Weekly Mystereum TarotScopes for June 16 to June 22

16 Jun

Your Mystereum TarotScopes ~ for June 16 to June 22, 2013

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Mystereum TarotScopes

Gemini: May 21 – June 20 ~ 3 of Cups

Gemini, this week your energies will be well-placed in interactive groups and get-togethers with friends.  The cycling insights you receive are best to be kept moving through the week to keep them fresh and new until you can really gear into them just after the coming Solstice on Friday. Invite people over or to meet at the park or try a fresh new venue, preferably where you can all be outside and the breeze busses the table of old ideas right away as your laughter and interests set a new table for this next phase of your life.  It’s a big week where you may see the trailheads of feeling milestones crossed in the moment you set foot onto a new path.  Mark the moments of newness by fully enjoying them in the moment this week.

satisfaction, heart's desire, expressions, celebration

satisfaction, heart’s desire, expressions, celebration

Cancer: June 21 – July 22 ~ 5 of Pentacles

Cancer, look at you rockin’ Ye Olde Problem Card.  Of any of the signs, though, you may realize more than most the treasure hidden in what feels like anguish.  Take a big breath and say F**k it as you forcefully exhale and smile.  Do this until you start laughing.  Your warm and established inner light will shine back through.  This week look for the eye in the storm, the treasure in the trash, connective middles that are missing. Use your 2 cents to connect these and plug in to things you might have never seen had you not looked at things in a fresh way.  Seems to me that your 5 of Pents is dragging you by the feet toward a more healthy sense of exchange and healthy, reciprocal gestures if you make good and sure you strengthen your position by being no more at the mercy of the past than you are of old photo albums.  Make some new pictures to feature this week. After the Solstice on Friday, you’ll almost already be a whole week into this new way of viewing yourself and others.

solid emotion as a rite of sacred adornment, release to return to support

solid emotion as a rite of sacred adornment, release to return to support

Leo: July 23 to August 22 ~ Ace of Swords

You bright, bright Leo.  Be the source of the light this week.  Your Ace of Swords is all about sticking to the points sharply.  Let the point you stick to this week be the heart of the matter of things you experience.  It is not recommended to grow from the edges.  Grow and expand from the heartbeat of the matter pulsing in your situations.  Sticking to the point can be a little boring sometimes, so simply review how you do this.  Taking the pulse of an idea or a conversation may be a more up-front Loki way of tricking you into the discipline of sticking to the point this week, and of course once you get into the groove, I’d bet that just because you think something, it may well be right on point this week.  Let that light you wonderfully shine everywhere lend some light speed to your core in the heart of the matter this week.  This week will be more about experience and discovery for you than accomplishments.  Of course the points you stick to and the pulses of ideas you take this week may surprisingly expand into allies in the coming weeks.

sticking to the point, cutting through, quickening

sticking to the point, cutting through, quickening

Virgo: August 23 to September 22 ~ XI Strength

Well, well Virgo.  This is a week for your natural, inner voice to be clearly felt in the world.  This week it is more about THE words you resonate with and use than how many. Visualize yourself as your favorite animal this week and borrow some of their non-verbal cues as clues to how to best express yourself.  Your ears may be a bit more sensitive than you are accustomed to this week as your voice reaches levels of conceptual perfect pitch.  Stand and deliver only when you are ready and on your terms.  Remember, the warm-up is not part of the performance.  When the curtain is up and the mic is live be up and alive and stand and deliver. Bravos and encore performances may well be in your mix this week more than not.

self-control, natural voice, simplicity

self-control, natural voice, simplicity

Libra: September 23 to October 22 ~ XXI The World

DANG, Libra!  Hope you like oysters and pearls because I’d bet that the way you eat wonderfully exotic things may just expand your horizons in huge ways this week.  Take time to mind that there is something just totally rockin’ in every meal.  It doesn’t have to be oysters and caviar.  Heck, hummus and flax seed chips are typically high in iron, look like a fun food snack, and may juice you up to set your sights much, much higher this week.  Consult your physician as I am in no way giving you dietary or medical advice.  I am simply saying to make a list of those healthy, exotic eats that you indulge in occasionally, and have a little with each and every meal.  I’ll sometimes do a condiment dinner theme with hearts of palm and olives and artichoke hearts and broccoli and carrots and dip.  Heck, this week even spruce up your water with your fave citrus or other natural flavoring.  No fake stuff this week.  And, that applies across the board.  If it is not healthy, then it shouldn’t be near.  Think about yourself this way.  If something isn’t broken, well, then don’t break it.  Enhance things this week including the brightness in your eyes by the HOORAY kind of food you eat.  Strange newly great things may venture your way this week.  Be on par to welcome them.

