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Tarot. TarotScope Allies for Your Nov 3rd to 9th Week

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Setting the Scene, Aligning Your Card Allies

Marshall the Forces Around You by Turbo Reading the Weeks’ Cards in Sequence

Page of Cups ~ Queen of Wands ~ Queen of Swords + King of Swords jumper card ~ XVI The Tower ~ King of Wands ~ Knight of Wands ~ 7 of Swords ~ 3 of Swords ~ King of Pentacles ~ 7 of Cups ~ 9 of Cups ~ Page of Pentacles ~

In general this week ~ while you swim in feelings ~ of energetic clarity ~ keep that no bullshit attitude with backup that you have. ~ Embrace the tumult of explosive situations ~ fully calm in your authority ~ to incorporate the awakenings and epiphanies of new starts encountered and incorporate them on the move. ~ If you uncover sneaky things hanging out in plain sight ~ simply raise an eyebrow and pull the allegedly bent mental twig out of your water to un-distort your thinking. Toss the trickster stick. ~ This week is one of those Master Builder with vision weeks ~ where dreamy head-in-the-clouds attitudes are necessary ~ to balance and complement the actively dynamic possibilities for better results. ~ Capitalize on those aspects this week where you are most able to be a go-getter straightaway.  In short?  This week naturally pick only ripe fruit. Leave things still in process alone.   Your ROI will thank you.

Give it a Shot. How do YOU Turbo Read the Sequence for the Week?

How do you read the weekly cards above? Try this.  Put them into a continuous, several-words-for-each sequence to Turbo Reading them into a single, short paragraph as a reading for your week.   Give this a shot to get a sense all your own of what resonates in your week in the overall.  Heck, pull 12 cards of your own and start from scratch.  Suggestion: Don’t let writing your short phrases take more than 10 minutes, and spend another 5 composing them into one, cohesive sentence.  Then, plug them into your schedule and see how they can perform as touchstones and allies of clarity through your week.  Read your cards as quickly the time it takes from first seeing a cool stone on a path that catches your eye to deciding to pick it up and look at it.  That’s a Turbo Reading right there.

Before Scopes…A Funny (to me) TarotScope Story from My Week for You

HelLO you rockin’ readers out there!  SaWEET Big Ole Rockin’ Thanks for stopping by!  Before we get into your Scopes this week, I thought you might get a kick out of an exchange I had this week… or rather, someone attempted to mental-mug me “attacking” me about my TarotScopes this week. They’ll be out of the mental hospital after recovering. lol NOT.   Interestingly enough, my Scopes struck a nerve with a good friend of mine who then attempted to Scope-cross-check me into the Blue Line wall out of the blue with:

  • Q: JORdan. What THE HELL now do these Scopes have to do with Astrology and Horoscopes?!!” Really now! Seriously. (amazing how when people are foolishly angry they can be so self-righteous…. Heck, Carnies might be jealous of their appearance). Jordan!  It’s less than arbitrary that these cards you draw each week and what you write about them has ANYTHING to do with Astrology or Horoscopes!  Nothing!  Nada!  Zilch!
  • A: (after I stopped howling laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes, and of course noticing him looking a little puzzled).
  • Q: Oh shit, Jordan. Not THAT that look.
  • A: Yup, that look.  Brace yourself.  Great point you have there.  Except for one, tiny little thing… You’re just flat wrong.  Are you gonna skim the surface with those reactionary blind spots of your assumptions all your life?  You see, my TarotScopes…Let me see. 1st, I don’t see the word Astrology or Horoscope mentioned anywhere in “TarotScopes” except for in the tags sometimes… not anywhere in the content.  Do you?  Maybe I’m missing it?
  • Q: Well… now that you mention it.  No.
  • A: Ok, well, I did just mention it.  So, how ’bout we give you a bye on that one, and call that one covered?  Next, though.  2nd, they don’t have anything to do with Astrology.  Nothing.  At all.  Nada.  Zilch.  Never have.  I read for the signs each week.  Always have.  I do a weekly Tarot reading for each sign like they are my client… pretty obvious that that’s usually what Readers do doncha think? Read for people?  The astro signs line up in my Waiting Room, and one by one I give them a short reading for their week so people born under each sign can benefit.  The astro signs are simply 12 weekly clients that tend to all wanna schedule on Saturday to go over the coming week. Their names just happen to be the same as the Horoscope crew.  I can’t do anything about that.  So, I won’t try.  I read for the signs themselves as people, and in the intro Turbo Reading I simply read them together like people in a room.  I’d write the book “People In A Room Astrology,” though I think that’s already been done.  There is no Astrology or Horoscopes here in these Scopes.  There is simply Tarot Reading for planets as people each week which I then share for free.  It’s a 6 of Pentacles gig.  Ya know, an epic spiral of reciprocal giving and receiving kinda thing.  I read for the planets, they give up the goods, and the listeners benefit.  Hmmm. So, where are the Astrology and Horoscopes you were referring to?
  • Q: *(!’*$^*^% DAYum.  Tag, I’m it, huh?
  • A: Nah, just be honest with my next question.  Did YOU have something for lunch that isn’t sitting well right now?
  • Q: Umm.  Well.  Yes.
  • Q n A together: (laughter). (Conflict that never was? Resolved.  Perfect foreplay for Happy Hour. lol)

