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Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 20th to Oct 26th Week


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In general this week feel and sense unseen assets and seeds sprouting underground on the way into the light ~ with new energies coming in to flow through your established ones to refresh your outlook ~ as you naturally emanate carrying things to full term across the week ~ giving form to the formless in new ways as you fly as high as your roots go deep ~ with your balanced communications in motion ~ with dynamic thought fueling the way you communicate ~ as you release things that pull you in two directions so you are better able to you sync up with things from the side and engage ~ so that emotional plateaus of not-knowing requiring patient waiting give you the opportunity to get a more expansive perspective ~ that opens you up to reveal and release emotional refractions and distorted feelings and thoughts ~ where your down-to-earth spirit of authority is the foundation ~ that supports your active, energetic clarity to bring forth your natural leadership where you are able to more effectively magnetize your wants and manifest your dreams.  Remember that living and actively pursued goals are often simply dreams that you have integrated deadlines into.  Have a great week!

TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 20th to Oct 26th 2013 Week

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ Ace of Pentacles

assets, seeds, your natal chart as personal pentacle, notice the sprout underground sprouting from the treasure

assets, seeds, your natal chart as personal pentacle, notice the sprout underground sprouting from the treasure

Libra,  This week clear out some room and forget some things that no longer work for you.  The forgetting will be for getting and open up some space for some new sprouts to burst into the light on your scene soon.  Don’t be terribly concerned about hard-lining where the spaces are.  Simply give yourself the room and ability to shuffle some things around.  Be able rearrange and tune and tailor how you place things in your life, so that as the new things arrive you have room to get them both included and also move them around appropriately to better integrate them into your daily regimen. Also, the new things coming in may in fact be solid assets you have that you have simply missed as you may find these assets of yours to be completely normal things.  The example I use is the young Mystic who thinks that the way they think is perfectly normal, and if asked about it might respond, “Well, everyone thinks like this, right?”  Errr… No Mystic Dood/Doodesse. They don’t.  That’sssss not normal.  It’s extraordinary!  So, this week open up to how you are naturally and wonderfully unique in ways that are useful to you.  You yourself may be the solid, new asset sprouting on your scene!  Open up to your Inner Inheritances this week.  You may find that you are the wise Counsel that you have been looking for all along to brighten your outlook.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 4 of Wands

joy, surprises, thrills out of the blue, new energies infusing and refreshing established ones

joy, surprises, thrills out of the blue, new energies infusing and refreshing established ones

Scorpio, Fresh, new energetic winds blow your way this week.  Treat this week like a massage therapist is massaging your whole life to open up your energies and give them more room to breathe.  Feel how these fresh winds of energetic air move through and around the established energies in your.  Feel them like what opening a window on a warm, breezy, sunny day does to a room.  Odds are these new energies will peek in first with a smiling and bright-eyed “heLLO There” like the woman on the left of the card bringing new fire and water, energy and emotion, into your life to freshen up your scene.  They’ll come to you.  A simple smile in return may be all you have to do to welcome them to come in.  Don’t miss opportunities this week that come as serendipity or out of the blue.  Take time, take the 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to engage and listen and directly welcome these opportunities with interested interaction… of course… only if they interest you.  This is a week where you may feel more open to opening up.  Have those conversations in line at the coffee shop.  Smile back at the person walking by on the street who brightens you day with an acknowledging smile.  Of course definitely be discerning and don’t welcome just anybody in willy nilly.  This week, though, allow your established energies to inform you and bring your core strengths forward by engaging in more interested interactions.  You are way beyond the compulsories this week.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ III The Empress

Yoniverse, fresh, nurturing, carrying to full term to bring to life, Great Mother

Yoniverse, fresh, nurturing, carrying to full term to bring to life, Great Mother

