Mystereum Tarot Tarot Taster Spoons Tuesday

11 Sep
Mystereum Tarot Tarot Taster Spoons Tuesday

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum provides Imagination Tools, one at least from each card.  Many cards gift you several Imagination Tools after their charactered chapters in the 192-page Imagination Primer deck companion book.  On Tuesdays, like at the ice cream store, I will be providing a taster spoon sampling for you of cards I draw. Enjoy Mystereum Tarot Taster Spoons Tuesdays!  Please subscribe and share. Thank You!

Mystereum’s Imagination Tools have been described as:

  • Psychic triggers!  Catalysts for imaginative ideation.  These cards are really alive!
  • Mystereum card characters assist you to gain further clarity into your situation through your Tarot inquiry. They live in The Land of Mystereum, and will bring the resonance of their whole world forward to guide your inquiry.
  • Get this set!  How DID he write this and create the deck? I often drop the books into my shelves.  I wanted the deck!  But, I peeked into Mystereum’s Imagination Primer for some reason like it asked me to with a smile, and got an immediate snorkel trip of discovery.  Way more than an hors d’oeuvre.  Mystereum is like full-boat scuba for the mind! I just rolled back off my boat and was immediately exploring the depths, my own depths explored further.  There really are Inner Inheritances like he said in the Imagination Primer companion book!  Mystereum is like a Psychic Passport that never expires, and the stamp’s diff every time! I find things that are ready and waiting for me, like they have been smiling waiting for me all my life!

Today’s Mystereum Tarot Taster Spoons. 4 of ’em!

Four Tarot in the Land of Mystereum Taster Spoons. How do these Imagination Tools taster spoons taste to you?  Want a double cup or cone?  Get the whole Matterhorn set and let your experiences add the toppings!

Imagination Tool from The Ace of Pentacles  ~ “I gift you the ability to sense Inner Inheritances as they prepare to come to light.” ~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 75. (one of four Imagination Tools gifted by The Ace of Pentacles in the Land of Mystereum’s Imagination Primer).

Short reading sample for The Ace of Pentacles from “The Ace of Pentacles indicates the ideas that excite you to use your valuable material assets and seeds well! Your enthusiasm matters a great deal. Look at your desk or office. When you are completing things, the tide is out, are there shells all over on the beach? When you are just starting things, the tide is in, are there simply sand and water and all is clear for clean starts? Have fun in this new time as your creative seeds sprout underground before you see them burst into the sun! This is a time to nurture and tend the fertile garden of your imagination and creativity with purpose!”

Imagination Tool from X The Wheel ~ “. . . . I gift you that I am an Imagination Toolbox.  I will always change to magically fit the new tools you create, discover, and are given as you go along. Utilize me to tune your perspective as you complete things . .  .” ~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 42. [[Is this The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy page?]] 

Short reading sample for X The Wheel from “The Wheel Of Fortune indicates big things. Luck, change, and fortune. Abundance, prosperity, and happiness. Is there a dollar on the sidewalk? The Wheel indicates change in a manner that almost always brings joy along with it. Place yourself where you want to be and flow naturally without force. . .such as. . .as you do your work, think only of the doing of your work and lose yourself in it for a bit mindfully. Reasons have gone wonderfully missing here. This is a time of being comfortable with the not-knowing. Stay aware and enjoy things simply happening as they do.”

Imagination Tool from The Queen of Wands ~ “I gift you the tool that your vision is blessed and sacred and magical.“~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 147.

Short reading sample for The Queen of Wands from “The Queen of Wands indicates a great power to attract wants, an abundance of mind and body, a fire of life. Dreams are the heartbeat of all actions here. You may feel her love of nature and home. You may benefit with practicality in regards to money. Feel the life-acumen of a natural leader. With strong and intensely enjoyable balances of business and pleasure, infuse life into every step with emotional content!”

Imagination Tool from The 7 of Wands ~ “We gift you the tool to fully feel your ideas in action as you take charge and make them real!  Be deliberate.“~ from the Land of Mystereum Imagination Primer companion book, page 138.

Short reading sample for The 7 of Wands from “The 7 of Wands indicates taking affirmative and decisive action even tough you may be out-numbered or swamped by adversity. The glow of success is indicated to be that much brighter. Strategize through the false summits of feeling out-numbered or swamped by adversity!”

“If your Achilles’ heel trips you up,

remember that Phoenix was Achilles’ teacher.  Allow your own Phoenix to borrow Perseus’ winged shoes as you rise back with new zeal.”

~ Jordan Hoggard

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“Trust is different than hope.

Don’t smoke hope.  Trust. Then, act.  Sometimes action in and of itself is the ultimate trust . . . trust in yourself.” ~Jordan Hoggard

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Take Mystereum for a FREE taster spoon reading spin at . A star carries the weight of the world in a spoonful.  They are that dense.  A Taster Spoon reading may be just the double-dip cone you need giving you a full reading in a Taster Spoon.  Try one and see!


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