The Moral of That?

The moral of that experience?  There certainly doesn’t have to be one, though some of the best morals are birthed when humor and wits are present to temper an experience into a useful story.  So, the moral of this one?  Don’t take things personally.  Keep your wits.  Use your wits.  Simply listen to people all the way through, powerfully and with empathy listen to them no matter how much they really deserve to be smacked in the nose or outright knocked out.  And, that’s not always violent.  Sometimes peoples’ actions in the overall are simply requesting the fasted statistic on a 100mph to 0 stop time.  If you listen with empathy, though, and don;t takes things personally, then by the time they are through… odds are the reactionary time will have passed for you, and you’re then probably into response-land.  Just lead with your humor.  I get a chuckle remembering what my friend said after the above as we made out way off into the late afternoon:  “What would Jesus do?”, he said smiling to get back to the all’s good kinda thing showing we’ve moved away from the situation… to which, “Well, if he was 12, he would’ve definitely just clocked your ass out of the blue right after doing the same with the money changers instead of being level-headed like me through your … uh hem… effin bullshit.  Hmm, but that’s hypothetical and you deserve a real answer, Man. 😉  I think he might ask, ‘What would Billy Jack do?’ “

Best to your Scopes enhancing the ROI of your week.  So, Let’s Get To ’em!

I suggest that if you know your Moon and Rising Signs (Ascendant / ASC) to read those Scopes, too.  I find them to be most helpful in composing a more applicable Scope-combo that more resonantly reflects your (astro) personality.

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

(c) 2010 Jordan Hoggard

TarotScope Allies for Your Nov 3rd to 9th 2013 Week

Scorpio: Oct 23 to Nov 21 ~ Page of Cups

energetic play, letting the crown chakra flow with expert skill in play

energetic play, letting the crown chakra flow with expert skill in play

Scorpio, While you swim in and with thickly swirling feelings this week, keep sight of the need to be playful so that they provide strong fuel for developing things rather than beginning to weigh heavy like quicksands of hardship.  Relax your rant-mode this week so you don’t get sucked down the swirling vortex created by their drain.  I don’t suggest to stop ranting this week if you are.  What I am suggesting is to ask yourself if you have ranted long enough so that the damn engine is already started on the “this is important to me” vehicle in your life?  Upshift your intensities to let them run in a higher gear and this week you may not simply find a new gear by releasing the previous one in the mundane act of not burning out your transmission.  By upshifting, and rev and pop that clutch if you wanna… By upshifting you may discover a higher octave that is the natural wisdom present in the intensity of the emotions you express.  Your Scorpionic depths are too deep to stuff things as you may as well drop something into a bottomless pit.  You stuffing things is a recipe for “that’ll never even make it to the to-do list.”  This week keep that outward flow going, though hunker down, shift that gear up one, and feel the compression of higher performance moving you forward.  This week you’ll be jetting out of that tunnel and able to breathe more on the open road of your life.

