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Soul-Seat Silverback Heartfelt Hierophant Seating Self

Stone By Stone A Pyramid of Self Is Built

Epochal Cairns for Paths Are Set


UPDATE 061220:

I Dedicate this Blog Post to Dr. Martin Luther King, assassinated 52 years ago on April 5th, 1967.

May his memory and energy and work and wisdom be blessings and inspirations to enhance and reinforce and strengthen inroads within each of us to strengthen the fabric of our human community, together.

~ Amen, Awomenhotep. Anon-binary. ~

Milestone Cairn Time of Life

And, A Step Was Taken

When simply commenting on another’s blog…

(Formatting a bit unjuiced from copy and paste. And, Autocorrect often writes thing fo me that I didn’t Nintendo. No apologies for that. Proof-reading goes to far places to be clear, and then AutoCorrect can be a bully to fluidly writing. 🙂 )

Jordan Hoggard

Krigsgaldr. Rather than war and violence, I felt the Powerful ritual and process over ages of shamanic dismemberment finding Self. Regardless of the words I embrace and resonate with to put to it, the visual story may very well come across to everyone in an ‘all similar, each unique’ way as much as we are All different, like everyone else. Powerful. An epic movie short.

Holly Troy

“the shamanic dismemberment finding Self” – I feel like so many of us are going through this right now. Or we can allow this global strange time to be this, the rite of passage to the Self.

Holly Troy

“the shamanic dismemberment finding Self” – I feel like so many of us are going through this right now. Or we can allow this global strange time to be this, the rite of passage to the Self.

the theme continues . . .

Jordan Hoggard

Yes, and not to be smug or condescending in any way, though what I most enjoy In this time about that, is that that rite of passage to the Self, the child becoming the parent of the Man, The Temple In (Wo)Man and Temple Of (Wo)Man occurred for me in 1991 during my architectural thesis in a psychospiritual set of experiences over 3 months brought forth by my thesis itself, a house for me — catalyzed by my whole life up to that point realizing things I had taken responsibility for, though shouldn’t have (parent’s divorce 15 years prior) — and will continue to occur in small and large ways throughout the rest of my life. This time, now, is gifting me a more unfettered sense of clarity in action. Rather than kneeling at the Altar of Self, I am more reverently seeing the world, and ironically enough, notice I don’t cuss so much now.

Jordan Hoggard

Add, Truthfully, I kinda miss the cussing. It’s amazing the molecular things we adapt to that can cause change across the board. The cussing was actually a barb or poison of sorts. It wasn’t seen that way then, though now, there’s a diff tenor to the poetry of it. Adaptation, part of change, part of process, part of slow-form evolution.

Jordan Hoggard

New comment, as in a sense it belays my last…
Something about the living petroglyphs in the Krigsgaldr video, something about your post, something about my comments above now expressed out here, something about the people I’ve interacted with here since I came out of a 5+-year radio silence… expressed and birthed and framed a new perspective for me.

Yes, rite of passage in 1991, very powerfully. And, yes many many crushing and spendorous things between then and now. Though, 5 years ago, out of necessity, I took a J.O.B. As Director of Purchasing & Coordination for a company 5 years ago — the people are great, and it’s a solid 2-way street. I won;t mention the company name, as… ya know… work-life balance. This is my work, and that is also my work. Though, this is in support of what I need in life. And, I started 3+ years of bi-weekly Brainspotting Therapy/Counseling. Someone recently expressed to me, “DAYum. Hard core.” I tend to go all in like that. It’s simply my Nature which I find wonderfully cool and resonant.

2 weeks before the shutdown, I was startled awake be a feeling of celebration. Still very liminal, still very ??? Dafuq???, though it was there. Being awakened to the resonance with a high honor given to me several years before — my deck listed 39 out of 50 Top Most Essential Decks (Of all time) by The Tarosophy Tarot Association. Like to took me that long to own it and just say, “Thank you.” Which, of course I had before, though felt a consummate “Thank you” to myself in that liminal moment.

I sat there in the dark. Steeped in it without words or figuring out what this meant. I only had the feeling of, “don’t pollute this with words. There’s more here than you know.”

