion to expand your experience.

I notice that on the blogs I resonate with, I often also resonate with who they resonate with. Not always, there’s of course a case by case discernment present. Though, it’s more often than not. Enough to have form-given this weekly gig.

If You

If you have a blog or video or something you’ve produced that you feel to share in this community-building serendipity sandbox, you have my express permission to link to it in the comments. Please do, and by all means self-promote. Add more to the Serendipity Itinerary for people to visit and experience! Hey, some say not to toot your own horn. What?! That’s dafuqin absurd. Somebody’s gotta start the band. It needn’t be superficial or me me me stuff. In fact, that’ll get deleted. Make it the I Am kind of Me to promote You. Then, all good in my book. Self-centered has a center rather than needily needing the center of attention. Be in context here, and by all means promote your work on Serendipity Itineraries. Further fleshed out context with contribution amplifies the depth of expanse of opportunities for people here to explore. Thanks in advance for promoting yourself..

Tarot Birth Cards for 7/4/20

The Tarot Birth Cards for people and ideas born into the world on 7/4/2020 are The Devil ~ The Lovers

The Tarot Birth Cards for people and ideas born into the world today on the early posting 7/2/2020 are Death ~ Emperor.

Nice! Good Pairings.

Aren’t They All?

What are YOUR Tarot birth cards? Click to find your Tarot Birth Cards here at the Tarot School in NYC. Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone have a great set of offerings and info, in addition to just being rockin’ people!

And, if you want to explore Tarot Birth Cards more, visit my 9-Part Birth-Placing Identity Series.

This Week

7/2/2020 is a 4 Day, so

59 seconds to… May the ground you walk on and the steps you take be as inspirational as the stars in your sky…

Here we are. Here we go!

Serendipity Itinerary for July 4th

RoadtirementTraveling and retired. This couple and their experiences and travels and family… just make me smile. Real and robust for being themselves. Plus, they’re gardeners. What ever could go wrong? Seriously, do you want genuine and authentic where those two words can meaningfully never need to come up, as when natural there’s certainly no need? Like Nature? Yep. Me, too. Travel here to travel with them. That they are here in the world makes the world a better place. This week they added new items in their Etsy shop. Hmmm… be back in a sec. Uh oh! Do you like going junkin’? DAYum. How ‘bout somewhere where they’ve cleaned the filter and pulled out the treasures for you already? I get it. Love junkin’, finding treasures, though their shop struck a different chord with me this week in that regard. What about immersing in serendipity and only beauty at the same time? What about NO junk, no lesser of two evils, and simply what about neither is less and having to choose between beauty after beauty after… Woo Hoo shout-out to the Roadtirement Etsy shop! Check it out.

Theresa, Soul Gatherings ~ Spiritual Moments in the Human Experience

Carsten Wieland ~ Brushpark Watercolors ~ Aquarelle und Zeichnungen von Carsten Wieland. Power in color and fluid forms here. Please visit this wonderfully powerful feast for the eyes and process expressed with watercolors.

Keith’s SecondVoice ~ African Poetry. I found Keith’s work last week. He liked a comment I made on another’s blog, don’t remember which as I clicked right through to his site. Wonderfully powerful, muscular language full of grit and flow and resonance and well-played metaphor that is apt and expressive and clear.

Karen Sealey ~ The Pure & Blessed Tarot. ~ Riding the cusp between imagination and reality. The Discarded Oracle is coming to life! And, other ramblings and musings with no pulled punches, and lots of exquisite surprises along the way.

Banter Republic ~ Gottfried. It’s just banter. Banter, comedy, humor, lifestyle, Living. He might even ask you if a period can be italicized. Be entertained and engaged. No hidden Oz behind the curtain here.

Christina Schmidt, MA ~ Sassy Scorpion Tarot. Yes, the name says it all, and there’s always still more as well. And, it’s all true. Intense. On, not off. Sassy, Scorpionic depths to immerse yourself like being in a Tarot hot spring. Go for the spring, stay for the spring in your step after. Also, Christina has Armed With Coffee. Variety is the spice of life? There’s definitely some spice and depth here with consistency and structure that is wonderfully not limited by either. I suggest to experience her reading for Cancer this week.

Wander the Lines ~ Step into my reading life. Looking for a new book to read? Stop in here for a treat and a great perspective.

Delusional Bubble ~ Life is a bubble, Make it as delusional as possible. Travel the world. I feel Rick Steves is cool, and he’s also not the only game in town.