Sagittarius: Nov 22 to Dec ~ Queen of Wands

energetic clarity of vision

energetic clarity of vision

Sagittarius, Use your senses energetic clarity of energetic clarity this week to love Nature and your home together this week.  Bring the outside in. Bring nature into your home with a flowering plant or a wonderful souvenir from a walk or hike.  And, complementing that, give of your home to Nature by moving something you cherish out to love in the garden or on the porch… heck, if you are in an apartment, dedicate a window sill, a sunny one if you have it, to Nature and the outside and populate it with a Nature Village of sorts.  Of course if you have a cat or cats make sure you aren’t putting breakable heirlooms up their on the windowsill as this week the feines will be be even more attuned and interested in this Nature thing you are doing…and of course their Nature will want to populate the sill, too… probably even while you are composing your sill assemblage with that wonderful feline nose-bonking of “Whatcha doin’?  Hmm?  You can pet me while you… oh, you are putting that thing there, so if you insist, I’ll sit there before you can.” (Note spelling by cats this week and don’t be thrown by it — take it in stride and smile knowing you know the real feeling) Take lessons from your cats/pets and Nature this week.  Forget false sense of urgency and being in a hurry this week or you yourself will be the cat jumping up and bowling a strike on your window sill as all the things fall off to the floor.  Take your time this week even if it is only for several moments to settle back to discern your responses.  It’s no tennis match for you this week, so when people put things back in your court, allow your Queen of Wands to return serve so to speak on your time when you can respond for results.  No reacting this week… unless you want to make things all squirrelly and out of the blue receive a pre-approved Darwin Award Application in the mail.  Bring Nature into your home this week and equitably exchange something inside to Nature — the outside, porch, or window sill.  Bring Nature into your home this week and your own nature may reveal itself in naturally regal, Queenly, Wand-y ways.

Capricorn: Dec 22 to Jan 19 ~ Queen of Swords + K of Swords jumper

Capricorn, Keep that no bullshit attitude with backup this week that you have in place.  Work in teams like great dancers do with clear leads that magnetically direct clear follows and then the exchange of that lead-follow baton. Dance your motions this week strongly and as easily as the ocean ebbs and flows in its massage-message to the coastline.  Paying attention to dancing your motions strongly this week will both respect the power of your no bullshit attitude and at the same time keep you from getting anywhere near stuck by resorting to being to much in your head.  This is no fishing line of a week that can only go out so far until it has to come back in.  I bet you have the patience for neither limits nor fluff this week.  Allow that no bs attitude of yours to apogee and perigee and orbit you around all the things you encounter this week with no need of tethers.  If you can’t seem to concentrate or think straight around certain groups this week, take your own hint that there is no magnetism to engage your dance into even a temporary orbit.  Let the planet of you keep traveling on along this week and dive into the turns and people and places where you are reverse-slingshot naturally pulled back in to engage with them.  If you feel yourself with a little vertigo this week, remember how in a car wash you sometimes stomp on the brake feeling like you are uncontrollably moving forward.  Take those mini-horizontal vertigo moments as hints, too, to relax and receive the attention without having to engage… like in your car in the car wash.  Do be out and about as much as possible this week.  Your no bullshit magnetism will do no good from your couch, and this week maybe not even very effectively from your desk.  Get out and be the magnet you are this week no matter how subtle the draw.  Dance your motions strongly.  Your only limits this week may be self-imposed. Dance those contact-orbits into place. Things don’t take as long to develop when a Royal Couple is involved.  Take a look at the Hamour fish this week and Dubai’s “From fishing to fortune” success story. Hmmm, or was that Abu Dhabi?  Your no bullshit-dar will know soon enough when you get over everything feeling like a hassle and getting your bad self off the narcotics of smoking hope this week.  Dance those contact and contract orbits into place. Things don’t take as long to develop when a Royal Couple is involved