Sagittarius, You’ve come a long way BayBEE!  Don’t stop now,  Allow the storms of change to wash you off this week as the things you have been working for for long periods of time are now presenting themselves as coming to full term.  Cut those placentas and get your babies breathing.  There is a lot of hard work to do in your garden, so take care of your home so you have an unmessy and resonant place to rest from your work.  The Empress is more about the Yoniverse than the Universe.  She is that from which all else emanates.  So, this week take a message from the Spider, the Mother of the Universe, and go ahead and act like you do actually have 8 legs and 8 eyes.  You may look a little goofy, though in this Halloween month it will probably simply bring smiles.  Plus, with 8 legs you can do tons of things and still have legs left to support your stability.  Also, don’t forget your spinnerette.  Be aware enough to just jump out away from trouble this week as you can always shoot a string to where you were, and then climb back up and continue.  Call this week the Spider Slalom Course… except you’ll be dodging things that come at you and coming back to the same place of your work rather than zig-zagging with it on the move.  Make sure to close the deal, too, on those things that come into your web, and promptly tidy your web/home back up.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ II The High Priestess

intuition, forming, giving form to the formless, conception (to the Mag's inception), fully grounded out-of-body experiences as a matter of course naturally

intuition, forming, giving form to the formless, conception (to the Mag’s inception), fully grounded out-of-body experiences as a matter of course naturally

Capricorn, Flying high this week?  Are you rooted and connected just as deeply?  I hope so.  This week the ingredients are present for you to whip up some grounded out-of-body-experience cake.  Would you rather pie?  I suggest to keep it light this week as you may be the heavy machinery, so make something of that.  Make sure there is a nucleus to each day, a consistent gig with you active making it happen.  It doesn’t have to be much or even take up a lot of time.  It may be as simple as brushing your teeth at the same Bat time and same Bat channel. This nucleus, this consistency no matter how small and mundane, will give you a place of air traffic control each day to give you a sense of home base or Safe in freeze tag around which everything else can revolve.  If you need a little more high falutin’ title for it, then make one up like “My eye in the storm” or “My vantage point.”  Personally, I like “nucleus” as the nucleus of a cell isn’t always in the middle, and it also travels around a bit.  There’s a concept stolen from the mix of composition and geometry for your High Priestess giving form to the formless week: “The center is not necessarily in the middle.  The middle is in the middle.”  Take the orbit of the asteroid Astra or Astraea for example.  She with her “a” letter revolves around the sun complete and whole with her “ae” plural letters making her whole, and is then reinforced as Goddess level female with the added, extra “a.”  She revolves around the sun in a circular orbit AND the sun is not at the center of her orbit.  The sun is rather at the centroid of her forces rather than being the center of her orbit.  Call the sun Astraea’s nucleus.  Now, go brush your teeth where you normally do, and work out from there each day this week to take back your schedule.  It’s yours, and you are the only one to provide things to fill it with.  If you don’t have enough work… Heck!, schedule stupid stuff, meaningless things as placeholders to get you back into the schedule groove though on YOUR time.  Whether you have a J.O.B. or not, you are your own boss.  Even if you work for others, it is still you that determines if you are going to finish things on time.  As your own boss, you simply have to dump them in your lap yourself first before you complete them on time.  Dump some things in your lap this week, and get ‘er done!  Heck, schedule a Google Oracle field trip.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 4 of Swords

fruition, communication in motion, thought as a moving target

fruition, communication in motion, thought as a moving target

Aquarius, This week feel yourself and your thoughts fluidly on the move, smoothly in motion.  Your consistency and the smooth ways you continuously cycle your thoughts this week provides an opportunity to cut through bs almost effortlessly as you keep a strongly grounded focus that keeps the rubber of your thoughts meeting the road.  It may not be a week of big completions for you or big brush-stroke kinds of thinking, though allow your normal way of thinking to provide you a great point of connection, a foundation or base, to keep things moving.  Maybe watch some videos of fire dancers spinning things.  Be aware of the fire dancer as the point of connection, the foundation and base of place that consistently and continuously makes quite a show in small area.  Notice the control and the letting go.  Be aware of the orbits and gymnastics.  The fireballs can be seen as your thoughts cycling in and through and around you.  Expand your reach just a little this week to give yourself the breathing room for you to perform with them.  Don’t worry about the finale this week.  Take this week to really practice and get good with how you show off your thoughts so that they provide value to those that receive them.  Some people may simply experience your thoughtful efforts this week. Embrace spectators by keepin’ on keepin’ on doing what you are doing this week.  Give a nod to a little showmanship with how your thoughts cycle.  Be like the fire dancer moving around in a relatively small space this week.  Make sure you have enough room.  The cycling dance of your thoughts is the important gig this week.  Complete your thoughts and replace them as required.  Keep your thoughts fired up and warmed up this week.  Complete and replace as required.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ 9 of Swords

