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Today’s Card? The Land of Mystereum 5 of Wands

Today’s card is the 5 of Wands.

The 5 of Wands warrants a free reading exercise here.  Let’s work this 5 together.

Do you feel stiff competition?  Chaotic energies?

Try asking yourself the question, “What energetic component do I have that the competition is missing?”

Pull another card.  Use the card back here as an unrevealed clarifying card for this question.

Think about . . .

What can you turn over in your situation like a card back?

What can you see anew?

What do you assume, feel is normal, that is not normal to anyone else and that you can use?

Ask again, “What energetic component do I have that the competition is missing?”

Does your question and the additional card you turn over focus something, bring something to mind?

Does it reveal something you already have that you can now see more fully?

Bring something that is already there into crisp focus as a strength that YOU wield!

Look at the child in this card.  The pura vida, pure life, child.

What in the heck is he doing?  Is he crazy?

 He has put his wand behind him. Note that he keeps it, though.

He is still in the mix, but he has seen something everyone else here is missing.

Maybe the chaos is that two of them are too focused,

and two of them would rather be somewhere else so they chit-chat off to the side?  Or, are they next?

Or, are they seeing what the child is seeing, but keeping quiet?

Look at the child in this 5 of Wands card.

The pura vida child raises his hands to bring in the rainbow as his new wand, his new contribution.

No-one else has it, and bringing it into the situation is like. . . .

Bringing something that no-one else has or even sees, bringing something that the competition is missing.

Think of The Sun.

Its light is part of the rainbow.  Watch this 46 second video as you keep your second card in mind.

Then ask yourself. . .

What is the rainbow that I bring to my situation?

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