Aquarius: Jan 20 to Feb 18 ~ XVI The Tower

big change, world-altering, emancipating

big change, world-altering, emancipating

Aquarius, Embrace the tumult of explosive situations this week. Grab yourself an anti-hysterical bias to go.  No need to cringe or squirm.  Take this week like a bomb squad would.  Take this week seriously with care and attention, and no matter what the volume or intensity is, don’t flinch.  Observe and discern to direct your actions in real-time as too much planning this week may just end up getting you to head over to a fave lunch spot without checking in only to find out they have moved or gone out of business.  Get that anti-hysterical upgrade successfully installed before you start your week.  This is going to be a week where decisive truths will be spoken, the playing field will only be what it is at each moment, and empires may sprout up for you as effortlessly for as flipping tails to heads on a dime.  Nevermind your established comfort levels this week. This week is a week to play the “You Only New” card in your work and play and relationships.  Make sure that across this week you are what you are and are simply not a small bird.  Nevermind someone trying to pigeon-hole you.  You know you wouldn’t fit there anyway, so why bother getting bent about it. “I’m not a bird” is probably enough of a response to those kinds of situations this week.  Heck, maybe any week, though this one especially.  Emancipate yourself from anything more than raising a single eyebrow at those kinds of things.  You certainly do not need to explain yourself.  Step up more into the role of leader this week even if it is only to lead yourself.  Be your only Ruler.  Anarchos is a great concept for you this week. The anarchy against a government version of it is really a very narrow, political application of it.  Dig deeper and shine brighter.  Anarchos in Latin was often a reference to God or The Divine as ” without beginning; without ruler; one without rulers.”  Be your own Anarchos this week.  Heck, laugh it into your name as a nickname like Bill “Anarchos” Manwithoutrulerson, though laugh it in in total seriouness.  Odds are that this week won’t have an Easy Button… unless you step up and steer and install it yourself on your terms.  Compromise is over-rated this week.  Simply mind not being too heavy-handed.  Lead with empathy rather than Tarzan Talk this week, and by the end of the week, you’ll wonder if someone hit the hyperspace button as you’ll be in a whole ‘nother place than you were starting out the week. This week just don’t forget your favorite color. 

Pisces: Feb 19 to Mar 20 ~ King of Wands

complete energies, acting in the moment, energetic astuteness

complete energies, acting in the moment, energetic astuteness

Pisces,  Fully comfortable in your authority this week, attend to things one at a time directly and take the uninterrupted time each one takes.  You may have to put a bin at the conference room door for everyone to place their devices in, and that’s a good analogy for your week. Everyone will be up to their old devices, and it’s your job to demand both clarity AND acting in the moment. This is a week to work closely with those whose abilities you inherently trust so you can forget the preparation parts and work directly with making things happen without a lot, or any, backing up to explain or get people up to speed.  So, we have the “lose their devices” analogy to start with representing your situation as a whole. The extension of that inward into your situation this week is to view your team as a crew, each with their own, single oar or their own pair of oars, and all in the same shell.  Be mindful to be aware of complete energies and efforts from all components of whatever it is you are working on this week.  Make damn sure you don’t get distracted by all the strong people-pistons and hammers in the engine room so to speak strongly propelling your week along.  Your job this week is to steer.  Your power this week will come from how you orchestrate the support system you already use or directly put in place this week.  Enjoy things as you get them done along the way this week as I’m betting in the end everyone will be pleased with the results from you staying true to steering in the direction you feel best.  Every stroke counts this week.  Every.Single.One.  So, here’s a moment by moment mantra for your week: “Always complete, never finished.  Always complete, never finished.”  You’re in The Show, no Bush Leagues this week.  Only your A-Team will build an A-Game for you this week.  Coincidence will not be the source of your results this week.  “Coinciding” does come to mind for you this week, though.  Steer.  Stay on course.  Work your powerful limits this week.  Your components coinciding?  Nope.  It’s more of a koan-ciding this week always complete, never finished.  Steer your week.  Always complete, never finished. 

Aries: Mar 21 to Apr 19 ~ Knight of Wands

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

unfamiliar actions, strangely highlighted energies in feelings, awakening, regally emerging anew in playful ways

Aries, Straight out of the starting gates this week!  Incorporate the results of awakenings and epiphanies in your new starts.  Engage them and incorporate them on the move.  Pausing with too great an emphasis on spiritual matters this week will stall you out by distracting you from cleanly putting your best foot forward first in each new venture, and at the opening of each meeting as your ventures progress.  If you find yourself pausing with too great an emphasis on spiritual matters, or feeling a tendency to do so, nip it in the bud.  Odds are it is not something to act on, but instead you giving yourself a naturally primal clue to heighten your awareness in unfamiliar places or in regard to unfamiliar feelings.  Your house may be in some sort of flux.  Be observant throughout the week.  You may pick up on things that strike you as resonant though at the same time feel not to really apply.  Note these things, though.  In the coming weeks you may remember or notice them again.  Then, you can revisit them to sequence and incorporate them into your current work.  Have fresh eyes this week.  Beginner’s Mind is a great concept to stay fresh, though this week you are no beginner.  Embue the Beginner’s Mind concept this week to a point, though do so in ways where you are acutely aware that our expertise itself is opening up to the next level.  Mastery isn’t an end.  Mastery leads to further discovery,  This week you may full-on experience how Expert Mind can be even more simple than Beginner’s Mind as you open up and focus and get in the zone.  Straight out of the gates this week.  Forget your every thought into each action.  This is not a week of knowing, and certainly not one of explaining.  In fact reasons may be downright unreasonable this week.  This week the knowing is best embedded as the heartbeats that continually pulse life into your actions.  Four multi-vitamins of thoughts for you this week: “Of course truth is stranger than fiction.  Fiction has to make sense.” ~Mark Twain; “Truth is the most impure thing.” ~ Oscar Wilde; “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ C.G.Jung; “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” ~ C.G. Jung.