And, it came. A creative Ex. Not that I broke up with it, just that in 2012 it was complete, and now suddenly as it came rushing forth to greet me, only semi-complete, it had evolved from its chrysalis to unfurl its wings. 8 years of unconscious gestation? Yup, at least to me. It had been active, though, providing its own formative years to itself. It was the 78 Divination Spreads inspired by my art, though now… Now, it came with the same name alluded to in my Tarot deck and book. ImaginAction.

So, two weeks before the 3/19 – 3/20 shutdown, I turned back to wade into this intense pool of my own creation. And yes, with a bit of trepidation in, “Am I creatively strong enough to not get consumed?, and Fantasia style wand it and conduct it into… hmmm, what am I conducting?, and into what?”

The 11-page Creation story spilled out of me as if I was taking dictation, was a story I’d reverently kept to myself, never spoken of before. The 10-page easy-to-use How-To method just tracked 1 by 1 by 1 start to finish to… enter into several hundred hours of file prep to set up to assemble the pdf for consistency start to finish. I had woken up to start to finish a project not even on my radar until then. Isn’t the not-knowing and going with its serendipity grand?!! And, Voila! There it was. ImaginAction.

Thing is. ImaginAction may be the biggest, most wonderfully robust thing I’ve ever created, though that’s not where I am going here in this comment.

Something about the living petroglyphs in the Krigsgaldr video, something about your post, something about birthing ImaginAction, something about my comments above now expressed out here, something about interacting with people who currently inspire me beyond my historical friends (My Friend Fred for example) and something about a shift that just occurred now, and was seemingly always occurring throughout the past milestone cairn that was building itself over the last 8 weeks… expressed and birthed and framed a new perspective for me.

That perspective. I haven’t had fear and anxiety about this pandemic. At all. In fact, I;ve come into joy and excitement, and not the Freudian minor hysteria type. I even felt a bit ashamed and tentative at one point that I shouldn’t express what I felt as it might seem to demean the vast and real feelings of fear and grief others were legitimately and strugglingly going through. Though, that wasn’t what I was going through, and I came to terms with the experiential fact that these things aren’t relative. Each of us grieves differently, and each of us grieves differently each time. And, I should in no way apologize for feeling that something clicked, and I resoundingly opened to my way. LOL. I came out so to speak in regards to the gravity of my ideas, even if for none other than myself, to love my work again.

That perspective is that. It is what it is. Sometime around two weeks before this all this shit hit the fan across the human community, I woke up and nestled in to seat in myself and my work again. And, more naturally This time. And, dare I say, though feel it to be so… I may have just seated another natural notch into the Heartfelt Hierophant of my Soul Seat. That sure goes to 11.

Thank you for being part of that. You and Paul and other wonderful people I have interacted with have provided a perspective from you continuing your work through these times, and adapting. That’s part and party to my nestling in to… not a 6-speed turbo convertible This time, or my current car, which LOL needs brakes… nestling in to seat in myself, soulfully, and actively through my creative works.

Thank you Holly & Paul. Thank you for being part of stacking the stones of this milestone cairn time. And, thank you to you other 6 who plussed my sense of the world being wonderful, especially if you didn’t know you were.

6 Epic Spiral of Giving and Receiving + 1 Shout-outs to… in no order

I place no “What they do” here. I wouldn’t want to pigeon-hole your serendipity. Check them out. Poke around, and look at the breadth they offer. Heck, potatoe chips? More substantial than that, though still can’t have just one. I suggest to explore them. Enjoy the serendipity of what you find…

Holly & Paul            Bonnie Cehovet (Sho-Vay)           Karen Sealey

Christina Schmidt            Jane Lurie           Joliesattic           Cristian Mihai


Afloat in clarity is a Hanged Man phrase.

I’ll go with that.

Well, +

Thank you All!,

and to everyone who has followed to come here.

