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Echo and Narcissus Compose the Phoenix

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Elizabeth Rose Psychic and Tarot. This post with the image of the painting with Echo and Narcissus + Liz’s mention of the Phoenix catalyzed me to forget the story for getting The gift of telling it differently. Visit her site for the Astrology, though don’t be surprised when you receive a larger takeaway than what you came for. I received a re-telling from myself of a story that brought it into a different light, and may soon apply to modern discussions of Narcissism… as Psychopaths are born, though Sociopaths? They’re made. Made typically by unresolved trauma Living deep and in miscellaneous places inside often hiding in plain sight.

Trees with strong roots laugh at storms.

~ Malay Proverb
“Echo and Narcissus” by John William Waterhouse
Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse

J: Excellent image for this post today. Echo hears herself, and that hearing comes from echoes outside in response to her voice from within. Chords are struck to resonate. She begins to connect. Narcissus sees himself, is hypnotized from within, magnetized and pulled inside to orbit only in that world where the external more and more falls away. He gets lost in there, chases false horizons in his unconscious isolation. She gets found. She finds herself connecting. Echo is the potential spark that lights his Phoenix to fire back up within and push his head out of his heart and resurrect out here, most likely with epic experiences from traumas he tilled that then unfold.

E: fantastic insight, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

J: You’re very welcome. Thank you for the resonance in your accolade. Much appreciated. I had not thought of it this way before, though the image and your mention of the Phoenix made a perfect catalyst to pair, where the painting began to re-tell the story for me from another perspective… mine now… and, in an informed, intuitive reading format… could be called Beginner’s Mind fueled by a bank of experience… which I could pen as simply expectations inspected and left at the door to evaporate blind spots and see and experience what actually is, right in front of us, for more robust clarity and connections. I received the gift to teach myself a new self-created version of the story of Echo and Narcissus today catalyzed by your post. It brought me to forget the story of Echo and Narcissus as I knew it. It brought me to forget in that way of forgetting is for getting… makes more room for the good stuff. Thank you. Thank me. Thanks much. This feels to apply to the larger sociological and psychological landscape of today. We talk about and hear much about Narcissus and Narcissists and trauma and sociopathy and Psychological Projection and Projective Identity. Though, how many of us do the work to find and develop our Inner Nature as did Echo To connect, with ourselves and others and Nature itself?

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