Taurus: Apr 20 to May 20 ~ 7 of Swords

sneaky, stealthy, hiding in plain sight, Shadow Hand

sneaky, stealthy, hiding in plain sight, Shadow Hand

Taurus, You may uncover sneaky things hanging out and hiding in plain sight this week.  Be mindful of your assumptions as this week there feels to be more opportunities for them to conceal things behind the blind spots of your expectations.  Look at your expectations this week not as your own, but as invisi-flack in the air around you as if you are a bomber pilot.  Screw taking the high road as for the time being it feels to be grid-lock-crowded with alleged self-righteousness born of poor conflict resolution skills.  That’ll clear in time, though avoid it for the time being like a bad-ass cone zone through messy construction.  Simply pull up and fly above your expectations this week so you can see which ones are still actual priorities and which ones can be just left there boom-pounding as distractions that will eventually take themselves out.  This week, though, not your problem.  Some of them may deflate or outright disappear when pushed to the back burner.  This can provide an important forensic exercise for you about your process.  Notice at speed in real-time with heightened judgment which priorities you still discern to be priorities versus which priorities started that way though are now simply trail heads to be shed like booster rockets on the space shuttle.  This week focus on the orbits you have propelled yourself into along with those tandem orbits you have been propelled into that are complementary, are allied with your priorities.  Get some telemetry in your geosynchronous rumpus this week like autopilot so you can focus on your projects, your work, while still clipping along at a stellar pace.  Anything else other than getting yourself into that autopilot position of natural orbits in your ops and scheduling in your projects this week is secondary.  This week is a great time to attend to the autopilot components in your ops. Checking them like a master mechanic will give you ample breathing room to focus on your work without distractions sneaking in this week. 

Gemini: May 21 – Jun 20 ~ 3 of Swords

mental refraction, distorted thoughts, taking care with yourself by moving slowly

mental refraction, distorted thoughts, taking care with yourself by moving slowly

Gemini, Your wits will serve you well this week as distorted emotions may be more the norm than the exception this week.  Acclimate to the concept posed in the Argentinian film Man Facing Southeast. (I highly recommend it…maybe even as a substitute for your Scope this week 😉 )  The premise made in Man Facing Southeast is that the ones inside the loony bin, pardon me, mental asylum, are the sane ones.  They are poets and artists and thinkers who are Nature incarnate and fully in touch with their passionate intensities in their own unique ways. The one on the outside leading their flocking behavior, boring lives are said to be the crazy ones with a “Patient” looking out a window musing, “whyEVER would anyone want to be so trapped?”  The kicker comes when the Warden, uh hem I should say Mayor of the Asylum is queried as to how he knows when to let people out.  “Ahhh, that’s the EASIEST question to answer,” he says smiling out the window. “Their art goes to shit.  Means they are ready to be out there in that boring hodge-podge of a bait ball you see out there in the city.  Pity.  Though, they’ll be back.  Once you’ve tasted life…” So, Gemini, this week practice raising an eyebrow and looking out the window knowing the brand of crazy you have is just what the doctor ordered and is delivered 24/7 from the non-Pharma pharmacy of Nature.  If things feel distorted this week simply find a twig and pour a glass of water in a clear glass.  Fascinate yourself with both of them.  The water will be your thinking.  The twig?  Well, dunk the twig in the water.  Uh oh, you picked up a bent twig!  Oh.  Wait.  Watching the bent twig, pull it out of the water.  Hmmm, not bent after all, and now are your thoughts not so refracted, not so distorted?  Toss the twig outside without even a hint of good riddance.  This week dear Gemini, forgetting is for getting.  Like that twig never happened.  Maybe don’t forget it.  It may inform you as experience later.  Though, at the very least forgive and expand.  Your upping the scale by expanding will make whatever it was into a speck that easily washes away in the next rain. Forgetting can be for getting.  Allow it to make more rockin’ room for the good stuff this week.