complete cycles, expansive, infinite, milestone in a moment

complete cycles, expansive, infinite, milestone in a moment

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21 ~ 10 of Pentacles

You are the rock in the group this week, Scorp.  Allow yourself to be supportive without a care of receiving in return this week.  It feels like you have that natural ability to be philanthropic this week in the way where you go out to a great dinner with a few friends, and the bill is mysteriously pre-paid and you appear none the wiser.  Use your solidity to unfurl some hopeful and inquisitive mystery into those close to you this week.  Their smiles and animated ways they get activated my be a super return on your investment.  Be present this week and pepper that with some anonymous gifting of various kinds. Use your imagination to come up with at least 10 things for the week to put out there for others.  You may just build quite an electromagnet in the process, and notice how you helping others helps them to help you brighten a room.  Don’t divide and conquer this week.  Spread the wealth as you sit back and smile at how your reach strengthens others.

prosperity, close relationships, solid sharing

prosperity, close relationships, solid sharing

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21 ~ XVIII The Moon

Someone’s going to need to mind their genius and madness this week as Sag Sun  + The Moon card may as well equate to the Devil card.  Mind your intensities this week by exploring them with care and attention.  Your intuitions will be spot-on, and there is an intense indication to infuse your every action with imagination and intuition and your generally wholly-unique-being centaur energy.  Your horse base and human torso make you this uniquely complete being.  This week especially feel that natural, animal connection to the chthonic ground below, and at the same time feel that natural human connection to the numinous sky above.  With the Moon card and the coming Solstice on Friday with the moon in Sagittarius you have a grand opportunity for insightful reflection that you can just about immediately put to good use.  Make lists this week.  You may start to have so many things going on that you want to make sure you rise to each and every occasion without fail.  Review your list or lists just before you go to sleep and just after waking.  Pay attention to yourself first this week as the light may just shine on you from an unseen source.  Don’t out your Scorpio chart-neighbor friends in their anonymous philanthropy antics.  If you can, anonymously play the game with them. Act as innocent as you can. Oh, I forgot.  You’re Sagittarius.  You’re not guilty of much though innocent doesn’t stick to you very believably even when you are.  People expect you to be a troublemaker. You’re good at it.  Your up-front Loki is appreciated, and will be especially well-received this week.

vision, genius, poetry, madness, reflection from unseen sources

vision, genius, poetry, madness, reflection from unseen sources

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19 ~ 9 of Pentacles

So, Cappie, this week is time to count the potential you could reap from what you have sewn.  It may not be time to reap and use this potential yet, though take stock of how you have increased the strength of your position since the Solstice last year in 2012.  It is suggested to keep the big picture on the table, maybe even literally make place mats for your table out of your big picture.  It may serve to keep you out of your head and use your mental real estate more effectively rather than planning every little thing.  You may want 2 place mats per person at the table so you don’t hide your big picture from yourself when you serve up your plate.  Sound crazy?  This week you need some dynamism to stir up your solidity so it doesn’t become stolid and brittle.  Sound crazy?  This week dear Cappie you may need to stir some crazy into your mix so you don’t go crazy.  No holding back this week.  No volcano bulging stuffed until it blows.  Step on the gas and let the exhaust pipe do its job.  Big picture and moving more freely without reason just because you wanna this week may be your best best.  I’d tell you that reasons are probably just unreasonable for the most part this week, though you might not believe me… ’cause they’re reasons, right?  Play with that this week.  You may pry-bar the elephant in the room right out the door. If you’re groovin’ this week, maybe just peanuts out in the yard.  Sell tickets, though.

overlaps, finery, naturalized, solidly dynamic

overlaps, finery, naturalized, solidly dynamic

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18 ~ 8 of Pentacles

This week, Aquarius is going to be about the connections between things that are both seen and unseen.  These connections may be unseen as they may integrate seamlessly like hidden bridges of connection and support.  Focus in on your pauses during actions at the level of considering a neural synapse to be a hidden pause of a bridge for the neurons on either side.  Visualize the top and bottom of your breath rather than your inhale and exhale.  Visualize the male yang of taking life in on the inhale.  Visualize the female yin on your exhale as your shoulders drop a little and relax.  This week is not only about seeing the unseen for you.  This week is about playing with the unseen.  Use the wisdom of a Sophia Principle such as…Be aware enough to sense your shadow, though be astute and poetic enough to dance with it. No battling your Shadow.  Maybe look for something like The Divine which is so big and so small and so there you can’t see it.  Play. Play. Play.  Whistle while you work or something that happy-vibes that you know something no-one else does whether you do or not.  This is a week of seeing through the mirages of your expectations by literally noticing what you don;t see in your blind spots.  New friends? New dance partners? New partners in shenanigans?  You name it.  Though, see what you don’t see before you name it.

