Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 13th to Oct 19th Week

13 Oct


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In general this week feel your down-to-earth-spirit playfully integrating new emotions resonantly.  Release to unfold and reveal natural new directions that awaken big and new reciprocal cycles as “YOU only NEW!” to make thoughtful decisions while communicating with touch and with a magical focus on the vast plateau of your communications.  In other words… Rock it YOUR way this week without fail!  Sound vague? Inform it with your Scope!

TarotScope Allies for Your Oct 13th to Oct 19th 2013 Week

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ V The Hierophant

down-to-earth spirit, wisdom, activated spirit, indomitable spirit

down-to-earth spirit, wisdom, activated spirit, indomitable spirit

Libra,  This week is a good one to comfortably lead with your down-to-earth spirit.  Be firm without having a heavy hand.  Keep in mind those things in your life that you have spent great care and attention toward establishing.  They will provide you with invisible supports at every turn.  Call them invisi-bridges, or the magical twilight between things.  Be very aware of transitions and segues this week as the way you move from one thing to another may become an experience in itself.  These places or spaces between things, between ideas, between meetings, between projects, etc have the potential to give you fresh-start carpe diem energies for each and every thing you do this week.  You may feel full of zest and zeal in an almost effortless way through the whole of each work day this week.  Respecting that, mind to rest and decompress after work each day to respect just how much energy you used, and make your own magical twilight dusk to resonantly bridge into your evening.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ Page of Cups

energetic play, letting the crown chakra flow with expert skill in play

energetic play, letting the crown chakra flow with expert skill in play

Scorpio, This week allow a sense pf playfulness in your emotions to sow you new things coming in that you can develop for your highest good. Play and dance and singing and the arts. Do things that are themselves expressions of you at your higher octaves.  The theme for this week for you may well be expert skill in play without a care in the world as to the why and how of it. Pay attention to the whats, to the substance of what you are doing like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers do not say 1 2 3 4 cha cha.  They simply dance and people tend to get wide-eyed and smiling WOWs.  That’s your week.  On point and in the groove bringing fulfilling new things that have come in or you have brought in to the fore to be worked and developed with the fresh eyes of a prodigy child.  The Pages may all be prodigy children, and they can help you amaze yourself this week with your great work.  Take the attitude this week of a child who will balk at things that aren’t fun with, “What’s the point?” And, for those things you are required to do that move in like chores, make ’em fun.  Find a way to play them through to completion.  Find a way to play things through to completion this week AS what you are doing to develop them.  Be flexible, too.  Your intentions may be great, though potentially a tad bit over-rated in the light of how they come across in what you do with them.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ 10 of Swords

anguish, release, essence revealed, rock bottom is a dang strong place to stand

anguish, release, essence revealed, rock bottom is a dang strong place to stand

Sagittarius, So, did you finally get to the drop-dead-deadline of rock bottom with something recently? Even if you resolved it, some of what drove it may still be lingering. Stomp your feet.  Rock bottom is a dang strong place to stand.  Raise up your arms with a big smile and forcefully exhale and release, literally blow out all the residual bad stuff that is now still lingering like chaff on the wheat of you.  Like a great wind exHALE that stuff out to the garden as your own, personal compost.  You made it!  Credit yourself for that, and get on with it!  You probably have lots to do now, and that is a good problem to have.  Don’t do too much this week.  Don’t do too little.  Get in the celestial Goldilocks groove and do things just right. Establish a new pace for yourself and tick things off your lists one by one.  Across this week you may begin to feel a snowball flowing from your combined efforts that is now in your favor.  Trust the wonderful emptiness of those places where “enough is enough,” and feel how much less resistance you have now in your thoughts.  I suggest not to revisit the past.  Instead, do a little swimming upstream against the current to warm you back up.  New life comes from swimming upstream, and there’s a lot of new life there just for the taking.  Go out and meet it and dance with new life this week.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ The Fool

journey, natural expressions, new directions

journey, natural expressions, new directions

Capricorn, This week look for what really aspirates your inner engine, what really gets you going.  It will serve you well to discern, more fall into, the natural new directions to take and also refresh the current directions to shake off the extra.  Shake it shake it shake it like a wet dog and get that air into your coat.  You might want to view Fire and Earth and Water as an inner trinity for Air this week.  You might also want to feel your way around to group that elemental inner trinity with you AS air this week to make a quaternity, Realize there’s an n + 1 quality going on in most things, and certainly going on there.  As your own trinity + 1 making quaternity, all of your efforts along the path in the places you go then header themselves in under a 5th element, the Aether / Ether / Spirit.  Allow the Air alone this week to brighten your spirit with big breaths from above.  This will be a very numinous week for you.  You can aspirate that bright quality further even by bringing what braces or supports you more into play along your path.  Those things that both brace AND support you are like your Below.  They can be depthful, chthonic.  And the chthonic is a tonic for the Soul.  With your Spirit and Soul really working in your favor this week, play with your own Chthonic Numinosity.  More simply said?  Be whole this week.  You are not broken. You may simply be feeling and experiencing the “always complete, never finished” quality of process and deadlines.  There’s an old architectural drawing room statement, “You can’t draw all the nails.”  This week I suggest not drawing any nails.  Note them in your specs as to number and type and leave it at that.  Include the nails and details as metaphors for assumed details, and keep on keepin’ on with those things that really aspirate your inner engine this week. Figure out how you jump and leap this week.  What may be a small step at a large scale for you may be a leap of faith at smaller scales for others.  Work that pulse back and forth in the scale of your steps.  Left right. Left right…

