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The Treasure of the Stones

The Treasure of the Stones Reading Method

ImaginAction is now wonderfully out there in the world and available at the new shop. The foundations placed and built under that dream were accomplished with the help of 438 rockin’ people out there with the original ImaginAction download! Thank you, again.

And then, who knew? ImaginAction had a fraternal twin… ImaginAction 2.0 ~ The Unplugged Sessions.

Now, the Mystereum Family Grows… this is becoming like the Every Sperm Is Sacred Kitchen scene in Monty Python’s…

Love it!

The Treasure of the Stones Reading Method

pdf download is now available for $3.33!

Treasure of the Stones Reading Method (c) 2012, 2020 Jordan Hoggard

Invest $3.33 in your reading tool repertoire. Inspired by bit of deceptive simplicity and a touch of Nature’s magic on a desert trail… Amplify the value your readings already provide with

The Treasure of the Stones.

the right kind of stones, not the ones you go to the Doc for.

After your purchase, you’ll receive another email with the link to download your copy. I’m working on the timing as I still have to manually approve the order for it to complete. Please have a little patience. As soon as I see the notice, I’ll hop over and click so you can hop in and drive it where you please. Also, I set it up so that after you complete your order, you can download 2 copies. One for you to receive, One for you to give. You could probably do that anyway, though I figured I’d add some sharing to the Reading fun.

Thank You,


Invest in yourself. I hear it lasts a lifetime.

Warren Buffett

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