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Tarot. Mystereum. The Presence of the Fool

The Presence Of The Tarot Fool

This cameo appearance theme of Major Arcana cards appearing in multiple cards, both other Majors and in Minors to inform their story further so as not to minimize The Minors, is at the heart of the very structure of Mystereum.  Here’s a frickin’ bad-ass funny sidebar, a mini-rant to open up this Fool presence article.  In a recent review Mystereum was recommended for fluffy-bunny readings.  Hmmmm. too many plush toys may indicate issues.  So, No, not so much.  Thank You for playing some of your time to Mystereum in a review, yet I prefer zero to not paying attention.  When in Rome Ya know?!  If something is non-derivative, it may be best to get into another gear, and express it relative to its own language rather than the is-not-derivative-thus-is-not-relative-to-that-which-it-is-non-derivative-of.  I don’t think I would try to translate Latin with Sanskrit.  My feeling in public response here is that one person’s misinterp as “fluffy bunny” is simply a potential manner of interp/misinterp of the higher-octave-of-finding-the-workability-present-in-any-situation.  So, I guess there isn’t a rant.  More of a oh-well-hands-up and no accounting for taste, huh?

What’s this workability thing I’m talking about?  Well, even if you know EVERYTHING that is wrong with something, it still leaves you only one thing.  Everything else.  That’s pretty dang vague, huh?  It certainly may impress some people how many cons you know about something, yet that may simply be your ego conning you into thinking you haven’t wasted all your time being a nay-sayer know-it-all . . . which is to say a buzzkiller, a complainer.  Knowing what’s right about something makes for workability.  Workability can lead to building further value.  Names are important, so are flyswatters.

Back to the regular programming . . .

The Fool in The Land of Mystereum plays 2 visual storytelling parts, appears in 2 cards.  There is The Fool card, and as well The Fool guest stars, makes a cameo appearance in The Tower.  It felt very natural for The Fool to appear in this way a as a large, perennial thread of a card alluding to places in The Land of Mystereum. The place in your life before The Tower.  The place after.  There is also The Wheel and The World.  Why doesn’t The Fool cameo there, too?  There are 4 directions.  The Fool played the 2 directions in the vertical scale of height in the rise of The Tower.  The Wheel and The World run the scale horizontally, cyclically playing out the 2 directions of time and scale.

The Fool appearing

in The Fool card visually expresses the story of a leap of faith of course, yet this expression is the leap of faith that is not literally leaping or jumping.  The Fool’s trust of journey is so thorough in each Fool-step that new golden ground alchemically terraforms up under each new Fool-step.

The Fool appearing

in The Tower card visually expresses the story of The Fool riding in on the Golden Fabric of Truth, the 4-pillared, golden symbol of community, 4 pairs partnering with each other and together neighboring with one another . . . the truth of self and place with others . . . and out of The Fool’s vocal Thor-hammered lightning bolt of truth blast-razing The Tower . . . who is that emerging to say Hello out of the bottom of the lightning bolt as it exits the crumbling Tower?   Well, I’ll be!  Is that The Chariot cameoing here in his corresponding Tarot Birth Card?  Why, yes it is!   Take a walk through your Mystereum deck.  Pick a character, any character.  Have a character scavenger hunt.  How many places do they appear throughout the deck?  Many cards play the chorus of their support cameo for more depthful character contributions to your readings.  Can you find the one card that is totally alone in the deck?  Is there one?

Also, check out the 7’s Birth Card article, and there will also be more on The Chariot once we get to The Presence Of The Chariot in The Land of Mystereum “Presence Of” series.

Best to the ground alchemically rising up to meet your every golden Fool-step along your way!

Check out previous “Presence Of” articles to discover more about the coordinated dynamism present throughout Mystereum.

The Presence Of The Priestess to see her guest starring cameos that further inform cards with her presence in The Land of Mystereum.

Thanks for visiting!  Best to this “Presence Of” series more fully elucidating one of the naturally hidden structures that are alive and well in Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Much like construction documents and specifications . . . suffice it to say that these cameo appearances are a lot like Consultant Coordination . . . strike that . . . they ARE Consultant Coordination of the family of players character to character throughout Mystereum.  Huh.  Who knew? 😉

Enjoy a short video about hidden structures . .  .

Jupiter’s Blessings,


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Enjoy the personality of this fountain pen sketch by Ewa! Stunning, personality that wonderfully flows. What are your words for this amazing work?

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