Cancer: Jun 21 – Jul 22 ~ King of Pentacles

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Master Builder, stunningly solid qualities, indomitable

Cancer, This week is one of those Master Builder with vision weeks.  And, this week, please mind your natural tendencies to grimace at the mention of intuition and herald any mention of insight.  Yeah, you grimaced right there because you are comfortable in the light.  Discern the semantics of those two being just some antics, though.  Seems to me your crab nature is just as comfortable on wither side, here or the Other, so step-tap down your hipocrasy a notch.  Heck, soften your shell a bit.  Not a lot.  Just enough to wriggle out of it.  Find your Goldilocks place that’s just right.  Ok, now that we’ve gotten you really skeptical of your Scope without going all the way to Unicorns…  Look up.  This week get with it quicker.  Don’t rely on that damn shell so much.  Don’t you talk about surfaces a lot, and that it’s the content that matters?  Well… whatcha waiting for this week?  This week I bet your best armor will not need to be polished.  This week I bet your best armor will be the integrated one.  Your health.  Take care of yourself this week.  Be strong with intaking what’s right for YOU in YOUR way, and of course to hell with diets!  I know, you have a regimen, and that’s different.  Do look to the left for a sec, though, ’cause everyone on the right is rolling their eyes and nodding yes.  Heck, who needs that stuff when you know what you need?  Oh right, that damn shell.  Hmmm, can you store it in the garage this week?  The world wants to see YOU this week, and I bet that someone you dig does, too.  Your Master Building with vision this week will be more fluidly served and effective in its results when you are not checked at every turn by exoskeletal uniforms.  Uh hem… preconceived contrivances of appearance.  This week figure out what is extra weight.  It doesn’t have to be called baggage.  Simply look for extra weight this week.  Find the docking clamps and release it.  Each day, release the stuff n stuff and look more to your natural appearance without the mold of the shell.  You can get it out of storage later.  Oh, well, maybe not.  You put it in the garage, though while you were just listening, we moved it to storage.  This King of Pentacles.  He’s a King.  He doesn’t explain jack.  So are you.  This week, get used to that.  Your presence will go beyond your spoken words this week, so build something with that.  SOLD.  Oh, oops. Pardon. The shell is gone.  We hear there’s a special on scuba gear, though.

Leo: Jul 23 to Aug 22 ~ 7 of Cups

eye on the prize, head in the clouds, dreams eclipsing action

eye on the prize, head in the clouds, dreams eclipsing action

Leo, ~ This week keep your eye on the prize like the sole cup up top in the card.  You may experience very dreamy, head-in-the-clouds attitudes from others this week, and you may have one yourself.  Note the natural clue about daydreaming that allows you to rest being decisive all the time.  Decidedly open up to your daydreams not as distractions but like signposts along the road on a driving trip.  What do they tell you?  Are they just passing by like clouds in the sky, or are they your mind/psyche giving you a free set of experiential cards AS your daydream for you to mine some goody from?  Not everything has to MEAN something, like the old “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” line.  Though, this week even with your fleeting thoughts or daydreams, try this game on for size: A fleeting thought is an internal shooting star, so make a wish; a daydream is a clue to rest or a clue provided to amplify the clarity of what you are doing… and whichever it is is for you to decide each time as to cracking your own whip to get back to work, listening to the need to pause or rest for several moments, or to looking at a shooting star or daydream as an incoming internal fax or email or phone call that provides something that SO works things out in what you are doing.  Simply give that game a shot this week as your down time or times when you are NOT focusing on your work across the week may be when the really effective goody FOR your work arrives.  This week don’t be a Practicality Snob.  Take your clues from where they come.  Reminds me of “Justice knows no loyalty” that came up in the Scopes last week.  This week judge and discern content more than the source of content like a journalist not revealing sources.  Take the content that works and make it yours and make it work for you… from wherever it comes.  Open up to that and your daydreams as a whole new source of information that only you are privy to, and you probably won’t have to worry about getting scooped.  Oops, we kinda just daydream-non-sequitur switched topics there, huh?  Hmmm.  How appropriate.  I suggest to re-read your Scope now and daydream-lift off the Scope tarmac so you miss the switch-up at the end the 2nd time around.

