High Priestess & Chariot. Stop Saying Eeewww To Your Parents Having Sex

08 Jan

Oh Cummon!

Seriously, if you say or feel Eeeewwwww thinnking of your parents having sex, you are opening yourself up . . . though missing that one insight of the VERY REASON you are here. Sure, your spirituality and your meditation, sure your wish for everyone to get along.  Cummon! They won’t get along. It’s your job to populate your field with characters that resonate so you don’t have to give a rat’s ass about that and do so MORE. . . and at one and the same time can mind and respect your concern to do your highest good in this world . . . without the Spiritual Elitism of saying or buying in to the bullshit discussions of pop-culture gurus basically saying “I am more evolved than you.”

Well, we can blow that crapola out! Wait, is there a Crapola color in Crayolas? Nope. There Ya go.

WhatEffinEV.  Look!

Look, I have reached enlightenment more than once. It’s not a big deal, really.  Everything simply cascade-opens-up, and guess what . . . you are productive!  Too many times to count, really. The Hanged Man advises to hang out with enlightenment once in a while. When you do, I hear it will leave the light on for Ya. Don’t be afraid to finish things, either. The Hanged Man teaches a consummate, yes, consummate inner feelingsense that his enlightenment is temporary. Well, at least at first, like a first step. Over time The Enlightenment Talent can be systematically made, put together, AS a developed ability. Talents are innate, are inner inheritances you are pretty much born with. Ability is developed. What’s YOUR bliscipline (blissipline ?) to get the awesome cadence of YOUR steps doing Your thang OUR way?


If . . . what’s up with people who attempt to use sex as a weapon? What’s up with people who make sex into a big deal, when it may very well be the biggest deal and deal-breaker of them all. The French call orgasm le petit morte, the little death. Ancient Egyptians might have had this breath-as-prayer natural sense and feeling about it, too. How is that a natural whatever-whichever-what? Cummon. Don’t let your resentment build spikey fences with glass on top. That looks like trash, and when you relax . . . they’ll still be there like anti-gargoyles.


THANK the very act that brought you here. Even if you chose your parents and reparented and yah dee yah dee la la lost-in-too-much alleged reasoning land . . . STOP.  Thank . . . you parents . . . for the very act . . . that brought you here.

Orgasm is a great way to say thanks. Heck, the High Priestess heard that the Knight was the consort of the Queen, and they are Romper Roomin’ it as we speak. Just hope you can enjoy that scene in Delicatessan rather than it being a trigger. WHAT? You don’t know that scene?  I’ll fix THAT for a laugh. 🙂

Oh, by the way

Existentialism is like French without the passion. Do yourself a favor, and pull a couple of cards. Let them go on a first date. Heck, let ’em do what YOU feel they do.  Some pairs may hop right in the sack and only see the light when they need to dial for delivery. Then of course that initial cycle of limerence will come to a close, and they will take another first step.

The first step is yours. The first step is always yours. I hear the Universe and the Yoniverse tend to dig people steppin’ . . . the way you do.


How does your Yonk enter the Yoniverse or Your Yoniverse like Yonk? If you say Yonk, then Yoniverse is your context? If you say Yoniverse, then Yonk is your impetus?  Nevermind the clear and present gender references. You know better. You know you will interpret this any way that suits YOUR fancy. That’s your job in fact. Rather than comment here, go do something for yourself. Don’t make it a treat. Make it like breath.


Instead of that sounding limiting, what’s the feeling you get from Your Ankh Activities?  Maybe it’s not sex, so . . . what gives you feelings of everlasting life to invigorate you WHILE you are living? Enlightenment may come at the end.  Though like any purple-haired ecentric firecracker of a person . . . it takes decades of practice.  Oh, and puEFFINleeeeezzzzz . . . no comments about how you have done or are doing the work. Ya might as well go back to age 4 standing on the diving board with, “Look . . .loooooook . . . LOOK! Watch me dive.”  If you do, please take pictures.


Don’t make life’s joys a treat, ’cause if you do, I gather life will also always be a treat with an H . . . a tHreat . . . like eeewwwww in regards to your parents having sex. Two old wrinkly people going at it is not some Carnivale sideshow act. They’re aLIVE! They’ll probably both flip you off if you stumble onto them . . . you hope. Close the curtain before they ask you to. It’s your life Ya know? lol

Make life and enlightenment and sex and/or whatever you do like breath. DO IT! . . . and take a Chakra Test from Carol Tuttle while you’re at it. Oh cummon. Google it. Has your iDevice enslaved you SO much that your fingers are broken?  With the above, I certainly hope not.

I wonder

I wonder how I will further open up and develop this area of thought over time.

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