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Us and Them. Tarot Says No

Imagine . ~ . playing Red Rover Red Rover . . .

Patriotism. Fundamentalism.

Are you a patriot?  Are you a fundamentalist?  Roll with it.

Isn’t being a patriot always Us?  Isn’t being a fundamentalist always Them?  Who are We and They anyway?  Oscar Wilde called patriotism the virtue of the vicious.  Mark Twain indicated patriotism to be in support of country always. In support of government only when it deserves it.  Who responds to the Facebook posts indicating something is always this or always that?  That things should be more this or that?  Like the posts with . . . intuition vs  intellect.  The initial rotten bait of a post is often seen afterwards and too late for its “I am The Emperor, and these are the rules I can’t tell you yet I think you should follow.  By the way please confess some guilt in your response.  I could certainly use with berating whatever it is that you say.”  I call this the Hullaballoo Post.  I would love to grant it Ivory Tower status, but the world’s too greem and ivory is waaayyyy out of fashion. LOL

So, What If You Keep Your Wits . . .

and talk back with humor right out of the starting gate?  Talk back.  Humor may turn these daily dramas into lively discussions, or be dynamite on oilfield fires.  Talk back.  Respond.  Yet, respond from your 3rd option, the one beyond proving yourself.  Really speak from your own expertise whatever it may be.  Without overextending, how do you dance with an idea?  Here’s a thought:

The Star, The 5 of Wands, The Sun

  • The Star ~ eternal hope, celestial grooves, dreams?
  • The 5 of Wands ~ seeing the asset that your competition is missing?
  • The Sun ~ identity beyond reproof?

Putting these 3 Tarot cards together in a Turbo Reading way — Turbo Reading being composing a single phrase from ALL of your cards in a reading AS a reading.  Putting these 3 Tarot cards together in a Turbo Reading, try this one iteration of these cards on for size:

  • Bringing your dreams to reality by capitalizing on an asset that the competition is missing.

Have Some Fun . . .

Talk back.  What is one way that you can read these 3 cards together?  With humor, talk back.

Talking back.  It’s not just for kids anymore.

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