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Thank You to the Full Harvest Moon in Aries, and to Mars Rx Planted, Emanating

Quinta Regeliera, Portugal. Tarot Initiation Well. The Inverted Tower. World-Altaring rather than World-Altering.

…which will be Direct In Aries (Full Harvest Moon Officially full at 5:05p EST on 10/1, not Mars Rx) until it journeys into the Psychic Synapse dark passage Void Of Course at 1:47a on 10/3 to emerge at 11:12a on 10/3 in Taurus. Thank You Harvest Moon. May Golden Splendor flow up from within to navigate fissures of Self from within as Kintsukuroi of Self connections rather than scars. May the celebration of the embrace of the experience be as Iolite to always navigate day or night directly.


*Lilith got a bad wrap. Men spread seed. Lilith spread life. Nothing to fault her in the negative there. She may not have talked such a good game uttering the ineffable, but DAYum can she box! Like Kali braced against the ultimate calm cornerstone of Shiva so her actions don’t slip one bit when she moves. To brace against her cornerstone of Shiva, she engages her full power without diminishment. Simply high intensity when uncut identity presents?

It Felt Important to Note Today That

To my knowledge there are ZERO laws regulating mens’ bodies. I firmly feel that is the same number that should regulate womens’ bodies. Temple in Man, Temple in Woman… Both-And whole, Temple in (Wo)Man, Temple Of (Wo)Man. Temple of Self. Here’s to solid and fluid balance of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine for wholeness for each of us. Hey, like Oscar Wilde was fond of saying, Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

KintsuKuroi of Self Readings Coming Soon

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As The Gargoyles Sleep, Celebrate The Sunrise

Welcome along your TarotBlogHop from TABI Tarot!


As The Gargoyles Sleep, Celebrate The Sunrise

Litha and Midsummer and Tarot.

Enjoy this Tarot spread and poem to celebrate the sunrise at Midsummer.  Psssst.  Litha told me Lilith made me do it.

The Vampire’s Offspring

juvenilis puerilis vanitas ostentatio jactatio

Ours is not a lot to be feared.  The dragon is a necessary beast.

Feel your safety on your holy ground.


on the myth of your goodness

in those places you hold sacred,

while I suckle

on the rest of humanity.

We do not follow you to those places

as we cannot

do those things which are conquerable,

and simply cannot bear those places where you sing.

Those places do not protect you.

Enslaved gargoyles,

traitors to us lest their unknowing feet

entrained in those stone shoes that you fashioned,

and an occasional bellringer stroking them

as they drone high above your path,

where the wind is stronger than the scent of your life to remind them,

keep us circling above,

intent on your storied portals that are not your saints,

they are lists of the best tasting among you.

        Angels.  You misname them.

        They are simply prettier to you

than their gargoyle siblings

held down by those enslaving prisonshoes of stone

that you call cathedrals.

You should know,

there have been sly ones among you.

Those tricky Nassenes for instance,

knowing that in our vanity we will not touch our young,

as we, too, find them abominable,

stole away with nine of them,

worshipping them as they grew,

carrot-leading them:

    You are perfect as you are . . .

    Grow strong not beautiful . . .

    Help keep us safe . . .

    Up there you can see eternity.    Live up there on the stone city peak . . .

    Turn to stone, it is strong . . .

Ignorant of their heritage,

of their eventual grace and stealth and eternity,

they were tricked-taught to perceive a strength and power

in your piles of stone conveniently shaped, and forget their own.

Behold Us!

We are strong and beautiful.

Can you resist us?

Gaze into our eyes and see inside your universe.

Touch our skin of winter,

and feel the heat of your passion

pulsing in the silence of our bodies.

Peeking through the wonder piquing,

can you resist us,

knowing that all we want

is simply your entire life for just a moment?

Your silent gargoyle guardians sometimes stir

inside their stoney sleep

still unborn into a life

where they would eventually die into their own eternity.

They lie dormant far above you,

and nightly we circle.

Nightly the bellringer.

Nightly they stir far above you.

It is not fire or lightning

that occasionally rips the towers from your cathedrals.

Keep eating your garlic.

We will help you stop sinning more quickly

if you are spiced up a bit.

~ Jordan Hoggard

Best to you having enjoyed this scenic overlook along your TarotBlogHop!

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