Joanne Sprott ~ Cosmic Whispers. Let’s Walk the Spiral Path Together. Poetry, depthful thought, and generally all things Joanne = things that matter and have substance and are important and/or are simply interesting.

Learn Tarot: Naima Healer ~ Self-Healing through the Present Moment. Wonderful work with a just as wonderful Hoo Doo deck. Naima has just started out blogging, and I firmly feel she started out on just the right foot. Sensitive, sensible with wit and wisdom not disconnected from lineage. She may have just started blogging, though she’s no novice Reader.

Bonnie Cehovet ~ Flash Fiction. Author. Tarot. Consummate Reviewer. Want a solid story? Bonnie’ll get your there. Bonnie has a way about only working with things she resonates with. She doesn’t do negative reviews, understands that that is a waste of her blessings and value. I beyond resonate with and respect that. What’s the point of non-things? CHeck out good things here.

Croque-Melpomene ~ Author of Within Paravent Walls. Pentalingual Idealist. Writer of psycho-corporeal Poetry. Creator of Croque-Melpomene & Les Femmes de la Décadence. Chthonic Numinosity, depth with no fear of addressing behemoth-level emotional topics through her poetry and evolved wonderment and continual curiosity. She runs deep, and takes the proper gear to do so… herself. I see a chthonic numinosity in her poetry that is akin to night and day stained glass. Well worth the visit.

Wyrd Smythe ~ Logos con carne. Another voice in the interweb wilderness. Thoughtful and expansive and far enough in his experiential application he also has the wicked cool ability to dial in to a sense of humor about it. Sometimes, the humor is separate. No reason to put strips or regs on his alchemy, though. Take a peek… or a portal.

Saania2086 ~ Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun! If P, then Q. If you want good sense, then go here to see what dynamic mind dish is being served up today.

Bonnie Hubly ~ Watercolors on Pinterest. Full. Robust. Full of feeling and robustly fluid fluency and flow. Majestic. Organic placements, artful scenes. Gorgeous watercolors.

cocinaitaly ~ Elganspo, comida italiana. Hungry? Hungry for edible beauty, aesthetic eats? Exquisite is a word. Edibly exquisite is two words. Grab a friend, and go experience this. What will your words be afterwards?

Charlescearl’s Weblog ~ Musings on fascinating things. Important and fascinating things well said. Charles not only thinks things through, he lives them through. You can feel it in his writing. Don’t go for the writing. Go for experience you will remember. Indelible is a word, and a good one with Charles’ weblog.

Jane Lurie Photography ~ powerful, evocative freeze-frames of architectural images that are definitely not secretly active. These images live out loud! They are refined. And they are as natural as they are refined, like an exquisitely cut emerald or sapphire or ruby kind of refined. There’s nothing hidden in the rough here. These beauties have some pipes in their visual voice.

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog ~ Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way. Mary matters. Professionally. As a person. As an author. Mary matters. Sweet and direct and courageous and inventive and FUN. Oh, she was a wicked cool sense of humor. Many deep wells feed Mary’s work. Warning: Immersion here may lead to ablution.

Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud ~ Beguiling pearls of wit, wisdom, and whimsy-with attitude. I’m not going to add more words to that. If that doesn’t grab you… A Princess is simply a Queen not yet sitting..

Dr. Eric Perry ~ Psychology to Motivate | Inspire | Uplift. Wonderfully full and relevant and engaged Psychology articles with clarity of voice. I full-on dig when things are as robust as they are clear, especially when directly dealing with intensities. This site, is certainly that.

Holly Troy ~ Cosmic Holly. Perennial Gemini in bloom. Naturalized. Excellent garden with music, too! Creative voice in multiple formats. Polymath? Go see.

Timothy Price ~ Off Center & Not Even. Is variety the spice of life? Go here and see!

The Dihedral ~ More than just climbing. A lot more. And, climbing is a lot in itself. Read a new route today at The Dihedral. Dammit! No, not wormsign. Worse. The covert Covid-19 struck again. Visit this week’s postings for a seriously wicked and wonderfully solid attitude of Not Wasting Trouble.

Trini Lind ~ Paths of the Spirit. Create a path of Light with your Life

Cristian Mihai ~ Professional Blogger. Sense & Sensibility meets the info age? He’s not afraid to say it, say whatever he says. No walking on eggshells here, well, unless he starts making compost for the garden.

Susi Bocks ~ I Write Her. My words for Susi’s writing go something like this. You talk a good game, Dood, but can you box? Yes, Susi Bocks. Concision has never had so much consistent depth.