nearing completions, dynamism moving out of  communication plateau(s)

nearing completions, dynamism moving out of communication plateau(s)

Pisces, Comms this week are going to be as vibrant as the dynamism of your thoughts.  Mind the paces and directions of how things orbit in your scene without colliding.  This is a very good week to get into the mode of taking the time to sync things up and warm them up to one other before really getting them together.  Call it foreplay.  Sync things up together before you engage them in a synchromesh and your week may begin to become a symphony of seamless segues as you move from one thing to another in your busy bee way of tending all the flowers in your communications scene. Pause and focus at each stop to assure that the right mix of things is present and working together to build value.  Tune and tailor and adjust things even in subtle ways to keep them building value at their best before moving on to the next.  You also finding yourself cross-connecting the groups of things you are working on so that they continue to cross-pollinate even in your absence.  No “Me Boss. You Worker” talk this week.  Pause and directly interact and engage person to person with colleagues or those working on your projects.  Don’t do the Facebook ADHD of Like Like Like times too many ad infinitum, ad nauseum where you lose an hour and crave more though haven’t even paused long enough to experience much of anything.  This week will be a great week to tend more to fewer things so you actually do tend to them rather than skipping the stone of yourself across their water.  Pause at each place or team (of people, thoughts, ideas) and fully drop into them when you do.  Release as strongly and naturally as you do when you drop in as you get up.  Then, move on to the next. Get into a great groove this week so the travels or spaces between each stop are not hurry hurry hurry.  Instead of hurry hurry hurry, find your view from the road this week.  Find the scale you can safely take in and experience from the pace of 30mph this week.  The spaces between may even start to enliven the places you tend to this week.  This week don’t hurry.  Allow urgency to provide the pressure and magnetism that brings things together.  This week, view stress as simply being “a force applied.”  Just watch out for strain.  Don’t push/stress/stretch things too far.

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ 3 of Cups

satisfaction, heart's desire, expressions, celebration, fulfillment felt in groups

satisfaction, heart’s desire, expressions, celebration, fulfillment felt in groups

Aries, Watch out for the emotional buck being passed this week in blame games. Just.Don’t.Participate.  Seriously.  Make sure you are in places with and in groups that have healthy exchanges. Emotions may be on the move so fast this week that I suggest you familiarize yourself with any Mercurial parts of your personality.  Being as agile in your mood as your motion this week will assist you in steering clear of sticky situations and quagmires so you can move around in celebration kinds of ways and then jump right in to the good ponds without dragging extra stuff with you so to speak.  Make full-on sure this week that the activities you are involved in are good for you.  Make sure they enhance your health, safety, and well-being.  The Building Code is there to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.  Use your 3 of Cups this week like Building Code.  Bad or sticky or just eh-eh situations don’t meet Code.  No Permit for them.  So, don’t Permit things that are not good for you to rub off on you.  Water may conform to its cup, though this week be like Code.  Make it a law to not Permit yourself to approve going into questionable things.  You know what works for you.  Do that and enhance it.  Also, if you get into sticky situations, feel free to do what the Building Department does without any explanation or apology at all.  Simply say to yourself, “Upon further reflection, this does not meet Code” and then get right out of that situation and shake it off.  This isn’t a week to go for special considerations to make things work.  This week, work with the things that are already working and enhance and reinforce and strengthen them together with those close to you. This week create your own “definition of habitable space.”

