Happy New Moon Venus Pisces Blessings Magic to Your Weekend!

12 Mar
Happy New Moon Venus Pisces Blessings Magic to Your Weekend!

Isn’t This Picture Imagistic Writing

That Says Wholeness?!!

Logos IS the Holy Grail from my perspective. It is each of us. We are each the Vessel, and what we fill ourself with. I see this image of The Coming of the Faeries as an image of wholeness always complete, never finished. She is SO in charge, and they are feeding her from the wonderfully intense chthonic depths within, from the collective unconscious.

I’ve Expressed

I’ve expressed The Coming of the Faeries images as a consummate image of Both/And. This week, Coeleen Kiebert said that more beautifully. I see an image of wholeness, she said. Yes, Yes, and Yes!

What do I you think and/or feel and/or otherwise About this image?

You Are the Holy Grail. We Each Are, Aren’t We?

Your House. Your Stuff. Your Body As Temple.

Your life is what you fill it with. Lifelong.

Always complete, never finished. Go into the forest at the darkest place.

New Moon Venus Pisces Magic Blessings Announcement!

I have a Binary Star 2nd Website!

It’s still an infant, and I nourish its graduation commencement birth birth from my Man-Womb.

And, it will grow.

Full-on resonant to share my new bundle of joy with you.

Enjoy Exploring… Lots of work to be done, though… it’s out here now, BIRTHED!

I Proudly Announce, Sandbox Psyche!

Click to explore!

(C) 2021 Jordan Hoggard


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2 responses to “Happy New Moon Venus Pisces Blessings Magic to Your Weekend!

  1. Timothy Price

    March 13, 2021 at 9:19 am

    Cool drawing.

  2. Jordan Hoggard

    March 13, 2021 at 12:13 pm

    Thanks much, Tim!


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