Listen As If Without Self to Center and Engage the Experience of You

06 Oct
Listen As If Without Self to Center and Engage the Experience of You

I would suggest that the meditation here is to embrace the Music and lyrics and experience all of your perspectives with out engaging any. And, then listen with a choice to listen with one of your perspective themes engaged.

Digital Daggers ~ The Demon Within

~ I suggest the Demon Within is anxiety. Can you stand sovereign inside when inner demons arise to T-bone you and simply raise your inner eyebrows and give them The Look? They are certainly younger than you, though they may have joined the Archetypal A-Team and engaged untold power. Well, they’re within you, so that power is yours to harness right? ~

I refer to the 7 of Pentacles as The Soul Gardener Card, an Inner Tree of Life. Wald Amberstone refers to the 7 of Pentacles as The Depth of Above — note the back foot in the RWS deck out over the clouds not on the ground. Hence, a Depth of Above, a Soul Gardener of You. And, in the Tarot in the Land of Mystereum 7 of Pentacles? Enter through the architectural border portal. Gaze through the foliage down to the sky. Where’s the character? Where’s the person? Well, that would be you! Even in a card with no people, there is still one… You. What do you do to Soul Garden?

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A Meditative Suggestion in Regards to Music

Rather than listen to the words as being from one person to another, or the artist to you or to another, will you allow the words to be yours spoken to you and your internal community? As if a play produced by you about you? Some of them may fall flat and not apply. Don;t engage because they are simply there. Discern without judgment.

Then again, some may spark something inside with this listening exercise. Dance along to your play if you feel to. Or Laugh. Or Cry. Or go Silent and Be. Give it a go. See what happens when you turn the framing and windows and doors and hearth of poetry/lyrics set on a music foundation inward to speak to yourself as if they originated from you to you, You as Your Inner Architect.

Digital Daggers ~ Nothing’s Broken

Au/Ra ~ Dance in the Dark

The Both~And of The Civil Wars

KintsuKuroi of Self Readings for Your Inner Golden Splendor to flow up and fill the fault lines between tectonic life-shifts. Kintsukuroi, the Art of things being more valuable for having been broken, put back together with the gold lacquer of connections in celebration of the experiences. Kintsukuroi You as only you can. Kintsukuroi of Self Readings coming soon.

Your Life, Your Way

Best to Being Into a Great Week!!

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