Paradox is Mo Betta as Pair of Docs or Chucks

23 Mar

Another Stick-Up. This One BY the Inner Sanctum. I Think It’s Catchin’ On.

So, I woke up this morning with a smile to the sun thinking “You can’t trust your judgment if your imagination is out of focus” by Mark Twain. And, the “when something goes wrong you need to change your negative thinking” farce-fest of a snippet-quote started rattling around again like it had a broken set of bearings. Ok, …

Here’s are my real beefs with the thought of changing negative thinking (Change your oil will get you further)

  • Changing your negative thinking feels to be about as effective as trying to clean sewage into a good soup.  That is NOT giving good kitchen.
  • First, it is expressed to let go, to surrender.  Well, being comfortable with the not-knowing in no way removes one from responsibility OR by default makes things YOUR fault. So, …
  • and, then something goes wrong and POOF “change your negative thinking” is tossed in the mix ’cause NOW it’s my fault… ’cause I just exceeded that person’s teaching ability and they don;t have the wits for solid conflict resolution skills?
  • Well, you see it IS my fault. In fact it is ALWAYS my fault. That’s because I am so damn powerful. 😀
  • What I take issue with is the bullshit dualism of yes-it-is rallying with no-it-isn’t.  There’s no Fred and Ginger with her doing it all backwards and in heels there.
  • Duality is bush-league amateur in the context of the integrated opposites of antinomy.
  • DOOD, WTF is this antinomy you keep chattering on about?!  Not antimony like antimonious. AntiNoMy. (hmmmm, there’s something in that capitalization, huh?)
  • It is simple. A car, well at least a car that works, has the integrated inner opposites of antinomy: fire, water, air, it’s solidity (earth) of them all working together inside and out. Not a jalopy with a Hemi, certainly not a kit car with a Yugo engine.

So, I remember

So, I remember finding early on in life that to surrender in my (artistic, architectural… thought) process, to let go, to be comfortable with the not-knowing WHILE completing things… I remember that to be a ROCKIN’ thing bringing things to even out across time and get in the zone, the groove, and GO MAN GO! … OOPS, and then when things went… uh hem… South… Who really cared, though?  I resonated with things going South right in the middle of a deadline, and then a mini-deadline that reared DURING the deadline, as an opportunity to see something new.  And, I created a detail that ultimately won an award.  That’s process not in ups and downs.  It’s process in… well, I surrendered even to the process in the process. That wouldn’t have happened if I had sent myself to the Inner Prison of “oh DAYum, I better pout and sputter out and stall so Santa doesn’t visit this year.” I took it straight into the wall so to speak or took a failed outside loop right into the ground pulling hard the whole time.  Got up. Shook it off.  Walked to the pits. Fashioned a new vehicle. And, set a quality time all the while in the process.

You see…

You see, the surrender part is not my problem with “change your negative thinking.”  I got that.  I utilized it.  I didn’t waste trouble and then found gold by working the problem on the way at speed in real-time through stalls and crashes and all.

And, I also got that not everything I see in someone else is a mirror of me.  That would be boring.  Well, the parts that aren’t me would be, ’cause I, like you, ROCK!  Beware the smoke and mirrors of projection redirection.  They’ll never make Inner Wimbledon.

Stick it back…

Beware the smoke and mirrors of projection redirection.  Stick it back to them with humor or a silently half-raised eyebrow and not a peep… and continue right back to running the Imagination Solar System in focus that is Your process.  “Yes Madame, I am drunk. Though, I will be sober in the morning and you will still be ugly.” ~Winston Churchill … ’cause if you stop to address every barking dog along the way… you’ll forget where you were even going (also Sir WC) … or start a shelter.

But, alas…

But alas, the jackass who was still spouting the surrender speech and then flip-flopping that it was then someone’s fault when things went awry… I saw it. He had NO up-front Loki.  No beautiful trickster to magically pick Inner Locks to get the whole picture.  He was more of a long-form conceptually tone deaf metro-gnome.  Everyone knows from garden gnomes that metro-gnomes are outcast even by the least savvy of outcasts. He’d probably say, “There’s no I in team.” Cocking my head, “Well well, you are certainly right on that, man.  And, if you aren’t more careful there will be no U in this team, either.” Remember there are two U’s in gUrU, though.  Be your own, at least twice.

Letting go and surrender are not about losing responsibility for your actions. They are a function of exploring uncharted territory with the Shadow Map of your unconscious.  Go to a game.  Have some fun.  Have you ever noticed that no-one writes much poetry while playing frisbee?  Poetry during frisbee is like texting while driving. Somebody is gonna get a frisbee in the teeth… Oh, that would be an accident that IS their fault, huh?  … Still, I bet little to no poetry is written while playing frisbee.  Composition is another thing, though.  How does your Inner Frisbee play?

Try It

Try it. I dare you to explore only expressing your beef with people with humor, higher octave positive qualities of your beef with them or what they express. Try it. Try and let go to missile-launch back with humor at close range without even a flinch in a non-insulting way.  It’s called wits.  Give yours a shot.  You might want to wear pads the first couple of times, though. Or, that would be an accident that is YOUR fault, huh?  Try this: when someone attempts to insult you, simply smile and say, “You’re welcome.”

Try it. I dare you.  One foot in front of the other. Left. Right. Left. Right. When you get good at walking, feel free to remove the periods.  Left Right Left Right.  Docs or Chucks?  Well, whatev.  Have some style while doing it, too.  It is part of the fun. How does our Inner Frisbee play?

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  1. karen

    March 23, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Thank you Mr Hoggard 🙂 That has amused me greatly… Just off to polish my docs…
    😉 x


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