Kintsukuroi Your Heart Progression. Stage III Complete + Notes (Public Version)

06 Oct
Kintsukuroi Your Heart Progression. Stage III Complete + Notes (Public Version)

Spread Complete With Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

I Took

I took this spread in stages. Lately, I’ve had more Major Arcana showing up than not. That indicates an important time in my life — please steal that idea into your readings as a free reading tip..

So, I approached this reading as a Turbo Reading, though took the time to allow it to steep. Call it a Hybrid in respect of the way it’s particular identity presents.

One, were more Majors going to continue to show up? And two, if they were I was going to be DAYum sure to receive the gift of the message as a long-form intensity to recalibrate, and not a BAM of a one-hit wonder.

Over the Summer and this Fall I’ve had a grouping of Major honors come together, Oscars of sorts in the Divination Community. That in itself provides a quality of reinforcement to enhance and strengthen the way I receive my readings when I read for myself. It is an important time in general. It is an important time, personally. I both respect that and steep in it. And. I also do not sit idly for it to pass me by. Surf your celestial groove, BayBEE.

In Regards to the Public Version

In regards to the Public Version of this spread’s notes. I will not go into goals and action items and implementation procedures for the personal policy I write for myself. I am leaving it at the level of the initial Turbo Reading with the intent to share. Some may be able to mine it for gold about our current time. My stuff is great for me, though might not resonate in any way in general with another except to induce interference patterns. So, I kept the notes to the scale of the initial Turbo Reading.

Co-Creation on the Fly

So, the Quaternal Journey of the Emperor spread, a co-creation on the fly in an Albuquerque Tarot Tribe Meetup Session With several of us, was a collaboration that I felt to participate in personally By utilizing it for this reading. Hey! Fresh bread is excellent for a set-you-up-for-success sandwich — add the Dill Havarti to the Roast Beef with Brown Mustard, etc.

The below Turbo Reading notes come from the discretion of Client Privilege. I am my own client here, so this is even more than I would convey from client readings, as those are private without question. They are theirs. Though, this is mine. In this important time in my life and in the word I feel to share this spread result so that others in the DIvination Community or Community at large might benefit.

To Dial In To Life Kintsukuroi Style

The Quaternal Journey of the Emperor Spread sets up a 4-card reading. So, last week I sat down to dial into it just in advance of and into the Full Moon*. (See “ clarification below). I drew the 1st 4 cards. I steeped in them. I usually draw a clarifier card for Majors to activate them more as the Majors are Archetypes, and I draw until I get something other than a Major to dial into actionable gigs to generate daily/weeklymonthly/annual action items dependent on the Minor’s element.

Pentacles — Annual
Cups — Monthly
Wands — Weekly
Swords — Daily

On a recent blog it came to me that, Well, OK! As I continued to draw Majors to clarify a Major. You EverReady Bunny Majors! This can only go on for another 19 more cards as I already have 3 Majors in this reading, 2 even to clarify the last Major. Excellent smile born of that. That spread is Available here. I love the experience of that spread, am still working with it in tandem with this one.

Back to the Point

Back to the point of this 3rd in this series to publicly track through a spread so people can watch something be built.

Set the Concrete Foundation Forms Over a Week-ish

10/1/20 I drew the 4 cards. Major in the spread, and another Major as the final card. I decide to let that steep. Give it the proper reverence in Silence and pause and directly work with it.

10/4 I draw 2 cards to clarify the last Major of the initial draw. I also let that steep. I give those the proper reverence in Silence and pause and directly work with them to steep and incorporate and outline my actionable gigs from them. This feels like making a soufflé. SO much prep work for the final 45 minutes in the oven. Good stuff. Isn’t the prep work almost the more important stuff? I mean, seriously. Aren’t you then dealing with your whole life up to that point? I don’t know about you, though I certainly work that way. The present is the tip of the iceberg, and I’m always surprised that metaphor doesn’t melt with the rockin’ forces in play.

10/6 I draw the card for the QueenS and how he Queens support The Empress and the way those Empress energies actively burst forth into my life.

And, Here is the Foundation. Concrete Poured into the Forms, and It Now Begins To Cure

That curing is a 28-day process, Many things occur between now and then, though here is the initial formwork that received the concrete pour of my card draws. The goals and implementation procedures I will actionably craft to set myself up for success with this are private, my own. Though again, I feel this particular reading provides a great, experiential teaching tool and was simply too experiential for others not to benefit. So, there;s the rationale for the share of a personal reading.

How Do You Craft the Chapter Headings of Card Indications When You Turbo Read This Spread?

  • Oh, the * above in regards to the Moon Above. It is technically not a Blue Moon with two Full Moons in this month. To clarify, a Blue Moon is when there are four Full Moons in a 3-month season. That necessarily indicates a month will have two, though as well there may be a month without one. Technically, a Blue Moon is the 4th Full Moon in any given 3-month Season cycle. I love that I cross-checked mySELF into the Blue Line wall last week when I discovered I’d had that wrong for over 2 decades. Hail clarity of vision. Always complete, never finished. Cool to learn something!

How Do You Craft the Chapter Headings of Card Indications When You Turbo Read This 4-Card Spread That Ended Up With 10 Cards?

KintsuKuroi of Self Readings

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