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

Click the title to download ImaginAction at no charge

The pdf is 18MB. Depending on your connection, it may take a bit. Again, no charge. My intent is not that it’s free. No charge, and you determine the value. Download for nada. Please tip at BuyMeACoffee and/or comment and/or Like the post AFTER you’ve had an opportunity to work with it. And, on your own time. No fuss, no rush. You decide its value to you in your own good time, in your way. Money currency, the currency of liking, commenting, sharing, re-blogging. I simply ask tht you value ImaginAction in your own way, even if that’s simply looking out the window and smiling from it if you do. That kind of thing, that kind of energy put out there makes to world a better place to be.

Downloading? No charge. Your tip/comment/like? Priceless.

I look forward to what ImaginAction feels like from YOUR perspective.

(c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard



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The Empress’ Son…


The Hanged Man

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XII The Hanged Man

I give you a place of your own to clearly float fully supported in your mind to activate your crown chakra further. I identify with the Chrysalis, am as fully supportive as I am afloat in clarity. Enlightenment, be it temporary, long lasting, and/or indelible

I gift you a place of your own to clearly float fully supported in your unconscious and imagination to activate your crown chakra further. I identify with the Chrysalis, am as fully supportive as I am afloat in clarity. Enlightenment, be it temporary, long lasting, and/or indelible. That’s what I’m about. I love that shit! Fill my ‘afloat in clarity’ qualities into your creative fuel tank. Your creative octane levels may just go wayyyy up. Maybe even like filling up the silver Audi TT S 6-speed convertible with baseball leather seats with 112 octane motorcycle fuel to shift n corner BayBE in the mountains on a Saturday drive. How can I enhance, reinforce, and strengthen your creativity? Are you comfortable with your own Nature and the not-knowing, while getting things full-on done? I am. Please use that for yourself. It’s my gift to you. I am calm. I’m solid with the fluid fluencies of my developed energies.

You see, I find talent to be great, though innate. What’s really cool is when you develop your talents, develop them into rockin’ abilities. Then you are still calm, though at higher octave and octane levels of intensity. I’ve said more here than when written into the book that is my home in The Land of Mystereum. Heck, ask me again tomorrow.

I feel that frequent, periodic enlightenment seeds wisdom into your Soul Garden. Please don’t have a false sense of humility about enlightenment. Any time you’re inspired, or experience beauty, or resonate with something, that’s a glimpse of enlightenment. My way is that it’s your job to keep those experiences. Keep it. Keep them. Invest in yourself with them, as I hear that stuff lasts a lifetime.

What is YOUR Natural creative way? How can you gift yourself with me, The Hanged Man, to enhance and embrace furthering that?

~ The Hanged Man from Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

Microsoft Word - ImaginAction Cover.docx

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Click to download your copy of ImaginAction

(c) 2020 Jordan Hoggard


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Threes: Birth-Placing Clarity

Threes: Birth-Placing Clarity

The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress :: XXI ~ XII ~ III

Welcome to my Tarot Birth Card Identity Blog!  This blog is intended to be a simple overview of Tarot Birth Cards, a casual and concise walk-through of the groupings of Birth Cards to express some of the ways that they can contribute vital components to identity.  Also, I will layer in Birth Card Preludes to express the whole of each Birth Card grouping in a short and integrated statement.  You may also find the Preludes to be expansive catalysts, too.

I find that these Preludes, as I like to call them, turbo-readings of sorts, are best stated afterward, later to be utilized as initial triggers to remind one of how the Birth Cards can integrate an overall expression of the Birth Cards from a single voice.  And, they can of course be utilized first in a way like a Significator Card comprised of, in this case all 3.  Enjoy finding your own path with these, and look forward to hearing your own, personal “trigger” Preludes and Birth Card thoughts directly composed from your feeling-sense of them in Your Tarot voice.

Note also how these Birth Card expressions and Preludes factor in to hook up and work with my videos like the  Twos To Pair and Grounding with the Family of the Fours.  Enjoy the correspondences of the numbers as they flow back and forth between the Major Arcana in the Birth Cards and each of the suits of the Minor Arcana and Courts in the videos.  Also, I encourage you to have some fun and come up with Preludes on your own for the Aces through the Tens, and as well Your Royal Court characters.

So, to start for example with this 3-card Birth Card combo, the first card can represent a person’s Outer Expression.  The 2nd card can be their Added Incentive.  And, the 3rd card can represent their Inner Expression.