Virgo: Aug 23 to Sep 22 ~ 9 of Cups

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

spirit, blossoms, blooms, dynamic or intense fulfillment

Virgo, What a great week for you to complement and balance all your work with actively dynamic results. What jumps out at me on your 9 of Cups card is that orange thingamabob.  This week look at words like “thingamabib” as being technical terms.  Willy Wonka might consider them so, and he kicks ass, so follow his lead.  Actively dynamic results that you start seeing and receiving and getting and causing this week might be similar to discovering the Everlasting Gobstopper. And, this week, relish in your rockin’ results and don;t EVEN begin to stop there.  Take in the view from a great accomplishment.  How do you see things differently from there?  What can you now do differently now that you are there?  Could you have done that before though maybe simply didn’t see it?  No self-doubt this week to hold you back.  Visualize your 9 cups and the golden pond and the orange Thingmabob.  What happened when you clicked that link just there?  Hmmm, that’s kind of like your accomplishment view isn’t it?  You’ve made the place for it, now fill it up!  This week allow the dynamism present in your emotions to move things around like sloshing water in a bowl only on a life scale.  Doing so can be like gold panning, so watch for the valuable heavies that stay sunk on the bottom like the golden pool in the card in the middle.  This week find those valuable heavies in the middle, and realize that the center is not necessarily in the middle.  The Thingamabob feels to be the center.  The golden pond feels to be the middle.  So, what to do when you’ve found those heavies?  Well, of course make Brand New Heavies so they have some company.  This week make sure that you won’t be lonely at the top, ’cause you’re about to be seeing that place really soon… and not as a tourist.  Wear your rockin’est shoes this week regardless of where you are.

Libra: Sep 23 to Oct 22 ~ Page of Pentacles

Magician in his thoughts or sky top left along with The Hierophant and Chariot, magical spirit solidly on the move, grounded enthusiasm

Magician in his thoughts or sky top left along with The Hierophant and Chariot, magical spirit solidly on the move, grounded enthusiasm

Libra, ~ This week capitalize on those aspects you are most able to be a go-getter about.  Be very discerning about what gets your energy this week by looking at the time and effort you spend versus the results.  Does one thing drain you, and then to no avail?  No Rocks of Sysiphus this week, Libra.  Especially this week, depletion indicates mis-spent efforts.  Look how solidly and interestedly and in awe though not starstruck that this Page of Pentacles looks up into his sky at The Magician, The Hierophant, and The Chariot.  Magical spirit is on the move and solidly afoot with this Page.  And, that’s your week in a nutshell.  This week open up to your big view and your higher sight of how your own down-to-earth spirit is magically on the move strongly and solidly.  You are your own Chariot this week, so try as you may, there’s no bucking you off the bronc this week. Are there shenanigans to be made?  Deals to close with gusto?  This Page plays and tinkers and develops things solidly.  Is there a hobby you have that if set just right could have some fruitful overlap with your primary work this week?  Ever heard of show and tell after 2nd grade?  Ever heard of show and tell at work?  Me neither except for in my Architecture firm years back.  Show and tell induces serendipity concretely.  You never know what anyone is going to bring to present until they do.  And, that’s why it’s such a great office policy to have weekly show and tell right after the weekly office meeting.  In fact I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more effective 1 2 punch than with those two meetings back to back for “out with the old, and in with the new.”  Something just happens there.  It’s like a magical twilight at dawn between the night of the last week and the day of the current one.  See where I’m going with this, Libra?  Focus on getting THAT office policy into your weekly regimen this week.  This week do yourself a long-term investment-in-yourself service and figure out the scale of your weekly metronome.  Solidly put that playful gig in place, and move on along.  Get along lil doggie comes to mind.  How is your magically down-to-earth spirit on the move this week.  Rather than things being afoot.  How ’bout you solidly 2-step some good afoot INto your schedule this week?  “May I cut in?”  Use that dance etiquette this week to get yourself right in where you need to be.

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