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ VII The Chariot

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side, getting pulled in two directions

harmony, agility at speed, syncing to engage from the side, getting pulled in two directions

Taurus, This week mind not to get pulled in two directions. Don’t just jump away from things tugging at your schedule, though.  There may be big opportunities to harness the workability in each tugger to braid them together for higher octane movement forward. Simply ask yourself “what aspirates you about any given thing?” this week, “What really breathes life into you to get your motor running?”, and then apply that.  Then wrap what aspirates you around the thing conflicting with it lie a conceptual braid.  No need to blend conflicting things this week. Just don’t waste trouble.  Trouble may present itself as an up-front Loki or Coyote trickster and have blessings in disguise for you hidden within.  Chariots are steered more by one’s balance directed through the feet to the floor.  No need to lead-foot put your foot to the floor, though make a nod to chariot steering by letting how you steer your feet to do the talking of planning out your weekly itenerary.  There is a great opportunity here to literally go places, big places.  Step by step with strong and agile balance in your situations, this week may be one of your best yet in regards to syncing up the most effective components of differing things to effectively work together to a greater benefit.  Sync up with what aspirates you about each situation, and over the week pay attention to how you can braid them together to provide a higher performance ride.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 8 of Cups

inner motions, settled, full, head coming out of the clouds

inner motions, settled, full, head coming out of the clouds

Gemini, This week your emotions may be spread wide and expansively, though you may feel it like you are on vacations.  This week is a week to air yourself out and let the healthy and natural winds around you freshen you up.  This may not be a week of big breakthroughs, though like being on a plateau, you may feel the view extends far and wide without obstacles.  Take the time to judge your own sense of self-justice and how you deliver it.  Justice is what it is without opinions or solidarity, so be mindful this week of discerning root causes back to the 2nd thing that caused them.  Regardless of how innocent the first thing is or who that is close to you did it, it is still the root cause.  Go ahead and judge the reaction from another that came from the initial action, though do not overlook the original action.  Watch for good pranks gone bad.  Don’t fall prey to Jack-Ass I, II, or II behavior this week… unless of course it is hilarious.  This week intention and initial laughter about something will tend to be vastly over-rated in the context of how things come across.  This week it is not about getting the point or being right.  Don’t be afraid to judge things this week.  Things are as they are.  See to the heart of the matter.  Justice simply expresses what is as it is.  This week meditate on “Justice knows no loyalty.”  It may allow you to be more fair to yourself and remove yourself from being wrapped around someone’s finger.  Take a Google Oracle field trip to discover Astraea.  She has a rockin’ handle on Justice and its higher octaves.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 3 of Swords

mental refraction, distorted thoughts, taking care with yourself by moving slowly

mental refraction, distorted thoughts, taking care with yourself by moving slowly

Cancer, This week, take a few moments each day to visualize a twig appearing to be bent when dipped into a clear glass of water.  Visualize pulling the twig out, that it’s perspective was refracted and distorted, and toss the twig away back to compost in Nature.  Take a few moments each day to do this Undistorting the Twig exercise.  That said, you yourself may have a refracted emotion this week that has you bound up in a heart knot.  Pull the twig of it out of your emotional waters and toss it much like pulling a chopstick out of your hair to let your hair down and relax.  These are simple exercises for you to try this week to open up and get clear and relax from holding on so tightly to what is getting your goat so to speak. You may feel nothing the first several days pulling the allegedly bent twig and tossing it, though give it a try until at least Wednesday.  It may trigger something for you that is so big and so there you are missing it.  It may trigger you to see the stealthy whatever-it-is that is hiding in plain sight to be revealed.  If so, smile, see only your clear and unfettered glass of water as you toss the trickster stick away without a care in the world about it.  Just toss it.  Forgetting will be for getting.  It’ll make more room for the good stuff by clearing your emotional waters.  This week as you do your Undistorting the Twig and Pulling the Chopstick to Let Down Your Hair exercises, meditate on this statement that Christiana C. Gaudet astutely expressed… “Don’t let your emotions dictate how you feel.”  This week take steps not to allow your emotions to dictate how you feel.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ V The Hierophant