So for example with the Birth Card Chart combo of a XXI, XII, III; 21, 12, 3; The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress:

21 is the Outer Expression    12 is the Added Incentive     3 is the Inner Expression

For a 21, 3 combo:
21 is the Outer Expression    3 is the Inner Expression.  A Prelude of your own making can create and make your own brand of an Added Incentive integrated, hiding in plain sight, and /or simply inherent from your perspective.
So, let’s get started walking through the the 3’s shall we?

[ XXI ~ XII ~ III ]   [ 21 ~ 12 ~ 3 ]
Note how the numbers of these cards add up to 3, and thus correspond with the Threes in general, and my Mystereum Tarot and the Threes video. If you resonate with the videos on my YouTube Channel, please share them, and spread the word far and wide about Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. Feel free to embed them on your blog or site. Wholehearted thanks if you do!

3’s Birth Card Prelude: With The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress as your Birth Cards you have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term.  A Birth Card Prelude can be as simple as a few words, and as inviting and expansive as the title of a book, the ever-evolving book of You!

See how this simple Prelude statement expresses the 3 character as facets of one personality:
The World~expansive    The Hanged Man~afloat in clarity  Empess~carry to full term

Putting them back together again as an integrated Prelude statement: With The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress as your Birth Cards you have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term.  Does this strike chords to resonate with you? Are you comfortable with the not-knowing while consistently being actionable, getting things done?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The World card represents your Outer Expression.  This is how most people ‘see’ you in the world.  The World card is known for its ability to endure and support many complex systems. With The World card representing your Outer Expression enhance your natural ability to work with boundary-less concepts across the board. Know that you cast a wide net. If you have strong Neptune in your Astro Chart may I suggest to wring your sponge often to squeeze out foreign intensities that may fetter your clarity, and enhance and reinforce clear expressions without unnecessary inclusions. Influence can be grand, though after experiencing intensity notice how cats and dogs, other animals, too, literally shake it off. Some thing this an adrenalin dump. I find it freshening, shakes off encumbrances, like switching gears to enhance movement.

The Hanged Man represents your Added Incentive.  This is a card of being afloat in clarity, and what many call enlightenment. And, enlightenment may not be a constant state once reached, may not even be a stable state. Though, from my experience it happens more than people know. Glimpses. Tastes. Theosophic visions, i.e. awakedreams. I’m not qualified here to make a distinction between an awake dream or theosophic vision and an hallucination. A Psychologist might better speak to that. When The Hanged Man is part of your Added Incentive you can expect to feel clear and comfortable in most any situation in your life. Are you able to stand in intense situations and simply experience? Are you able to not absorb, and simply be present and experience without words, simply provide a mirror of truth to whatever comes your way?

The Empress represents your Inner Expression. This, like the High Priestess, is a side of you that only your closest family and friends ‘see’ — notice the character in The Empress all Golden and at full term. It’s The High Priestess character in Mystereum who gave form to The Magician’s formless inception. She conceived. The Empress then carries that sequence to full term from her Yoniverse, that from which all things emanate. The Empress as your Inner Expression symbolizes that you nurture abundance as you carry things to full term, willfully, actionably, and naturally. Do you have an ability to be the consummate, soulful gardener of your life? Does your vast strength come from within?

And, to simply return to the Prelude . . . the 3’s Birth Card Prelude: With The World ~ The Hanged Man ~ The Empress as your Birth Cards you have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term, and I would like to show this again to show how simple this simple Prelude statement expresses the 3 characters as facets of one personality . . . how simple something that is both integrative AND expansive can be:

The World ~ You have abilities to expansively

The Hanged Man ~ feel afloat in clarity

The Empress ~ as you abundantly carry things to full term.

Putting them back together again: You have abilities to feel expansively afloat in clarity as you abundantly carry things to full term.  Enjoy your Birth Card Prelude as the cadence of a heartbeat to energize the things you do.  Have a depthful blast creating and making your own.  Have your ideas, and then put them together just so in just Your way!
I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and find it useful in your process as you further enhance and freely emancipate your own, personal Tarot voice!

Until next time!

Jupiter’s Blessings,

~ Jordan & The Land of Mystereum

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