exquisite pause, intermediate completion point, top and bottom of breath, focus in context

exquisite pause, intermediate completion point, top and bottom of breath, focus in context

Pisces: February 19 to March 20 ~ 3 of Wands

You have simple and clean new energies aspirating your system this week oh watery depthful one.  These new energies are coming in possibly from an outside source.  They may be emerging from your unconscious.  They may feel like brightly simple surprises.  Whatever they are, don’t possess them.  Enjoy them and experience them as they cycle through.  It feels like there is a cosmic battery charger on your side giving you an added boost this week.  Run with it.  It may be temporary, though not while it’s occurring of course.  Use these new energies or enhanced zeal you feel to your best advantage.  Dial into it just so, and this week you may be able to really energize some of those back burner projects or upcoming presentations you have in the works. Find that extra mile you can go before you even need to go the extra plan.  Arrange it so that you can fill in some blank schedule slots with portions of that extra mile.  By the ed of the week some eyebrows may be raised that you haven’t seemed to change your work habits, though somehow you are producing more in a way that appears effortless.  Work troubles and problems and empty spots with the new energies at your disposal this week.  Call them disposable energies as they will go away… though they may cycle back in recycled forms in surprising ways when you have used them fully as the new opportunity-seeds they are.

new energies, enthusiasm, travel

new energies, enthusiasm, travel

Aries: March 21 to April 19 ~ Knight Of Cups

Giddy Up, Aries.  You don’t have problems with movement most probably.  Action is oftentimes your middle name.  This week, though, play a little more of a complex tune with your actions.  Be more gymnastic and animated across the fabric of all you have brought together.  The only time to sit on your laurels may be when you use them as a saddle for your ride. Use your accomplishments this week to boost the horsepower and performance of your actions.  This week is a grand time for you to incorporate things on the move in agile ways like a horse performer hop-jumping over the running horse side to side, up and over and spinning and such.  The curtain is up on you this week, Aries.  Knights are always warmed up.  Get a good night’s sleep every night this week.  You will be thankful for the energy boost to enhance being able to kick it up a notch this week.

valiant feeling, honest expressions, incorporating on the move

valiant feeling, honest expressions, incorporating on the move

Taurus: April 20 to May 20 ~ 2 of Pentacles

Wow, Taurus.  This week your big picture is SO not the focus.  Mind the details.  Look in the microscope and through the telescope to discern what the most crucial and natural connections between things are.  Tend to them.  Do a little maintenance as necessary.  Don’t let it be boring.  Make it like taking pride in your ride.  Make it like giving your home a good roam.  Inspect and tinker at length with connections this week.  You may effect a tune-up that you would have missed if you looked at the things and not the crucial connections between the things.  See if you can find a missing middle or a connection that would be better exchanged with another.  Heck, have a Little Connections Party and ask people to express what they think the most natural connections between things are.  You may just surprise your far-reaching intellect with ways to extend even further inside and about.

apogee n perigee, crucial connections, dna of things

apogee n perigee, crucial connections, dna of things

Summer Solstice Salutations and Best to Your Week!

Enjoy a playful experience on the Solstice, Friday the 21st, under the Sagittarius moon. Allow your Solstice to become a Psychic Synapse Bridge, a memorable milestone fully venturing you across into a new part of the year.

  Tarot in the Land of Mystereum.  Tarot voice and stories.  The place where cards literally speak to you.  Mystereum.  It’s all about discovering your Inner Inheritances.  Always complete, never finished. Always complete, never finished.

“Adversity does not build character.  It reveals it.” ~ James Lane Allen

Remember, even in a card with no people, there is always one… You looking in through the portal.

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    Thanks, Jordan ! I loved the video. …and the horoscope for me this week is particularly apt. 🙂 Patrice

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      You’re welcome, Patrice. Glad to give you some resonant info. Best to your horoscope being a great ally for you. 🙂 ~ Jordan

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