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Hey There Inner Sanctum. Hands Up! This Is A Stick-Up

This Is A Stick-Up, Inner Sanctum. Hands Up Where I Can See ‘Em!



Surrender.  Give Up. Forget Ego.  Forget Self. Forget yourself so you can show unconditional love.  What?!  Did I hear that correctly?  Wait a second.  Does that mean YOU’RE picking up lunch?


Forget Self?!  Forget Ego.  Well, color me blind.  Wouldn’t dissolution of Self and Ego seem to indicate a paltry lack of boundaries where identity simply erodes like a battered coastal cliff… oh, it goes further than that does it, huh?  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am ALL FOR Neptunian sponge-like boundaries, their boundarylessness, where boundaries and edges of identity themselves are like whisker-hands reaching out to energetically inform someone of their surroundings… and where things comingle… and also, where the sponge-like boundaries need to be kept fresh and unclogged… though I’m not hopping in an alleged loss of boundaries with just anyone… and honestly, that kind of exchange of psychic “bodily fluids” serves more to enhance the strength of freedom WITH identity and its exploratory discoveries… with the right person or people of course…

The Ego

Heck, the ego isn’t bad. It is the egomaniacal people that suck, and egomania is a far cry from ego. Having an ego no-where near implies egomania, not even close.  That would be like trying to pick a bad apple from a seed.  Aint gonna happen.  And, isn’t the ego wired directly to the magical locks of the Inner Sanctum that is guarded by the dragon?  Hmmm… Maybe the Ego is what’s so deftly guarded in there.  Maybe the Ego is what is magically locked away in that Inner Sanctum thingee.

Magical Thief

Ahhh, would that really be ashame?  That we play consummate and magical thief and sneak past the dragon guarding our Inner Sanctum?  That we sneak past and stealthily pick the magical locks of our Inner Sanctum? That after all this Cirque du Soleil level exploration of our inner selves… we open our Inner Sanctum… and find… that the Ego is what is protected there?  Interestingly, that brings a smile. It’s not bad at allllll. And, it’s certainly not Geraldo Rivera’s bust on live TV opening Al Capone’s vaults.

How Powerful You Are

There is a lot of talk of how people might just be afraid of how powerful they are. I like that immensely as I don’t let myself bully me, and I don’t run that line the other way, either. I TRY and treat myself like chocolate … though chocolate isn’t as affected as much by me as I am when I have it.
There is a lot of talk of how people might just be afraid of how powerful they are.  If they saw that the ego antennae that is on the surface is somehow contributing to awareness… like antennae or sponge-like… … and that the Ego was directly wired or piped to the Inner Sanctum Tank… if they saw that the ego filled the Inner Sanctum Tank with Ego at a universal, collective unconscious level… filled our Inner Sanctum core level as easily as pumping gas… into your vehicle… Literally, that helps you GO places. Why do people note a bruised ego, then scoff or slink away at the first whiff that they HAVE an ego when it is not hurt?  Remember, bactine is only for surface scratches.

Wrong Turns

Hmmmm, taking wrong turns along the way.  Nah, there aren’t any.  If I got pulled unduly by some crack idea… well, I fire that idea and rubber band bounce back to my path.  That happens less than you might think, though. First, it is that there are no mistakes, and I usually discover some treasure when pulled that way… and, that I still LOVE to chase butterflies. Too bad they only live a month after their magical twilight in the chrysalis.
So, is HAVING an Ego forbidden fruit these days?  Not that I care, really. I am curious.  Is going YOUR way forbidden fruit?  Hmmm, I’m downshifting back to notion that forbidden fruit is High Bullpoopy issued from the Renaissance High Church for crowd control.   Is forbidden fruit really so yummy, anyway?  I bet it isn’t ambrosia.

Over the Counter

Do people seem to think that all the good stuff is behind the counter?  That they don’t already have it?  Guess so a lot of times.  I bet I have at LEAST once.  Hmmm, isn’t the good stuff IN you naturally?  Aren’t your Inner Inheritance there to be discovered?  And, you don’t even need to reach for that… maybe simply feel your own breath as prayer… the high octane of your actions!

Knowing What’s Wrong

Knowing what’s wrong with something only informs the edges of your Path, and as a mode is the consummate expression of the annoying know-it-all. Knowing what’s right with something sets up the opportunity for the Path to have workability WITHIN the outer space just off of it.
Isn’t the good stuff IN you naturally?  Aren’t your Inner Inheritance there to be discovered?


So, WAIT!  I guess they were right all along to surrender, to give up.  Yes, they were right all along. I GET it! Bye bye worry. Shake your Inner Booty!  I guess I didn’t bring a gun for the stick-up…so, this little puck of an air freshener oughta do.  They WERE right…
They meant… Find your Inner Treasure, your Inner Inheritances.  Find it, and shake your Inner Booty.  Shake it YOUR WAY!  I am so glad I spent the time to figure out what they meant.
Oh, I guess I didn’t really get it.  Somehow I missed the Law Of Attraction’s blaming you for things beyond your control with the directive-suggestion to “Change your negative thinking.”  Really?  More Renaissance High Church Bullpoopy from my perspective.  If a person is a drag on the system, they get fired, not changed. If an idea is a drag on the system… FIRE IT!  JETTISON IT!  And, enjoy a huge sigh of an exhale of relief.  Change your negative thinking?  Neh, fire the adversity of it.  “Adversity does not build character. It reveals it.” (Anon.)
I suggest to not try and change your negative thinking.  Changing your negative thinking feels to be about as effective as trying to clean sewage into a good soup.  Where’s the exhaust pipe.  Step on it bayBEE!  Put your hands up where I can see ’em!  This is a stick-up!  Ahhh, you’ll get used to that little puck thing in each armpit.

But, WAIT! There’s More!

No, really. All that up there I just wrote is simply ground to support this simple figure.

  • Before you fire an idea or a person or or or.  
  • Before you go into the societal erosion mode we are pretty much unconsciously supported to embrace.  
  • Try this… Plus something.  Plus it.  
  • The FIRST thing you think about something… ESPECIALLY if it pisses you off might best be… “What treasure is hidden among these swine, and what part am I playing in… Ahhh, I see… SCREW THAT… Where’s the treasure takeaway?”  
  • Do that doggedly and selfishly in the first thing you THINK about something that gets your goat, causes you to head butt… THEN 
  • With that as the selfish first thing you which minds your own self-respecting boundaries… you may become strong enough to be gentle, and like a Silverback…
  • …with the above as the first thing you THINK… the first thing you SAY can be expressed to embrace the priceless treasure you found inside.
  • Plus something. Plus it. In fact, pull the stonewall invisi-ropes on your inner design team or your design team at work… watch how power flows then. Watch as the elegant smoke and mirrors, the houses of cards fall to…
  • Surprise yourself and try this. No negative comments. It’ll make the most practiced know-it-all a French mime mute… or concise if you play that way.  You may also find the treasures people are protecting… the treasures they are protecting from themselves so they can continue to miss themselves AS the key to freeing themselves from holding their grace hostage.

Try it. I dare you to explore only expressing potential benefits, positive qualities, and effective aspects of any idea presented in a group setting. And, there can be no punishment… because no exceptions to expressing an enhancement of or benefit to what is presented… no exceptions are allowed.

Try it. I dare you.

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