Notice all the little people up and down HieroDood... wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit

Notice all the little people up and down HieroDood… wisdom, new spirit, activation, down-to-earth spirit

Leo, .This week look for the writing on the wall.  Like all the little people up and down and all over the Hierophant’s down-to-earth and established spirit, and those swimming and boating in the waters around him.  Allow all those around you and your own down-to-earth spirit to express the stories you particularly need to hear.  See the little swimmer-people like the characters on the cave wall in The English Patient movie.  Find the art of your stories in the writing on the wall so to speak this week.  Cherry-pick a few here and there and work with them.  Across the week you may discover you have infinitely more creative assets at your disposal than you thought.  Remember that “a Prophet has no honor in his own home.” ~ Biblical proverb attributed to Jesus.  Take that to heart so you don’t disregard assets within you or close to you as being small because they are yours or simply neighbors.  There is a wonderful quality of the Prophet simply being human in that quote.  At the same time there is a warning to mind low self-esteem that fools you into thinking great things are not anywhere right there living with you, almost that they surely can’t be THAT important because they are near.  Call it a false sense of humility.  Here’s my suggestion for the week.  Lose that crap.  Just dump it.  Open up to the writing on the wall.  It probably doesn’t spell disaster.  It probably spells rockin’ blessings swimming all around you this week.  Meet ’em.  Engage them.  Do some Psychic Dr. Frankensteining this week.  Take a dream you have.  Install a blessing from around you into one of your dreams as its heartbeat.  Feel and experience the beat of its sacred drum of life pulsing through it.  Then, ohhhhhhh you are gong to have SO much fun this week!…. THEN, attach the sacred adornment of a deadline to it.  You may just create your own dream manifestation wind-up toy with no winder required.  The blessings all around you will self-wind its life-clock so to speak.  I suggest naming each dream manifestation toy you cook up, too.  Franky?  How’s Franky?  Soon you may have those dreams coming true all around you like all the little people climbing and walking and swimming and boating in and around and for the Hierophant.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ Queen of Wands

attracting wants, fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed

attracting wants, fire of life, life-acumen, actively energetic clarity directed

Virgo, This week take a great and happily energetic look at yourself in the mirror.  Do something to make yourself laugh, then get on about your business.  Well, maybe peek your head back in for a quick wink at yourself like the 4 of Wands up there in Scorpio. 😉  Then, back to energetically orbiting around all the things you as Queen of Wands have going on.  This Queen has a naturally magnetic energetic clarity as her Personal Earth’s Core, as her Inner Sun.  It feels that this week a quick little Google Oracle field trip to discover the asteroid and myth of Astraea could possibly provide a new astro and mythical character for you to identify with to inform some of your larger projects.  Check out Capricorn above.  There are some ops there that may apply for you, too.  Oh right!  This is YOUR Scope. Virgo, pleeeeeease. lol  Back to that mirror. This week don’t look so much at your reflection or even how you reflect things around you.  Look at how you reflect things TO things around you.  Look at how your energetic voice communicates with your environment.  There feels to be an opportunity this week living inside noticing how you brighten someone else to their own higher octaves, that in turn brings forth a magnetic connection. Look to discern who this creative magnetism is with.  It may create new projects or work for you both.  Explore how you reflect TO people this week.  Astraea can be a great guide for how you do that. The High Priestess up there in Capricorn has some Astraea goodies for you.

How does your TarotScope enhance your week!  If you know your Ascendant (ASC) / Rising Sign and Moon, I suggest that you may want to read those, too.  I find them most helpful.  They often provide a message that enhances the sun sign in ways that flesh out things more resonantly.  

Comment here on how your Scope is an ally for your week.  Touch base mid-week to see how your Scope is providing you more effective workability in your schedule and in your life.  Till next time.

Even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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