Talking Back. Not Just For Kids Anymore

12 Apr

Imagine . ~ . pushing fences and talking back . . .

Parts Playing

Does your life speak to you?  Do your Tarot cards speak?  What do they say?

Whether they speak or not, do you talk back or simply nod and reflect when you have an experience, when you pull a card?  I mean, pulling a card is usually not like pulling a muscle is it?  Do you speak from your life with cards as storied experiences informing you?  Informing you of where you push at your fences?  Where you can push at your fences?  Where to jump them?  Do your experiences, your cards, weave their fingers to give you a boost?   If I remove time as a concept for a second.  Roll with me on this.  Remove time from your equation for just a sec.   Memories and dreams are more than siblings, huh?   They may in fact be the same thing traveling back and forth across each of us.  Through us?  With us?   How’s your own Life Mirror?


Mirroring Life

How do your memories and dreams reflect each other? How do you stand, reflecting in the mirror, with each of them playing their own background game?  Talk back to your memories.  Talk back to your dreams. Heck, disagree with them with a joke on your breath.  They might be tired of the same road, too, or simply be umm-hmphing for a little Windex.  Are you weaving them, or are they weaving you?  Use your Inner Memory DreamTeam.  Talk back.  Humor may turn your daily drama into lively discussions.  Heck, maybe even productive ones ended oln high notes. Talk back.

Dreams Coming, Becoming True . . .

Take a look at the images above.  A photographer friend was going to throw away the cat woman one on the left back in the late 80’s.  Well, it didn’t look like this.  It was really an almost white piece of processed photo paper, the image almost completely washed out, but it spoke to me.  I bet PhotoShop can do this now, but in 1989, I saw something in a photographer friend’s hand on the almost blank sheet of hard-to-see washed-out ghost grays on its way to the trash  I saw something like a dream becoming a memory.  With an indelible, black pen, I focused in on it and aimed past the target of a dream coming true. Was it already true once I saw it?  Some people adopt animals.  Personally, I notice a Dumb Friends League / Animal Shelter for Art gig popping up in my fences here and there around here through the years.  Things tend to show up on the doorstep.  When it strikes, what do I do?   Hmmmm?  Umm-hmph?  Well, you be the judge of that.  The other one on the right was circa 2003 from a black background in . . .you guessed it.  PhotoShop.  One seemed bored, so I created another.  A dream realized into a memory.  What was that dream?  Pretty simple.  Creativity as a sandbox.  Heck, bring a little water, and start your castle.  It was similar to The Hierophant bringing spirit down-to-earth at the time, sending my ideas out into the world.  And, how does this go the other way?  How does your down-to-earth spirit make your dreams into memories?  How can you use The Hierophant as a supportive memory on your DreamTeam?  Weave those fingers together . . .

Talk back.  It’s not just for kids anymore.




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