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ Knight of Wands

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

Aquarius, This is a great week for awakening new energies.  Are new energies stirring that you are aware of in yourself and then prominently coming forward right into your scene?  Allow them to fully come into being on their own without helping or interfering this week.  You want to neither set the tone for people to play the bird with the broken wing nor simply aspire to be victims this week.  The talking feather idea may help you pace how you interact this week.  When listening, get quiet enough to hear.  Don’t try to remember talking points until the other’s proper pause indicates the ball has come back over to you.  Then, at that point whatever comes to mind will fluidly resonate as the memorable good stuff.  Address that and only that.  Things are going to be a bit uncertain this week, though treat it like a birth.  Take stock in knowing you are probably already prepared for who gets a pink cigar and who gets a blue one.  Make sure your fire is there for all and resonate in the energy you provide.  Play your selfless cards this week. It’s a great week to juice up your centered qualities by outright ignoring them, and operating in ways where others are engaged more fully.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ X The Wheel

epochal-cycle Om-Libra punning,  cycles, orbits, luck

epochal-cycle Om-Libra punning, cycles, orbits, luck

Pisces, Have you come to a point of fully sensing a whole, new, epochal cycle in yourself and in your life as this week begins?  This week has the potential for you to open up and expand just-so in your own just-right Goldilocks way.  Your Scope is short this week.  Simply own up and into what’s there for you and full-on capitalize on it.  I rarely play the short-Scope card, though this week is full-on YOURS!  Play into the natural, new cycles you have made form, and do it big-time this week!

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ VI The Lovers

vitality, reciprocality, powerful witness

vitality, reciprocality, powerful witness

Aries, Well, this week your energetic potential feels to be at a saWEETLY prime level.  Go with it.  Make those wonderfully epic interchanges in style in ways only you can.  Mind that only reciprocal things are important this week.  Don;t stop to address every barking dog along the way.  Go ahead and piss off those neighbors with your love-making.  It’s their problem that it sets them off.  Encapsulate yourself in your Other, your Love, and both-and your work.  This week is not an either/or proposition for you.  This is a both-and kind of week.  Play your tune in your best ways, and receive and listen just as best-ly.  It will definitely take two this week, so look into discerning your cards you deal and choose so to speak from a perspective of reciprocality.  The old Cherokees expressed to not let yesterday use up too much of today.  And, lovingly, embrace Anais Nin’s, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Your week is yours to enjoy.  You are either Fred or Ginger.  Note the dance as you become each of them dancing with the Other this week.  If nothing else, your love for yourself will deepen, and that’ll serve you well to listen even better and more effectively next week.  This week concentrate and meditate not on fitting in but how you naturally participate.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ XVI The Tower

big change, world-altering, emancipating

big change, world-altering, emancipating

Taurus, This week keep in mind how you are you only new.  Like a bright-eyed child of your same gender walking up to you after a WOW kind of event… think and feel into that. There is melee and destruction and chaos-central, though in the midst of it, this child approaches you for comfort.  In their nervousness the child starts to gatlin-gun with all sorts of questions which you naturally respond to with ease… until, giving yourself all kinds of higher octave credit, you realize you are responding with ease… and the child goes stunned silent right at the point of your realization. You cock your head and, “Who are you?,” you ask.  The child lights back up. “I’m YOU, silly, only NEW!”  This is a week to be fully yourself.  And, fir those of you in a relationship or a roickin’ly rockin’ relationship with yourself… you have the opportunity this week for explosiveness,  Heck, world-altering orgasm is not out of the question when you step up and at the same time are comfortable with the not-knowing.  It feels like you have had a big chaff-release recently, and this week you are in for one heck of a release in WOW kinds of positive ways.  Don’t play your cards too close to your chest this week.  You are out there already.  Discern your hand, though play the serendipity card.  It may be the Crazy Eight, though I’m betting it is no Old Maid.  Rev it up this week!  “The world is your oyster” may feel to pale at as a statement at the end of your week compared to now.