The Alchemist’s Studio ~ Raku, vessels, Alchemy in action. Pottery with heart and soul PLUS some PUNitive humor to boot. Don’t miss the Hens!

Laleh Chini ~ A Voice From Iran. Check and inspect your expectations at the door. The storytelling, short stories, fables, and folk tales will… well, you’ll see.

Before We Get to the Music, This Gem Re-Surfaced from the Library of Alexandria called my Emails. This week I came upon the Solomon’s Mines of my own DRAFT projects parked. LOL. What a wonderful smile and full-boat laughter I got with, Well then, I’ve got some work to do.

Enjoy the DNA of our Solar System as it moves along its 230 million year orbit around our Milky Way galaxy.

Shifting focus and re-directing scale and side-stepping the clutch double-clutching mid-revving to 6-grand in 5th to … click in the gear-gate (MY Personal Stargate) click click Boom, 6th at 6-grand slid foot touches the floor and BAM I Am One With Recaro Now… YES!

Helix and DNA strands anyone?

Solar System & DNA

& This Week’s SI Music

This sticks around for another week… at least. LOVE the lyrics… and the vocals and drum work, and the guitar meandering through full frontal though like connective tissue to everything else… Troy rocks it On the drums with smooth intensity. The Tardigrade. How can YOU ake your own laws… remember, if your a cog… Cool. That means you function fluidly and consistently under high heat and pressure without fail… so the gears don’t slip and full-on engagement occurs. What intense places do you sidestep the clutch at 6k without dropping the tranny. Don’t worry if you blow the turbo bypass valve. That just means you’re driving it like it was meant to… over the line into the spec of YOU in Expansive Mode. No button for that. Or, is there?

Seriously, keep yourself safe, though the laughing smile on your mechanic’s face when you get an the oil change and they hook up the car chip to the… is priceless when they step back in to hand you the keys

and, (just smiling and shoulders bobbing silently chuckling like they found Nirvana and aren’t keeping any part of it secret) Dood. ok. Thank you. Just (looking around, no one other than us). Fucking thank you. You are SO driving that car like it was meant to be driven. I ticked some gigs I can’t tell you about… (wadding up my bill and tossing it in the trash). Let me know if this week is more enjoyable than last. I have to take that can out now so I’m here when you come back. 😉

Yes. Yes, it was. Talk about some foot. Thanks, Man!

Reminds me of…

Planet Sandwich Studio version of Tardigrade

Planet Sandwich’s TardiGrade performed live at the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

Bassnectar ~ Nothing Has Beeb Broken

I reached back to find one in particular I hadn’t heard in a while… got sidetracked when the phone rang… email… oh, edit this and that and… email… editing.. email… oh, ok, COOL, I’ll update my Sonos app. Way cool! The Shufle button floated to the top. Clicked. LOL, all my all over the place like an ant moving a mountain a grain of sand at a time untiringly… what I was originally going to go look for from years back? … Perfect. On shuffle, it came on 1st. Maybe Siri and Shuffle have something going on… some wickedly cool strange sounds come from the Kitchen when I deposit my phone in a drawer to lose the eYoke.

OvniMoon Via Axis ~ Galactic Mantra

DO you have Sonos Play One or Sonos Bar? A Marshall stack? Or, neighbors on vacation? Or, just invite them over sop they can’t complain, or they can be sent away of they do.

I suggest… Turn it UP!

Helen Jane Long ~ Through the Dark

New Order ~ Blue Monday Remix 20151


Phantogram ~ Run Run Blood

Legends of the Fall ~ Theme

Blue October ~ She’s My Ride Home

Seether ~ Careless Whisper cover

A River Runs Through It ~ Theme Tune

Halsey ~ Gasoline

Bassnectar ~ Infinite

30 Seconds to Mars ~ Attack

Kasey Musgraves ~ Space Cowboy

Cool story behind this song. I’ll link it when I find it again.

Phantogram ~ Turning Into Stone

The Crystal Method ~ Trip Like I Do

Gladiator ~ The Death of Maximus

Hans Zimmerman & Lisa Gerard ~ Sorrow

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke~Shadow Magnet

Halford ~ Resurrection

Ovnimoon ~ SatNam for Me, Sat Nam for You

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke~Shadow Magnet

Blue October ~ You Make Me Smile

Thank you for your support, likes, links, comments, and shares.

I’m surprised no Silversun Pickups or Queensryche or Docken came on this week. Oh well, Shuffle is my new friend again. Hail Pandora + Sonos Channels on Shuffle.

Something new is coming to the Shop ImaginAction store this weekend… was


Have a Wonderful Week Your Way!


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