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Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

Celtic Knot Solves Any Problem

I will use that + As a message to the hackers who took down my laptop. Thanks for waking up a friend of mine who…

Dedicated to Our Lost Children

There forever

they shall reside

under a small lake,

immeasurably deep,

lying high up in the mountains,

where is brewed the thunder,

and in fair weather the dragon sleeps.

Ours is not a lot to be feared.

The dragon is a necessary beast.


Knock Knock Motherfuckers

There’s more than one way to skin a cat… except a cat is now not the focus… Sooooooo nice to meet you. I don’t negotiate with terrorists, especially like those who prey on the little guy like me. Hmmm, I wonder how big I am? Thanks for the exploratory exercise in not wasting trouble. Maybe I’ll find out. Get the jewel box ready.


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