STOP Trying To Think Things Into Submission

08 Jan

Oh Cummon!

Seriously, STOP!

Here’s a poem:


Who is to free the prisoners

when sand sleeps

in the eternity of the tilted hourglass?

WhatEffinEV.  Look!

What’s YOUR gig?


THANK yourself for the fact that YOU are HERE! And, get on with it.

Oh, by the way

Don’t be a prisoner in your own, tilted hourglass of inertia. How do YOU do it whatever it is you do?


How do you express your mode of being?  Fine. DO IT, yet make your own Facebook mini-poster memes.  Seriously! Take a pic of your cat. Caption it. Upload it and post it. That’s it! There Ya go.


Instead of explaining . . . you HAVE to know that this mode ALWAYS comes across as petitioning, pleading even. Don;t explain. Express!


Don’t . . . ahhhh EFF this part. When you know what’s wrong, it leaves you with just one thing. Everything else. That’s vague. Try to let the clutch out on that one.  Oh, please say excuse me if Ya cathart-fart in public.

Your inhibitions will enslave you as easily if not more than your excesses. The Mystereum XV Devil knows that.

I wonder

I wonder how I will further open up and develop this area of thought over time.

Open up Mystereum. Open up your Imagination, Actionably!

Open up your signed set and see!

Tarot in the Land of Mystereum is

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CAUTION: Mystereum will not perpetuate any body issues you have. Homey don;t play that game

Reading Testimonial

“Jordan, You did something other than just the reading or as part of the reading that changed us on the inside. As soon as I read your cards, I felt a weight lifted, a cleansing, healing. I wasn’t angry anymore. I have been calm since then. You have brought a great peace to me. Each of our readings opened us to our own healing in our own way. You did this with such fun, too! We each thank you. ~ C.C.

All Similar, Each Unique.

Open Up from your core Mystereum, In Ways Best-Suited to You.

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(c) 2012 Jordan Hoggard

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