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Tarot Tarot on the Wall . . .Time to Re-order Your Baktunacus!

Ding Ding, why all this Pavlovian drool and thoughts of new shoes and then to the bar? Where ma sugarplums?!! OH, it’s the bs-no-celestial-value-commercialism getting me to wonder where the hoopla and party is rather than getting quiet enough to hear when it is and THEN make my noise.


The End of the World OH NO Mr. Bill! Better re-order a Baktunacus Wheel

‘Cause . . . When I get my view of the Dec 21st 2012 gig down to the brass tacks (such a great upholstery finishing metaphor for the fabric of the universe) of what I really feel about 12 21 12 . . . besides that the last glyph on the Mayan Calendar should be translated “Time to re-order your Baktunacus Wheel” — GEEZ, they ONLY had so much room + Why do people call ancient people primitive and then discount them until superstition crosses their path and then POOF the ancients are SOOOOO wise lol — so, I’ll re-order my Baktunacus Wheel and then wander and wonder about . . .

Pulsation and Breath

I feel the pulsation of the universe, its hummingbird shortform heartbeats, its bassy Om-ee resonance almost so big and so there you can’t sense it unless you are quiet enough to feel . . . This 25,000 plus-minus year (88 baktun) cycle feels to be one, whole Universe breath. 12,500 years of an inhale with a top of breath fluid fluency of never coming to a stop at apogee but flowing its ever-slowing ebb to round the top-of-breath-apogee to become the 12,500 years of an exhale moving across its 12,500 years to the apogee of the bottom of the breath . . . with Ice Age perigees in between?

My main question

My main question in light of this, my mist crucial 2 of Pentacles connection is . . . minusing the forces of orbit-curve-forward travel to brace against during apogee which keeping it stable in its orientation while spinning like a top, does the earth’s wobble become flippably unstable for a brief (say 4 to 24 hours)? And, if it’s an exhale, it is a yang-y yin of a forceful heavy sigh or a yin-y yang of a soft and slowly continuous inhale . . . and at the apogee do the spinning earth’s poles flip along the orbit creating a tracing of the lemiscate (infinity) symbol. And, if so, what a RIDE of seismic undertow that would be!

12 21 12 is itself a lemniscate 2 of Pentacles flipping back and forth

So, is Dec 21 12 a perigee inhale or exhale? Smooth exhale/inhale or forceful sigh or quick nasal hypoventilation . . . or a single top/bottom of the breath even slower through the pass(age) passing an age, an epoch . . . and, if there is a black hole at the Galactic Center, at apogee (farthest away) it would magnetically pull less of the sun’s light and heat and explain the higher volcanic activity balancing the change into warming the globe . . . and at perigee (closest to) it would pull more of the sun’s heat and light and consequently induce Ice Age conditions.

What cards do you see running in alignment or synchronized?

I see The World with the most crucial connections exposed as obviously as upholstery buttons at Wheel cycles of the apogee and perigee of our solar system around the Galactic Center leading to the Minor-Major Yin Mother of All Worlds . . . the exhale softening the body dropping the shoulders . . . to scribe a new World from scratch. Oh, don’t be so sensationalist. “From scratch” doesn’t mean I am saying I believe the world as we know it is going to end. I bake from scratch in my kitchen most mornings scribing a new meal into the new world of each day . . . and I don’t have build a new kitchen each time. Then again, I could be wrong. Though, at this scale it might not really matter but for a sec or so.

I like the Both And of 12 21 12 and Winter Solstice. What cards do you see running in alignment or synchronized like clock gears with 12 21 12 and / or Winter Solstice?


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