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 2 of Swords

decision time, balanced opposites in ideas, upcoming decisions, mirrored thoughts, focusing to think and see in a new way

decision time, balanced opposites in ideas, upcoming decisions, mirrored thoughts, focusing to think and see in a new way

Gemini, It’s decision time for you this week.  Have you been weighing and contrasting one thing versus the other?  Well, time to move on from that.  Decide and allow new decision-making scenarios to occupy that space.  Basically, this week, poop or get off the pot is the mantra.  Go ahead and see things differently the way you do when you focus on them.  Use that. Take it to heart. Though, deCIDE!  This week is a penultimate time for you to get back into that active gear you’ve always known,  Maybe you decide to find the ultimate pen.  Maybe you decide to make THAT decision.  It’s more important this week that you keep your proper distance from goings-on so that you can make an informed decision from a spectator perspective.  Play the cards close to the heart this week, though don’t baby-with-a-broken-wing them.  Put them out there as YOU think best.  Odds are you will be sharp this week and cut through BS.  At the same time make darn sure your decisions fon;t add to the BS.  You have a big opportunity this week to orchestrate things the way you think fit.  Bag off of your feelings for a bit.  Go with your head.  Your thoughts are going to be showing you a whole different side of things.  This week keep in mind that semantics are often just that… some antics.  Your heart’s there, though go with your head this week.

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 6 of Swords

Full communication as the bones of your exchange

Full communication as the bones of your exchange

Cancer, This week just stop taking on more.  You have plenty of things to occupy your mind which are making even more things to fill up your schedule.  Focus on what you think rather than what others think.  It’s a big week for not interfering with others by playing the exchange of quiet watchfulness to keep yourself abreast though at a safe distance.  Getting in too far this week will serve to give you the full force of any blasts that occur.  Hang back in your larger comfort zone and simply resonate with them with perspective.  You may begin to start thinking about things from a whole different perspective.  Use that to interject.  Simply use that to interject with perspective this week rather than playing into the scene on the ground so to speak.  Call yourself the Intellectual General this week.  Issuing commands will be debilitating.  Issue suggestions so they flow and cascade through the ones potentially utilizing them.  Delegate ideas rather than tasks this week.  The people you gift them to will know what to do with them… or find and figure out along the way.  Be comfortable with your thoughts as you go through the week.  You have plenty of thought I bet. Don’t tilt yourself to unbalanced.  Your thoughts feel to be set.  Allow them to cascade through others and filter through and direct what actually gets done this week.  Delegate ideas rather than directives this week.  Then, take a deep breath and watch how things play out.  Don;t be piggy in the middle this week.  You are in control more like Oz behind the curtain.  Allow things to play out.

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ I The Magician

Notice the eclipse WITHIN the sun, and the magically watching eye-wings as vision to take you new places... focus so intense that it dilates time to open

Notice the eclipse WITHIN the sun, and the magically watching eye-wings as vision to take you new places… focus so intense that it dilates time to open

Leo, Play your first sparks this week,  Lead with your inspirations,  Your focus this week may be so naturally intense that your time feels to dilate AND all but even stop to give your big ideas room to roam and introduce themselves to be put in place. Play your magic.  Your Scope as well isn’t very long much like another one of your fellow signs.  No matter.  This week you may see things in a way that invigorates you.  Details may be the perfect inroad to your big picture.  Allow your details to become a portal, an entry point, to catalyze and juice up your bigger picture.  Don’t dwell on the details, though  Rather, allow how you bring them to cascade through you to determine how you place them to play out best, and allow them to without interference.  This week, if something isn’t magical, then table it.  You have an opportunity to put your absolute best foot forward.  Anything short of stellar would be best relegated rather than delegated to the back burner.  Keep secondary ideas warm this week, though play your best hand forward. Doing so, you might magically surprise yourself with the results this week.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ 8 of Swords

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

note the Shadow Hand, noticing and releasing false beliefs, expectations as chaff from wheat cascading away

Virgo, Play the big plateau of comms ALL over the place this week.  They’re really not all over the place.  You’ve simply come to a place where there a lot of them. Allow them to roam, and bring them forward as you choose.  They’re not going anywhere even if you think they’ve gone out of sight.  I bet they are all playing their gigs and tootin’ their own horns to start their band.  Allow your thoughts to play,  They’ll gig into their own form so when you decide to play them, they’ll be ready.  Go ahead and bag out your sense of air traffic control. You as pilot need far fewer distractions.  Hop into your pilot or race car driver mode and let the influences and experiences come and fall where they may.  You are the Pit and Garage Engineer this week.  Keep a grand eye on your pilot rather than the prize.  You are at the helm from afar this week.  They will come to you.  You have enough to do without worrying about too much follow-up.  Keep a strong focus on your work at hand.  Allow outside thoughts to resonate only when you think to do so.  There may be a few unsettling fly-bys to your air traffic control tower this week.  Simply put out a sign on your air traffic control tower this week, “Gone flyin’!  Probably right behind you!”  Change your voicemail message and email footer / signature to more reflect who you are and the services you provide, and even your projected response times to battle off false sense of urgency.  That in itself may provide you the air traffic control you need this week.  Play with your comms.  You are on a big plateau of communications, and there is plenty of room to do so this week.

How does your TarotScope enhance your week!  If you know your Ascendant / Rising Sign and Moon, you may want to read those, too.  I find it most helpful as they often seem provide a message that enhances the sun sign in ways more resonant with one’s personality.  Comment how your Scope is an ally for your week, and touch base mid-week to see how it’s providing you more effective workability in your schedule and in your life.  Till next time.

Even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the card portal.

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